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3rd-Oct-2012 10:57 pm - [video]
After much debate, I have decided to allow some of you a continued -- yet still brief -- existence in order to make peace with your own lives.

I shall be eliminating you in the order of most sinful to least.

The human children will be spared for last as the their sins are light due to their age.

As for the rest of you, I shall further be deciding your appropriate fates.
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21st-Sep-2012 10:08 pm - [video]
[The video is dark, only really showing two red optics.]

I am told this is a new Cybertron, a young one.

Interesting that it would already be plagued with a pestilence.

But at least now I understand my reasoning for being here.

I look forward to meeting the planet's current inhabitants.

[And murdering them all.]
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