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24th-Mar-2014 05:09 pm - 08 // [Video/Text]
[Whoa, Rewind, you look like you've seen better days. The feed cuts to the library, with a flash drive huddled up on one of the many seats littered about it. Ambus, his acolyte seems to hover over him, books held in its hand. There's soft coughing coming from the flash drive, attempting to sit up and look at the screen.]

เ ђคשє ร๏๓єtђเภﻮ เ ђคשє t๏ รคא...

[Cough cough. Wow, Rewind, you sound all modulated and awful. Ambus seems to notice, leaning over further as if to mother hen. Rewind, stick to typing.]

[So he will. Fingers reach out to the keys of the link, typing things up as best he can.]

If anyone has a problem with the A.I. members of our community, you're going to answer to me.

I've noticed their treatment over the Link.
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24th-Feb-2014 01:48 pm - 07 || [Video; Locked from Chromedome]
[The Link kicks on, to show Rewind in his quarters, sorting out some datapads he'd found in Trion's library. His shoulders are pretty slumped, and he carries a certain fatigue about him. Something very unlike the bouncy little flashdrive.  But there's a reason for this broadcast, as he turns to it.  This isn't an easy thing for Rewind to come out on the feed and say, so bear with him.]

Has anyone seen Chromedome as of late? He's hardly in the temple, at least to my knowledge and...

I worry what he's been up to.

[It was a bit shameful to admit, not trusting your Conjunx Endura. But this was a bit more personal than he'd like to admit.]

It's like ever since I told him to break his needles he's been...distant. He won't tell me anything, either. Just...'busy'.

{OOC to CD: Despite it being video, it's totally okay for Chromedome to walk in on this}
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1st-Jan-2014 10:18 pm - 06 // [Video/File]
 Hey guys!

[Whoa, Rewind, where have you BEEN the past month? Well, to be honest, he's been doing a lot! Catching up on things in Trion's library, watching the Link (and recording it all to memory), and most importantly, charting the skies per Trion's request. Why yes, he certainly is a busy little flash drive, isn't he? But it seems he's stuck his head out of the books enough to show you something.]

So after a couple of quick scans of the sky, I've been able to separate it into four quadrants. Now, bear with me, these take a LONG time to piece together, even for someone like me. And even then, they're not 100% accurate. But it's a good look at what we've got looking back at us.

Heck, I even made it a little fun, complete with some constellations Domey and I made!

[Below, there'll be a file attached. If you press it with your finger, it'll open it up to a full scale larger image.]

Click to see image )

Pretty cool, huh?

[Go ahead, show your amazement.]

This is the North-Northeast Quadrant, as far as I can chart for now. Whatcha guys think?

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5th-Nov-2013 01:48 pm - 05 // [Video]
 [Hey Haven! Is your feed lacking a distinct amount of mini tank? Well this guys got the diagnosis.

Spoilers: It's him.  And he's got a question.]

Do you ever get the feeling that you've done an exact scenario before're pretty sure you've never done it?

Like 99.9999% sure checked your memory banks and everything.

[Don't mind Rewind here if he looks considerably bulkier too. He had a run in with a tank. And it ate him.]

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31st-Aug-2013 04:15 pm - 04 // [Video]
 [Blue optics flickered on beneath that equally blue visor.  As if someone had turned a switch on, Rewind sprang to life, after being in a coma for what seemed like weeks. It didn't feel that long to him--but then again, you wouldn't if you were comatose. There's an achy sit-up, as he notices wiring and life support tacked onto his systems.

Not a good sign.

He lifts an arm to see a robotic IV of Energon, and a spark monitor.

There's a quick fumble for his Link, checking the date immediately.  Considering his previous personal log...he'd been out for quite awhile.  It made his proverbial blood run cold.

He hits the record button.]

Okay, what happened.

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13th-Jun-2013 12:04 am - 03 // [Video]
 [Hey guys, sick of this little ankle-biter, yet? Hope not, because he's got a little broadcast for you, and boy is it important, at least to him.  The feed clicks on to show him fiddling with his camera, his hands outstretched when he realizes he's on the air.]

So! This glyph of mine got a bit brighter recently. Domey's too. It took a bit of scanning through the Link's archives, but I found out that our alignments to the FirstForged can get stronger and weaker, apparently! Yeah, yeah, I bet you're saying 'old news'.

But wait! Don't hang up just yet, there's a point to this, really.

What if there was a way to...keep records of this? You know, to see how actions influence events, and the consequences from them! How do you do that? Well....

[His camera turns on, and he tilts the Link towards the wall, where an image is projected onto it:]

Image under Cut )

What'd I tell ya? Good idea, or good idea?

So what do you have to do? Tell me what your glyph looks like. Colours, brightness, anything at all! I can figure it from there.
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19th-May-2013 08:13 pm - [Accidental Video] Restless Nights
[The sound of soft snoring is heard before the feed flickers on, exposing the two mechs sleeping peacefully together. Chromedome is flat on his back on their berth, and Rewind is sprawled out on his chest with Chromedome’s arm wrapped protectively around him. For several minutes, nothing really happens. It’s just two partners sleeping together. Chromedome stirs suddenly, his head suddenly twitching from side to side and his grip on Rewind tightening. He mutters something about the needles and sighs.

The tight grip on Rewind causes the smaller bot to awaken, his attention immediately turning towards his partner. Bad dreams from Chromedome were nothing new--it’s just each time they changed on what they were about. This one, however, was obvious. Giving a little sigh himself, the smaller bot reaches a hand up, running it along the side of Chromedome’s helm in an attempt to calm him.
]’s okay...

[There was no point in Rewind trying to sleep anymore. Whenever these happened, he took up ‘guard duty’, making sure the larger bot stayed peaceful through the night. Thankfully, his presence always helped.

After a few more seconds of restlessness, Chromedome finally relaxes and falls silent again. There's something about the smaller bot that always calms him down, even when he's not awake.
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20th-Apr-2013 09:46 pm - 02 // [Video]
 [Rewind was able to deal with a lot of things lately. Snuff films? Whatever. A new Cybertron? Okay. No Chromedome for awhile? That's fine. PROWL? Slightly less happy but still doing okay. But no. It's Rung's death that is the kicker. And the worst part of it is, Rewind had it ingrained into his database.  It didn't make it any easier to accept sometimes.

He was a tough little bot, though, who had seen his fair share of events. Experienced a few as well. So he's not going to outwardly show it. But he'll be huddled up in his room, in the dark, flickering with his camera, and using the wall as a projection screen.

Everything was Rung from their time on the Lost Light.

A video of a video of a video]

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22nd-Mar-2013 06:32 pm - [Video]
 [To say that Rewind didn't know what was going on would be wrong. He knew exactly what was going on, as a matter of fact. Not that it made sense, but having a recording of the Acolytes speech made it clear that he didn't have any questions on where he was or why. Crazy stuff, bro. So with that lodged in his memory, there's really no need to bring that up, now is there? Well, none pertaining to that situation.

The feed opens up to show Rewind sitting a good distance away, on what looks like to be a gun almost as large as himself. Now either that's a gun built for the FirstForged themselves, or Rewind is just tiny. It's...the second. But look! A chipper wave!]

So I guess I'm let off rivet duty for a little while, huh. I can't say I'm disappointed in that, really.  And especially over that...

[He never will figure out what Rodimus's transmission was...just that he had to take a little walk.]

Just tell me one thing--anyone seen or heard from Chromedome?

[Priorities first.]
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