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[ Overlord always had a bit of a flair for the dramatic when addressing an audience, so video it is.

He's unashamed of showing his face, broken eye and all, energon drying on his cheek. He surveys the feed for a moment, annoyance tugging at his expression. It eventually molds into a default smile. ]

I've been briefed on the situation. Decepticons! I'm assuming command from this point forward. Join with me and you will be rewarded.

[ And just by the tone of his voice, it's less asking and more of a demand. He reaches up, wiping away stray bits of glass and smearing the tacky drops of energon over his cheek. Very casual, like it doesn't hurt at all. ]

Perhaps one of you would be kind enough to help me. I'm in need of repairs. Bring me someone who can do the task.
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