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[The video's colour is low saturation, and for those who try to trace it, will prove to have been sent anonymously.0 For the rare few of you who might be familiar with DJD communications: the video has an embedded musical hail attached to it. It's the DJD's personal ring tone.]1
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[Greeting Haven! The video starts and shows you quiet an odd group. Rose is standing closest to the camera with Smokescreen close by. In the background, there looms Tarn, being his usual charming self. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Defense committee.

[Rose is holding a pad and clears her throat some before addressing the camera and, thus, the rest of Haven.]

Hello. As some of you may know, Smokescreen, Tarn, and I consist of the Defense branch of the Law Committee. As such, it is our duty to oversee the operations of the Police Force. So after some meetings we have decided on some policies concerning the Police Force and the rights for anyone who has been accused of a crime.

[From the tone of her voice, one can think that those meetings didn't always go smoothly.]

I will like to point out that all the policies were decided on by all three of us agreeing on them.

[She brings up her pad and begins to read off the list of laws.]

First, the Police Force needs to consist of 1/3 Autobot, 1/3 Decepticon, and 1/3 unaligned members.

Second, those who arrive at Haven cannot be persecuted for crimes they have committed in their own world. In other words, everyone gets a clean slate when they first arrive, and thus the Police Force cannot arrest you when you first regain consciousness here, no matter how horrible of a crime you may have committed in your own world.

Third, there will be no arrests unless there is concrete proof that ties an individual to the crime.

Fourth, any accused is innocent until proven guilty.

Fifth, arrests on anyone who is not neutral must be overseen by one Autobot and one Decepticon Police Force member.

Sixth, anyone who has been arrested has the right to any consenting legal representative they want, as long that representative has not also been arrested.

Seventh, any active Police Force members on duty have to work in a group of two or more. On top of that, any on duty Autobot Police Force member must be partnered with a Decepticon and vice-versa.

Finally, should any Autobot or Decepticon wish renounce their affiliation, there will be a form available for you to fill out. Tarn has said he will officiate the ones for the Decepticons. It has yet to be decided who will officiate those for the Autobots.

[She lowers the pad and looks back at the camera.]

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask Tarn, Smokescreen, and myself.
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[It's a short, discreet video lacking some of Tarn's usual flair. Just a shoulders up view and a soft voice:]

This message is for your police force.
The Defense Committee -- a democratically elected wing of the Haven's Law Committee -- will be preforming an unannounced inspection on your syndicate within the week. In addition to myself, expect the Autobot Smokescreen and the human Rose.

You have the choice of forwarding an official manuscript detailing your members and internal organisation hierarchy now or at the time of inspection.

See you soon.

[/end video.]
[He's not expecting an answer. Any will go straight to voicemail.]
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[Did you think you were free of your large local music-loving lug, Haven? Late April Fools! Turns out he never left! Hell, a few of you might've even had him inside your soft little organic bodies given that he was playing the part of Influenza this past couple weeks. But don't worry, while the virus is known for a lot of things, it isn't so much known for its sentience. So if Tarn's been partying it up in your bloodstream, he's had no idea.

He has however, been having his own little adventures outside and about the Haven. But now he's back, and checking his messages, and oh my, but what is this?]

It seems a good number of you have fallen victim to Autobot propaganda while I was out. A pity that so many aren't able to think for themselves.

Accusing the D.J.D. of murder? Really?

[Has anyone ever mentioned that Tarn has a lovely voice? Because he does. You might not be able to see it, but you can positively hear that smile.]

And with so little evidence too. Why, you'd think this is another repeat of your earlier unfounded hysteria, when I first arrived. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Two of you in particular. Take note of these liars: the Autobot ... Rang(?) and the supposed 'victim' Four. Both are guilty of spreading misinformation.

I expect a full apology. You have two days.

As for the rest of you, I hope you've learned an important lesson here. Namely: that Autobots are hardly a credible source.

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5th-Jan-2013 11:36 pm - [Video] DJD PSA: A Moment of Silence
[Oh look, it's that guy again. Wasn't everyone freaking out about him earlier? Well, so much for that. Clearly he can't be all bad given how a grand total of nothing has happened so far. Man, that'll teach you to feed into irrational Autobot mass hysteria. Maybe next time you're better off trusting the guy with Decepticon for a face. Come on, he's even got 'Justice' in his job title. That makes him totally legit.]

As we seem to have entered a period of festivities, I think it's appropriate we take a moment to remember the comrades that can't be here with us.

[Are you missing loved ones? Did you have friends who've disappeared or met bad ends? Did he just pour salt in the wounds that used to be your feelings? Oops, sorry about that.]

Namely: Megatron.

[The video pans to what might be a block of marble etched in Cybertronian (the dialect and language from his universe). Even if you can't read it you've got to admit that the calligraphy is mighty fine for robot hieroglyphs. For those who CAN read, it says: ]
[  ~Megatron~
~Until your return~

A moment of silence is in order.

[Tarn's eyes go dark and a solemn, entirely serious bout of silence happens.
When quiet time is over, an impressive crystal cluster made of 17 large, perfect, glowing spines is placed in front of the memorial.]

A gift from Prima in memory of such an inspirational figure.

And now some music while you pay your respects.

[The robot equivalent of Vivaldi starts to play and the video remains focused on the tribute. A shadow passes over, signalling Tarn leaving the scene, and when the song finishes, it loops over again to the start.
This goes on for the next 32 hours straight. Feel free to tune into the boring channel anytime you want some mood music, otherwise just keep surfing.

And wow, how about that? Talk about the least threatening thing ever, right? Golly, he almost seems like a nice guy. A little dull maybe even with the great robot-cursive, but still pretty nice.]
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28th-Nov-2012 07:11 pm - [Video] DJD PSA: The Royal “We”
 [The video starts with a neck up image of a guy that has DECEPTICON for a FACE. Well, that's never a good sign. And depending on Tarn's naughty list, things might just get a little worse (for you). But hey! At least he's playing some classy music in the background.] 

I'd like to interrupt everyone getting along so well with one another to bring you this message:  This is the DJD.  

For those of you who don't know our work, I suggest you ask someone more familiar with the role we play. Someone like the medic Ambulon. [The name positively rolls off his tongue.] I believe you can find him in 'Nexus Prime's' quadrant. 

[Kids, this is what happens when you don't lock your link posts; someone's liable to spam Ctrl + F. Sometimes those people have lists. Sometimes they're predators.] 

Furthermore, if any of you would like to report a Decepticon that has transgressed, my door is always open and any reports will be investigated. You may contact me at this frequency. 

[Deadlock, Overlord, you'll notice he hasn't mentioned your names. Feel free to feel safe.] 

And, Pharma, I would like a word.

To the rest of you, I look forward to your cooperation. Some of you will be hearing from me shortly.  

[The music stops. There's a moment of silence where it's just Tarn's mask and his glowing eyes staring at the camera. Two seconds later and then the video cuts.] 

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