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[Behold: a small antelope, bearing a none-too-impressive pair of spikes on its head. It stamps the ground, and lets out a high-pitched whistle. He couldn't at least have been changed into something with thumbs?

It's probably just what Cliffjumper deserves for doubting his humanized friends.

Unfortunately for Cliffjumper, his Link Device has not resized itself to match his new handless form so he's stuck poking at it with his face, one key at a time. There's a closeup of his fuzzy new snout as he works away at the slow, delicate task of typing out a message with his nose.]

what am i. what do i eat.

how am i supposed to get anything done like thid

[The difficulty of trying to type without fingers finally gets to him. He lets out another, angrier whistle, and he shouts at the device:]

You little scrap-eating piece of-!

[The animal pauses, ears waggling around like a satellite trying to get a signal lock. That was his voice. His real voice!]

I can still talk?

[Go figure. The Lambda left him his most valuable trait: the ability to annoy the scrap out of people just by refusing to shut up.]
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12th-Mar-2013 12:35 am - [Video | Nexus' Temple]
[The video opens with a close-up look of a red Autobot who's seen better days. Despite his missing horn and the rough condition of his paint, however, Cliffjumper looks amused. Confused, but amused.]

Well, this is embarrassing. Usually I black out at the after-battle party, not during the battle.

Anyone out there able to tell me where, exactly, I landed?

[In the background, a few of Nexus' Acolytes draw closer. It is their job to greet the new arrivals! They will tell you the story again, little red mech! Especially since the little red mech did a lot more pulling out his cannons and shooting at them than he did listening to them, the first time... He was startled, okay?

Cliffjumper seems less than thrilled with their continuing eagerness to engage him. They're kind of creepy with their pleasant-but-blank stares, and the whole clone look reminds him a little too much of the standard Decepticon troop. He turns and motions for them to hold back.]

If you guys really want to help, you can start looking for my missing piece. I'm trying to talk to the nice people here.

[Cliffjumper looks back at the screen and jerks a thumb over his shoulder to indicate the Acolytes.]

My new groupies tell me I'm back on Cybertron, but I'm not convinced. I know the war did a number on the place, but there's a fixer upper and then there's... whatever happened outside. There's about as much going on out there as there is running through the average Decepticon CPU.

[Which is to say: not a whole heck of a lot. The Cybertron Cliffjumper remembers might be a bombed-out husk, but there were still buildings. This place is mostly rocks and hills.]
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2nd-Sep-2012 12:19 pm - [Video]
So there I was, just about to give some Cons the thrashing of a life time, when all of a sudden I wind up here with no warning whatsoever. Kind of rude, don't you think?

I'd say someone owes me.

[Despite how terribly upsetting this is for him, he sounds pretty calm and mellow.]

Now the question is, what's a guy got to do to have some fun around here?

[Nope, he's not going to give an introduction right away. He's too busy wondering if he's going to be bored here. Priorities.]
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