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9th-Feb-2014 05:34 pm - [audio/various locks]
[Locked to SG Ratchet]

Give it back.

[Locked to medics/doctors--except Pharma]

Now that I'm a little more... stabilized... I don't want to go into details over the link. In person would be better. I just want to issue a warning: stay away from Pharma. He's not done anything wrong in this world--at least, not enough to warrant an arrest or murder charges--and I realize I can't exactly keep him out of the clinics, but... When you're around him, be on guard. He's dangerous, and utterly psychotic, more than I--than most of us imagined. And I wouldn't be surprised if he randomly snapped and attacked any of you. Watch him closely around patients, and just... [He's very, very infuriated at being helpless here.] Please. Just take my word on this.

I have been scarce, but... I'll be at Solus's medbay soon.

[Locked to McCrane and Blurr]

May I ask the status of Tarn and Kaon?
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[Usually Ambulon is capable of making proper locked posts. In fact, he's found he's gained some interesting knowledge the past few weeks. But that is beside the point, because Ambulon... doesn't look too good. Again. It's just like before, right after his picnic with Tarn and the afterlife. His drone is fluttering about, scanning him, but obviously distressed.]

I... I ran a diagnostic scan three times. I don't know what's going on, but... For a while, my energy had reached a very high peek, and it was... I was more energetic than I have ever been for a while now. But it-- [He cradles his forehead, optics half-lidded] It's like the energy is draining, and I can't seem to fix it. Proper recharge, proper energon, it's... I'm not sure. I just feel very... very tired.

As--as such, I'm going to--to be away from the medbay the next couple days. But if one of you could possibly... make a house call, I'd-- I'd appreciate it. I guess I need a second opinion. Well, fourth. Because I'm not finding any reason for this sudden fatigue. [He's not really given his new whereabouts to many people, but here's his coordinates to his room at Nexus's temple.]

[OOC: Ambulon's about to slip into a coma; please don't dock this from his vacation days, and someone feed the drone while he's catatonic.]
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19th-Nov-2013 08:55 pm - [audio]
[Hey, guys, it's Ambulon's turn for the obligatory apology!]

My apologies for my behavior. I seemed to have been affected by the... Pillar, I assume. Though it appears so were many others. I know it's no excuse [actually, it kind of is], but what I said - what I did - I did not mean. I... Once again, I apologize, and if there is anything I can do to make up for my mistakes, let me know. I should be returning to work soon.

[Locked to Sentinel Prime]

What I did to you - I know an apology may not be enough, but I... I assure you, what I did, I wasn't-- I wasn't in my right mind. I know this still isn't enough to put your mind at ease, but I am... so sorry.

[Locked to Elita and Drag Strip]

I [hurm]-- For what I said, in regards to your... genders. And among other things. I-- Yeah, I'm sorry about. That.

[Locked to the Police Force]

Um, sorry for causing you trouble. But, my memories are a little hazy. Did anything happen between my fight with Pharma and me being thrown into jail?

[Locked to Pharma]

I may not have done the right thing, fighting you - but I want answers.

[Locked to Chromedome]

I have a couple questions to ask. They're very personal, and I'm not sure I should be asking them, but... I need to know.

[Locked to Wheeljack and Barricade]

My drone has been damaged. I don't know what's wrong, or how to fix it, but I might have punched it while I was... under the influence. Perhaps one of you may know how to repair it?
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27th-Oct-2013 03:52 pm - [video; near Solus's temple]
[The video switches on with a small thunk; lying on its side, playing a rather grisly scene. Sentinel Prime is on the ground, getting his ass whooped - he's not in the best of condition, and he's taken quite a few beatings already, but the worst injury of all is the fact his right leg's been torn off and cast aside, spilling energon everywhere.

And oh golly, his assailant appears to be Ambulon. Ambulon, in his perfect purple and blue paint scheme. His back is to the recording, but you clearly see how he's repeatedly stomping Sentinel in the torso with one foot.]

This your doing, Autobot!? You bring me here!? [And Ambulon is just pounding away at the half-conscious Sentinel. The answer he gets isn't good enough; not that it's much of an answer so much as a noise.] Where's the rest of your crew? Where's your leader? [But he kind of laughs because, yeah, he's not expecting any answers. Just watching the suffering is enough - but he is angry. Ambulon swings back his foot and kicks Sentinel hard in the side. At this point, he's moved around the Autobot and--oh, is that a Decepticon insignia on his shoulder?]

I got bigger things to deal with. You're not worth my time. [And so Ambulon just sort of bails on the Autobot, picking up the device as he goes along. He's surprised it's been recording all this time, however.] Well. Seems I got the Autobot's friends on the line already. Don't worry. Your big-chinned companion'll live - if you get to him in time. But first, I want some answers: who the Hell brought me here, where the Hell is Megatron or the DJD, and who the Hell do I have to kill to get back?

