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28th-Aug-2013 08:30 pm - [Video]

What does one have to do to join the illustrious Police Force?

[Oh god what are you up to Megatron.]
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26th-Jul-2013 10:46 pm - [Video]
Aahh this place again.

[Oh look, did someone order another Decepticon warlord? There must have been a three-for-one deal somewhere at Cybertron-mart. Megatron is standing on Megatronus' temple like before, and seems very unbothered by his surroundings. To him, his existence here on Cybertron is a fascinating little game that must be played, and with so many fun little pawns and pieces to play with.

But first he must re-introduce himself to the masses. So to speak, he doesn't actually bother saying who he is, they'll figure it out soon enough.

Brings back so many fond memories. However, I imagine that much has changed, so recent news would be most appreciated.

[No speech this time duckies.]
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14th-Dec-2012 11:55 pm - [Video]
[So here he is on Cybertron. Not just any Cybertron, but a young one. One untouched by centuries and millenia of war and oppression. In a way this appeals to Megatron, and he surveys the land around him with interest. The warlord stands as the highest point he can on Megatronus' temple, a small, not-so-subtle way of claiming it and everything and everyone within.

Oh yes, he's well aware of the story now. Admittedly, he did wonder for a moment if this is merely a dream, or worse. But he knows his own mind. He knows that he would never come up with something such as this. This world is far too gentle to be any product of his imagination. As it is, there is no Optimus Prime appearing out of thin air, appearing so Megatron can kill him. Over and over again.

It is the absence of Optimus that ultimately convinces Megatron that this is real.

Ahh Cybertron... what secrets you must hold.

[He speaks softly to himself, amused and eager to begin this game. He will take great delight in seeking out and destroying each and every one of those secrets. Greatness is his destiny, something he can achieve through strength and the force of his will. The new right arm he has is a testament to this.

But now, it is time to start. He accesses the network and begins his broadcast.


Here we stand on a world untouched by our war, but I doubt that much has changed amongst us, no matter what universe we come from. It would be most tragic if any Decepticon forgets what he fights for. With this new world, we can build it up into our own image, exactly as it should have been.

[Megatron begins his little speech off with a soft, almost sincere voice. As he goes along he builds it up until each word expresses his own personal power. Years and years of public speaking has its advantages, and he has a fondness for the sound of his own voice.]

I am Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons. If there are any who share my name, then I challenge them to a battle. Accept my challenge and face me in combat, or refuse and stay out of my way like the coward you are. If I am the only one then... Come to me, Decepticons, and we shall begin anew on this world.

[He ends that speech with a graceful flourish of his hand, before adding one more thing.]

I also wish to speak with any of the Firstforged.
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