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25th-Dec-2013 11:54 am - 001 | [Video]
[You know how usually someone wakes at the altar of the temple they’re at, confused about their location? Not this one. Yeah, apparently he’s one of the few who actually listen to the acolytes. There's no sense in repeating what seemed to be a firm answer, so he'll just roll with the punches. There's a click of the video feed as it shows Metalhawk's face, a bit intrigued by the new addition of the Link.

With the glisten of Prima's temple in the background.]

I’m alive.

[He honestly couldn’t believe it. He felt the gun hit his body, the energy hitting his spark and causing immeasurable pain. By all accounts, he should be more than dead right now. He won’t even remark on his missing arm. It doesn’t matter right now.]

So this is not some form of the afterlife, but rather an alternate version of Cybertron. And from the looks of it, rather primitive.

Bumblebee, are you there? Any of the Unaligned?

[And then, his voice lowers, almost dangerously.]

And Starscream. If you’re there, I seek council with you as well.
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