[OOC: Got permission from Sentinel-mun for Sentinel's ass-beating. ♥ There'll be a thread in this post for anyone who wants to help Sentinel. And I recommend someone does, 'cause he kinda needs help. :(]
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5th-Sep-2013 04:54 pm - [accidental video - whoops]
[The camera actually switches on after being knocked over from whatever it was propped upon. You'll probably be unconsciously tilting your head at the slight angle. But then there's a huge blue orb taking up the entire screen. It draws back and it's--it's an optic? A second later, the camera shifts (dizzily) before being sat upright, and floating before it is a small mechanical device with one eye, little appendages, and... a nurse cap. Some will recognize it as a Diagnostic Drone.]

[True to its designation, it feels the device and screen up, searching for any damage. A half-minute later, and it seems satisfied. It even makes a pleased humming noise from its tiny propelling engine. And while it still does not entirely know what this strange device is, it seems to know that red button probably shouldn't be lit up. But before he can switch the feed off--]

[Ambulon's profanity would make anyone blush, and a second later he's in front of the camera, grabbing the drone with both hands. He doesn't look too good - aside from the both infuriated and slightly fearful expression, his yellow optics are pale, there are dark purple rings around his eyes where the plating has thinned out due to heat/lack of sleep, and the deep grooves in his crappy paint job look like clawing and tearing.]

[Ambulon goes to scold the drone but then-- oh, right. He gives the device one last startled look before quickly switching off the feed. You may see the drone even wave a little hand just before the screen goes black.]
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5th-Aug-2013 04:54 pm - [audio]
[Oh, look!]

[Ambulon sounds a little... tired. Actually, very tired. But it's not really a physical exhaustion. Either way, he keeps his tone level if a bit curt and hollow.]

I'll be scarce around the clinics the next few days. Sorry for my inconvenient absence.

[Locked to the Police Force/Law Committee] )

[Locked to Solus] )

[Locked to Nexus] )
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To: Drift
All other Haven residents


[The video's colour is low saturation, and for those who try to trace it, will prove to have been sent anonymously.0 For the rare few of you who might be familiar with DJD communications: the video has an embedded musical hail attached to it. It's the DJD's personal ring tone.]1
[OOC| Your soundtrack for the evening, ladies and gentlemen]


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28th-May-2013 08:35 pm - [video]
[You're going to have to excuse Ambulon; he's doing his best to appear calm and aloof, and bored as usual, but that slips slightly every minute or so. Because, as you can clearly see, Ambulon got an upgrade! An almost complete overhaul of the body. The alt mode looks something like this, but of course different symbols and less bulky, more Cybertronian. Basic design and arrangement of kibble is IDW Ratchet-esque, if you will. His head design remains the same, and it is obvious he needs touching up on his new coat, though.]

Just a reminder that I should be seeing more patients now, and I will be available for transportation and emergency pick-ups, due to the upgrade provided by Solus Prime. If Barricade, Knock Out, or any of the other medics are unable to come to you - or are incapacitated - for transportation or field medicine, my commlink will remain open.

[It is a general message to let people know, yes. But it's obvious Ambulon's so happy, he kind of wanted to show off. You'll have to pardon him. It's been a while since he's been this excited.]
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22nd-Apr-2013 07:16 pm - [video]
[Ambulon is holding up a cat. A very small kitty. You may recognize the cat, actually.]

I've... recently come into possession of Whirl's cat. Splat, I think is its name. It appears a little malnourished.

[He looks at the cat. The cat looks at him. It is a tense two seconds.]

I used the wikireader to research these animals, and it... It was. Interesting. To say the least. But I have a good idea on what I need to... feed it. Does anyone have any cat food? Or, you know, general tips on how to-- [Splat coughs up a hairball on his hand] ... take care of cats.
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11th-Mar-2013 07:40 am - [video]
[So, guess who's joining the NO WHY IS THIS HAPPENING party? Human!Ambulon looks pretty... mellow/resigned given the circumstances. Especially when he's sitting naked (only his torso, thank goodness) before the communicator, the bottom half of his face and chest covered in blood. All of which came from his bruised nose. He just... kind of sits there a moment. Blinks one eye, then the other, just... whatever man.]

Can someone please pick me up and take me to Doctor McCoy?

[Well, at least needing a ride isn't anything new.]

[ooc: Whirl will be pickin' Ambu's up, but feel free to converse with/keep him company while he sits there and sighs and looks absolutely tired.]
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[Oh, look, it's Ambulon again. And he's... purple and blue? His original paint coat looks pretty awful and faded, but he's really not interested in doing anything about it, naturally. He's trying not to look worried, so it's the usual expression of ennui.]

