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23rd-Dec-2013 10:57 pm - [Video]
[Well, this is certainly better than what had happened to her back home. Airachnid had patiently waited and allowed the Acolytes to explain her situation before she killed one of them and sent the other running. It was so tempting to chase it down, but she had other matters to deal with.

Another Cybertron hmm? She can definitely work with that. A new Cybertron means new possibilities. She just hopes that there's no Megatron around to mess up her plans. Or sentence her to death, that's always good to avoid too.

At the very least she can say that she's the prettiest face on the network.

Greetings Cybertron! I can honestly say that I never expected to turn up here again. Not that I'm complaining, home sweet home after all.

[Look at how absolutely not dangerous she is.]

My name is Airachnid, and if any of you boys and girls can give me any additional information then I'd be delighted. [She offers the network a sly wink.] Don't worry, I only bite when you ask me to.

One more thing: Who's the top dog around here? Gods or not, someone has to be in charge.

[She wants to know for purely innocent reasons.]
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4th-Aug-2012 08:30 pm - [Audio]
Hmm hmm hm~. Now isn't this interesting? A whole new world to sink my teeth into. Hello all, my name is Airachnid, and it seems I've found myself on this... quaint little world that isn't quite yet-to-be Cybertron.

Now, I know certain parties that aren't quite happy with me are out there, and to them I say this: Don't even bother trying to trace this signal, because I've already covered it with several layers of encryption. Can't really expect me to put myself at risk, do you?

To the rest of you... I'm eager to see what opportunities meeting individuals from other worlds may afford. Dare I say it, but I believe it will be a one-of-a-kind experience...
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