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14th-Nov-2012 10:26 am - 02 - Video;
[The majority of Swerve's time is now spent in the Hub, seeing as it's sort of a hub for the glyphless and he's sort of the bartender, so it comes as no surprise that the background of his video feed is the bar itself. It's pretty obviously the slow part of the day, made more-so by the fact that he's actually made himself a fancy tiered drink, delicate layers and crazy straw and all. Where is he even getting those? Whoooo knoooows. It's a mystery!]

Well, that whole thing was fun.

[If by 'fun', one meant 'kind of exhausting'. The whole thing was made worse by the very public and very obvious information regarding the Glyphless. BUT WE'RE NOT FOCUSING ON THAT RIGHT NOW because wow, just no. There is a limit to how much shit he can put up with while sober. Or just in general. Remember when hot to live in peace and an adventure that occasionally went robot pear-shaped were his only worries? Good times.]

So yeah, you know what's actually pretty obvious? We've got a ton of people here from about eight different universes with cybertronians, and quite a few without, and so on and so on. So I'm here thinking “Wow I'd like to know more about these places”. Basically, I'm wondering if alla you are up for some kinda information exchange or somethin'. Everyone shares a bit about where they come from. Or a lot. Up to you all in general. I'm just curious is all.

Oh! Right. Before I forget, raise your hand if you wanna learn to mix engex and all that good stuff, 'cos I do actually have to recharge every once in a while. Y'know... [He holds his hands a little close.] Just a bit. So it'd probably be a good idea to have someone else who knows how.

[Not you, Wing. You have, like, fifty jobs. When do you even sleep, seriously?]
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23rd-Oct-2012 08:01 am - 01 - Video;
[When the vid feed pops up on the Link, it starts with Swerve looking pretty confused, but this isn't exactly new to anyone who knows him.
To those who don't, welcome to Swerve-ville! Population: This boxy motherfucker and a whole lotta mouth.
He does perk up pretty quickly though, which again, isn't all that surprising. Swerve is pretty ace when it comes to looking like he's perpetually in a good mood.]

You know, I kind of thought we'd crashed through some kind of portal at first, 'cause this looks a lot like Cybertron. So I was thinking maybe there was some kind of massive surprise twist on the way and the Knights of Cybertron were actually on Cybertron the whole time, but it was an alternate version of Cybertron and the quest was actually supposed to teach us a lesson about perseverance and friendship.

Buuuut then some mech who was with me when I came out of recharge explained most of the actual situation to me. Kind of a disappointment, really.

[Though, if he thinks about it, this is actually pretty good. If there was a test on how everyone on the Lost Light was best friends, they would have failed it pretty quick. Because they're them.]

But, uh, just a note here? Waking up to a mech who was watching you during recharge just to explain the whole situation? Actually pretty creepy. So... might wanna get management on that.

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