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[Well someone looks excited. He has a piece of paper in hand and he just looks absolutely thrilled to death, optics constantly darting back to the paper before he actually focuses on the camera, beaming.]

I have learned something of the utmost interest just recently. Jetfire, if you would happen to have the time to spare, I would be interested in sharing my findings with you. I believe you would find them of use.

I've come into the possession of a map, and it seems to indicate the existence of two other temples, and a ruin as well. It would be wonderful if we could perhaps organize an expedition out to these locations.

I hope you will consider it.
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[The video feed is turned on, focusing on the face of a large, white mech with a very distinctly... worried and concerned expression. Guys, guys he was just under several feet of ice guys how did this happen what is this even-]

I have learned a few things from the ah... acolytes within this temple, but I have more questions for those who have been brought here.

My name is Skyfire, is there anyone here who would recognize that name?

[He's not going to mention any names specifically, but there's a definite hopeful lift to his tone.]

I'm looking for any other Autobots there may be out there as well... Even if I do not know you now, I would still like to learn more about you. It isn't necessary of course, but... it seems only right that we all get to know each other.
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