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Arright. Something is seriously wrong with Cybertron's chrono-dimensional anchor. I dunno who, or what, or even when, but this constant planet change is not right at all. I mean, first the whole planet resets like someone hit 'Undo All'... and now it does it again only there's apparently rusting First-Forged walking around!

Ugh. There's also a huge anomaly out here that shouldn't be sustainable without insane levels of energy but at this point I'm willing to just overlook it, given that we're probably dealing with some kind of rupture in fourth or possibly fifth dimensional barriers here.

[Have an extended sigh, as Wheeljack runs his hands over his faceplate.]

I coulda dealt with things as they were. I mean sure we had an overpopulation of three different factions on a Cybertron that seemed to want nothing more than to kill us but at least things were starting to get organized.

Now I'm back to piles of junk.

Ooooohkay. Bee, Prowl, Metalhawk, Starscream - If any of you made it, let me know. Oh and Bee, if yer out there, this was not me.
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