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26th-Dec-2013 09:03 am - 001 - Audio -> Video -> Action
[Well that was the… oddest thing he’s woken up to in a while. He doesn’t usually wake up on an alter with robbed figures standing around apologizing for him being somewhere. A different Cybertron? Different how? That sounds impossible. He only waited around long enough for what they said to get boring and then he left. Now he has to figure out how to work this thingy he has. Hrm… what does this do…?]

Skylynx? Are you here, Skylynx?

[The sound of one claw tapping on the Link comes through before the video flicks on, showing bright yellow optics and a lean face crowned with horns. Those optics blink a couple times as the owner of the Link leans back slightly.]

I am trying to find my brethren, Skylynx. He is silver and blue, with red accents, and is about my height. [He pauses, snickering.] But he is not nearly as pretty as I am.

If you have seen him in his other form, I am sure you know. Tell him that Darksteel wishes to find him.
Skylynx if you hear this, I am coming to find you.

[He shuts off his Link and shortly after something that looks remarkably like a robotic gryphon can be seen flying out from Vector’s temple, in a spiral that becomes increasingly wide until it ceases all together. He can’t help it if he’s catching sight of things he’s curious about. What is all of this, he’s never seen a Cybertron like this one. His is certainly less… new than this one.]
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