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15th-May-2013 12:23 am - VIDEO ▌ OUTSIDE HAVEN
--ag's going on?

[The video crackles to life, a Cybertronian that looks new - although with how he feels he'd argue that. This all feels familiar, almost looks it, but he can't place any of it. Really all that does is dwindle his patience, and prod at his anger level.]

I don't remember this being-

[He rubs his head, optics dimming. Confused, disoriented and irritable, not a good combination. Slag finally turns his attention to the communicator. For some reason he remembers that. Somehow. And a few other fuzzy things, but there is something there, swarming around in his processor.]

...What the frag happened?! I don't- Pit! This feels familiar.

Swoop! Snarl! Sludge! ...Ironhide? Anyone on this frequency? I want some fraggin' answers now!
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