Has anyone seen or heard from Drift? I've tried his place at Vector's temple, but he's not there. Tried asking any of the acolytes around the place, and they seem equally clueless. Any messages have gone unanswered.

I'm... [really concerned/frustrated, but no, no need to say that] I need to see Drift, you see, for a follow-up on recent repairs. He was suppose to check in earlier, but... Well, here we are. If he's gone and over-exerted himself, he might have re-opened his wounds.

If anyone's seen him, please let me know.

Locked to Wing )

Locked to TARN. YES, TARN. )
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26th-Dec-2012 03:06 pm - [Audio/Locked from Tarn]
[Ambulon's voice is very grave.]

I will just be quick about this.

Does anyone know what a "wikireader" is, and how it works? What is its purpose? Can it possibly be used as a weapon?

[ooc: Yes, permission granted from Tarn-mun for Ambulon to have FOUND TARN'S WIKIREADER GIFT.]
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[Before, Ambulon's shoddy red-white paint job mostly consisted of scratches, patches, and a few grooves. Now, however, most of his true colors are showing through on his chest and down his right arm, splattered with chipping white. Been too busy, too stressed, not caring anymore - whatever you wish to believe, as it's probably a likely combination of all three. Nonetheless, he does look stressed, if not irritated, annoyed, and... a little scared.]

I'm not sure who I go to for this specific request, but I am in need of a weapon. I don't suppose we have any of those lying around? [He's too on edge to even smirk at his own weak joke.] I don't even think we have any rules on firearm possession on this Cybertron, so I like to believe I don't have to trudge through paperwork in order to get one. [The hesitation is an unspoken "I'll steal something if I must."]

I figure, however, that those who possess the means of attaining a weapon would be those affiliated with the local law enforcement.

I'd really prefer going about this the more "legal" way, instead of resorting to the black market - or the equivalent here - or speaking to the Firstforged. Considering the fact there are psychopaths still running rampant, I doubt they'd offer much in way of protection. [The word burns with embarrassment.]

[a beat]

Also, I highly recommend avoiding Tarn. And for the police officers - if you do attempt to apprehend him, you'd best do so in an organized pack with all the force you've got. [He's not gonna admit you'd probably fail, however, because that's not good mojo.]
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[For a brief moment, Ambulon just sort of... stands there. Not saying a word. Stroking his chin, looking off to the side. Hesitating. He's also got numerous patches and grooves of chipped away paint, exposing purple and black streaks. tl;dr He doesn't look so good right now.]

[Finally, he looks up and cycles air]

Ultra Magnus. Blurr.

You two are leading First Aid's murder investigation, correct?

[another hesitant pause]

I think I know a possible suspect. One I think might have somehow been directly, maybe indirectly, involved. I'm not saying they are responsible, but given certain... circumstances, I think you should perhaps... Well, investigate the matter.
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[You're thinking you're watching one of those groovy car adverts, because damn, that is one gorgeous beaut. She's what you'd call an "Audi R8" on Earth; she's sleek, compact. Her paint job - which is a mix of hot red and stunning yellow - shimmers and glows with a fresh coat of wax. She's untouched, she's unblemished, and for some reason, she's a girl, you guess. You would now expect to find a voluptuous model like, say, maybe Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appearing spread elegant but sexy on the hood in a bathing suit.

But, that's not what you're going to get. Instead, suddenly the recording device is abruptly knocked from wherever it was perched and on the ground. Well, not really; it seems to have been caught wedged between the car and the wall. And you're getting a tilted image of Ambulon looking utterly unimpressed. His lower half, however, appears to be... under the car?]

I'd really... You know, I'd really appreciate some answers, but I know right now, that's not my top priority. [He's really controlling his rage here] And I was hoping to use audio, but it... Nevermind. [Ambulon shakes his head.] I can't tell you the details - mostly because I don't even know what they are - but for some reason, I was abruptly woken from recharge to find a-- [He pauses and grunts, shifting uncomfortably with a strained growl] -- a... car on top of me. This place is small and cramped as is, and I'm surprised it managed to fit in here, but... Look.

[Ambulon takes a Very Deep Breath.]

I don't know what exactly is going on. What happened. And who did this. Right now it... does not matter. [He throws his hands apart for emphasis] My current dilemma... I can't seem to move the vehicle; not in this position. I can't reach inside, to possibly try starting the engine, though I'm not sure it'd be much help. There's no fuel, for one. But I did find [Ambulon holds up a small white book] this. Driver's manual or whatever. Except I can't read it; they're symbols I don't recognize. [So he just throws the manual in all Japanese aside and gives another furious snarl.] But mostly the problem is I'm pinned under a car and the back wheel is crushing my leg.

[His leg. Of all things.]

So, as I'm sure it's been made painfully obvious, I could use a little [something groans - metal - and then pop and Ambulon curses] help thanks.
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