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16th-Nov-2013 02:27 pm - [Video]

That was certainly an experience. How about we never do that again?

[He foresees many awkward conversations coming his way, so he might as well get them done with as soon as possible. Also the less he talks about how he pretty much snapped out of it while snuggling Prowl, the better.]

[Locked to Rewind]

Hey, you around?

I feel like I could use a bath. Want to go get a bath?


I'm sorry.

[Locked to Prowl]

Hey sorry I ran off, but we need to talk.

If that's okay with you.
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[When the storm hit, a certain two Autobots were out in the middle of nowhere, conversing on topics of delicate nature. When the pillar came down, the two of them were knocked down into a hole where they had been stuck in for the past couple of days. It’s not a big hole either, they’ve been stuck chest to chest for almost three days and it’s been a very uncomfortable experience so far, especially considering that they don’t know what’s going on.

What makes it worse is that their communicator is just beyond their reach.

Prowl, I think it might be on this time!

Might be on? What changed?

[The sound of snow and dirt shifting leaves a small pause as Prowl attempts to turn and see the communicator behind him. It’s not very successful.]

Maybe something fell on it? If only it were just a little bit closer…

[Prowl settles back in place.]

This is a distress message from an unknown location. We are officers of the starship the Peaceful Resolution and were separated from our ship. We are trapped in between rock structures on an unfamiliar planet.

[He’s going to attempt to make this professional regardless of how stupid they look.]

If you can hear this, we require an immediate assist.
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25th-Jul-2013 12:00 am - [Video]
[Things have been falling apart.

It's not as though Chromedome hadn't expected that Tarn would get loose and kill him. In fact, he and Prowl had talked about it some. That really doesn't prepare anyone for the act of dying and then facing the consequences when you get back. After his disastrous argument with Rewind, Chromedome had left, preferring to try his hand at living on his own out in what passes as the 'wilderness'.

When the video feed flickers on, Chromedome is sitting in what seems to be a very small cave. He has the unfortunate look of someone who spent the last month not caring that much about himself. His plating is chipped and dirty, and he probably smells too. The Autobot sits with a depressed slouch as he stares mindlessly at a nearby wall.

He doesn't know what to do with himself, or why he's doing what he's doing now.

God he's so pathetic.
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28th-May-2013 09:41 pm - [Private to Prowl]
Hey Prowl.

Mind if I speak with you for a moment?

[Chromedome has just visited the jail for whatever reason. Here, he has come across the saddest and most pathetic looking prisoner in the place. After two seconds of staring, Chromedome realizes he feels a tiny bit sorry for him.

Might as well do a good deed right?
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19th-May-2013 08:13 pm - [Accidental Video] Restless Nights
[The sound of soft snoring is heard before the feed flickers on, exposing the two mechs sleeping peacefully together. Chromedome is flat on his back on their berth, and Rewind is sprawled out on his chest with Chromedome’s arm wrapped protectively around him. For several minutes, nothing really happens. It’s just two partners sleeping together. Chromedome stirs suddenly, his head suddenly twitching from side to side and his grip on Rewind tightening. He mutters something about the needles and sighs.

The tight grip on Rewind causes the smaller bot to awaken, his attention immediately turning towards his partner. Bad dreams from Chromedome were nothing new--it’s just each time they changed on what they were about. This one, however, was obvious. Giving a little sigh himself, the smaller bot reaches a hand up, running it along the side of Chromedome’s helm in an attempt to calm him.
]’s okay...

[There was no point in Rewind trying to sleep anymore. Whenever these happened, he took up ‘guard duty’, making sure the larger bot stayed peaceful through the night. Thankfully, his presence always helped.

After a few more seconds of restlessness, Chromedome finally relaxes and falls silent again. There's something about the smaller bot that always calms him down, even when he's not awake.
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Chromedome, shine that light onto the door lock.

[ There’s a lot of shifting and plinking as whatever lock was just referred to gets tinkered with. Inside the closet, it was difficult to see what was going on with the only light being provided originating from the energon lines of whomever was inside. ]

Yeah yeah...

[Chromedome attempts to shine his light the best he can around Prowl, who happens to be seated firmly on his lap. Though he’s always known this, he can’t help but notice, right now in particular, how big and heavy Prowl is. This is not a nice discovery to make when said person is tied to you.]

You know, I think your feet are taking up half our closet space.

[ Not ideal lighting, but it was something Prowl can work with. Optics narrow at the magnetic mechanism sitting in between them and freedom, determined to get it to unlock. ]

Stop moving. This is delicate enough without my hands being jostled.

[ Whatever Prowl was referring to was probably miniscule. An extra fidget or shift as the light was fixed into place. It was simply amplified while they were pressed together like this. There’s a slight whirr as the missile casing on his back shifts to get out of the way of the light. They may or may not find a comfortable spot in Chromedome’s face. ]


[Chromedome tries not to move Prowl more than necessary, despite the painful thump in the face he just received.]

I’m not really a finger pointer, but I can’t help but feel like this is your fault somehow..
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I'd ask if I've finally gone insane, but I think my mind could come up with something better than this.

[Does Chromedome seem very chill to you? Because he's not. Not inside at least. No one wants to go to sleep one day and wake up somewhere completely different. That's just not a thing that should happen. Still, he easily maintains his cool and leans casually against a wall as he talks.]

My name's Chromedome and the first thing I want to know is if Rewind is here. He's a little guy who likes to record things, he's not that hard to miss.

[Please let him be here.]

The second thing I want to know is if anyone else from the Lost Light is here also. It'd be really nice if they were. And the third thing... um... well okay I don't have a third thing. Besides the general "I don't want to be here" I mean.

So, info would be nice I guess.
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