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9th-Sep-2012 08:27 pm - [VIDEO]
[The picture opens with Perceptor standing in front of what looks like a spacebridge type portal. It's obviously active. He also seems to be holding a Greatsword. Yes, a Greatsword an awful lot like the Greatswords carried by Wing and Drift. This one is obviously just a little different, though, but still, just as obviously, a Knight of Light Greatsword.]

[In his other hand, he's holding an arm. It looks like a certain other Perceptor's arm. Just... not quite exactly the same.]

Ah, Drift? At your earliest possible convenience, could I trouble you for some advice?
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20th-Aug-2012 09:26 pm - [VIDEO]
[The video feed, when it clicks on, is a bit chaotic, the picture jerking about roughly. What landscape that can be discerned in the image, however, seems to be near the border of the badlands. Something large, mechanical, and sharp suddenly slashes into the frame and then back out again, like a weapon being thrust toward the camera.]

AAhhhhh! Cease and desist at once, you arachnid annoyance!

[Perceptor briefly flails into view for a moment, looking a bit flustered, before he ducks out of view again under another swipe of that weapon. Or rather, not a weapon, as the view shifts wildly to pan across a massive robotic spider with very large fangs lowered threateningly toward the camera.]

[As the view swings wildly again, there are muffled thuds and thumps and the thick clang of metal against metal that seem to hint at an epic struggle. Perceptor looks much more harried when he bounces into view again.]

I, ah, seem to have stumbled into a bit of an inconvenience... wherever this location is. If anyone is nearby, assistance would be greatly appreciated!

[There is an odd, almost liquid sound that splatters into the feed, and a sudden yelp from Perceptor as a stream of thick, greyish goop blasts past his head.]

As soon as possible?
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