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[The video comes on to show Skywarp in the air and grinning, with the sound of lasers being fired, plus an unholy racket from somewhere below him.]

So, y'know. After that trip into the Badlands I just gotta wonder... unless the 'Firstforged' are powerful enough, why're the army in there just waitin'?

[Even as he talks, Skywarp dips and swoops, smirk flickering wider every now and then, and he's not looking at the video, but the ground below him.]

'Cause there was a blasted army in there. Kinda like watching the drones Megatron came back with to whup the Autobots... or maybe scraplets waiting. And---

[Something catches his attention, and the lasers cut out along with - briefly - the video, and when it pops in again a second later, Skywarp's on the ground. In front of... Well. It's a very large and pompous chair. Throne, more like.]

... What the slag? Starscream, y'sure this isn't yours? I mean, besides the wings.

[A throne made out of wings and nothing can really hide Skywarp's expression as his faceplates flickers through empty surprise, disgust, a grimace that can't really be described as anything in particular... And yet he gets close, because he just knows this is his. And after slowly reaching out to touch the armrest and staring for a microbreem or so, Skywarp shrugs and tosses himself into it.]

This is the creepiest slag I've ever done.

[Then a tiny herd of four harried-looking and laser-burned geardeer rush past in the background.]
warp: (shooting this place up - attacking)
Okay, what the frag! No one said anything about there being ghosts!

[He'd intended to make fun of Wing and Drift because ghosts? Really? How often did that happen?]

... So when do the explosions start?

[Skywarp looks around himself suspiciously, even if he's already removed himself from where the barely-visible... thing had wandered through the door into where he was.]
warp: (uh-oh)
2nd-Mar-2013 11:28 pm - [Video]
[Skywarp looks rather tired when the video comes on. He's hunched over, clearly still sitting on that slab they all wake up on. His yellow optics are on a steady, but low, glow and the grimace is there more because it's a well-worn and familiar expression rather than because he's got excess energy to emote it.]

Can someone explain what the frag is goin' on? [Pause, and then Skywarp sharply taps the screen, probably for no other reason than to satisfy some crude desire to be annoying, because that's got to make some unpleasant noise for anyone listening.] And I ain't talking 'bout the alternate reality slag, I got that part, but what am I doing here?

[He may be dumb, but alternate realities fits rather neatly in among the knowledge he has for warping, even if the thought of more than one version of people in general is sort of incomprehensible.]

Not that bein' away from that freak and Starscream being a glitch like usual ain't good, but, y'know.

[He'll kick back and relax the moment he knows he's good to go, and he's mostly shooting scrap at Starscream out of tired, annoyed habit; he hadn't done too badly this past year.]

... Is there any extra energon 'round here?

[Because frag it was unpleasant to be low on power again after not having had to be so for several years. Stupid Autobots, stupid Starscream, stupid blathering glowy freak. They'd all prioritised weapons before re-energising, but Skywarp had barely picked up his arm cannons before he woke up here.

There's a question, almost, on the edge of his vocaliser, about who's here or not, but then he just snaps his mouth closed. He's too fragging tired to think about asking anything else.]
warp: (recharging on the job)
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