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20th-Oct-2012 09:27 pm - video
[ Look at this glorious view of Waspinator's ramshackle home. That sure is a lot of cardboard and what appears to be duct tape holding it all together. Also what looks to be a... whiskey bottle windchime? Don't ask.

As for Waspinator, he's curled up inside said boxfort, sulking and looking generally miserable. ]

Wazzzpinator sick of sleeping outside all the time. Stupid scrap alwayzzz falling on Waspinator's base.

[ He buzzes softly, grumbling under his breath for a moment before he continues, his tone becoming a tad whiny and pitiful. ]

Hnnnzz, can...

Can Waspinator be Decepticon? Stay in Decepticon base?

[ Because clearly you guys have a base. ]

Waspinator izzz fierce warrior! Would be great Decepticon.
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18th-Sep-2012 11:53 am - video
[ Welp, hope you like annoying buzzing noises, because Waspinator found his way on to the link again. The only difference? He's a fair bit bigger than he usually is, and... solid gold? ]

Wazzzpinator is sick of this! Stupid little fleshybots not leave Waspinator alone! First they listen to Waspinator then nooo, stop listening, only crowding around Waspinator all the time and not leaving him alone.

[ Sure enough, when he pans the camera down there are a handful of small humanoids kneeling around his big gold feet, apparently offering up various pieces of junk and miscellaneous debris. ]

Waspinator try to get away but no, fleshybots always find Wazzzpinator. Keep touching Waspinator with gross fleshybot hands. Make them go away!

[ Whine whine whine. ]
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21st-Aug-2012 02:23 am - VIDEO
[ The video feed rolls to life to show... A relatively small green and yellow bot perched on the edge of a berth, grumbling sulkily to himself as he scratches at his arm. Waspinator? Whining? Yeah, nothing new here. Except for the whole falling-through-timespace thing. Actually that's not all that new either. Slag. ]

Mnnnzz... Wazzzpinator try his hardest every day and then someone come in while Waspinator unconscious and draw on Waspinator's arm. What Wazzzpinator do to deserve thiz?

[ Unless this has something to do with the whole defecting from the Predacons thing, in which case he pleads temporary insanity. He ceases to pick at the glyph on his arm and instead turns his attention to the feed. Maybe Megatron will take him back if he pleads enough. ]


If Waspinator say he sorry, can Wazzzpinator go home? Waspinator has alwayzzz been loyal to Megatron--Waspinator was just having bad day!

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