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18th-Mar-2013 06:51 pm - 5. [VIDEO]
I've been wondering if I could get a list of everybody who's been changed, and what they've all to. That includes people who might have woke up differently that haven't actually posted to the Link. I think most of you have, but I want to be sure. If there's any way that a pattern can be tracked, we should try to find it.

[he takes off his glasses for a moment, rubbing them as he blinks. Raf looks...awful tired, though when he puts on his glasses, maybe dizzy is a better word.]

Anyway, I don't know if there is one, to tell the truth. But...I think...I...

[and with that as the only warning, Raf suddenly keels over, crying out /loudly/ in pain. the motion knocks his laptop-device away from him, and there's a loud metal CRACK that may very well be something breaking there. when it settles, though, it can only just see Raf, curled in to the fetal position, breathing harshly, and... that a tail? a big, poofy tail?

come to think about it, his clothing seems to be fitting him a little oddly, and while he's still mostly the same size and shape, there's a few things

uh oh.]

((OOC; Please excuse the very limited icons- could only get a few sketched, will get more up after class tonight!))
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16th-Jan-2013 07:21 pm - 4. [ACCIDENTAL VIDEO]
[the fact that this is an 'accidental' video comes through, quickly - the camera is bouncing around, though somewhat repetitively. what's visible though is Raf's upper body, and he seems to be grabbing on to something metal (though not without a pair of gloves).

he's also laughing. the kid's breathlessly exhilarated, the type of laughing you get when you're on a roller coaster that may have seemed a bit scary at first but you've come to love. why would it be scary, you ask?

another jostle of the camera shows more of the metal he's grabbing on to - it's heavily segmented, intricate, and aside from what's immediately near him, all of it seems to be /moving/ to the point where if a hand or foot slipped, it could...end badly. very, very quickly. but Raf doesn't seem worried at all. another jostle, and a bit more becomes clear, to where it looks like he's riding a giant, mechanical worm...

yes, ladies and gentlemen.

Raf is riding the Driller.

the camera, unfortunately, isn't giving a clear enough view to show where exactly they are, but at least he seems to be having the time of his life?
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13th-Oct-2012 01:44 am - 3.[TEXT]
I know Ratchet wanted some space, but I haven't been able to get in contact with him. Or track his signal at all. I found a few things of his I think he was going to give to other people but I can't figure out if he wanted to do it himself, or something else.

Does anyone know how far exactly the Link goes out?

And could whoever's going out to explore maybe keep an eye out for him, please? I'm worried.

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16th-Sep-2012 10:17 pm - 2. [ACCIDENTAL VIDEO]
[the video feed opens to dim room. or- not even really that. you can't quite call it a room, it's too /small/. and the walls appear to be made of...

...cushions. and sheets. and...

...oh, look. it's the inside of a pillow fort! complete with two young robo children, one of which is dutifully typing away at a computer, seemingly oblivious to the fact his Device has managed to roll off and start recording of its own accord. the other one is...well.

stuffing herself with candy and already well on her way into a full-on sugar rush. The animated scribblebots can only distract her for so long. Rummaging through the pile of candy wrappers and finding only a snoozing scribble!Bulkhead under the scraps, Sari frowns as the sweet supply appears to be tapped out.

...Raf. Raaaaaaaf.

[he looks up, blinking once]


[She fidgets, twisting a bit of the scrap between her fingers until she can flick a gumball wrapper-turned-folded-football over his laptop screen and into his lap.]

I'm booored. There's no more candy!

Well, I brought most of what I had left....

[Which means she ate waaaay too much, but she'll never admit it. Instead, she jumps up, sending wrappers and scribbles scattering everywhere.]

Ugh! Well come on then! We built this awesome fort, and we're not doing anything with it!

Just give me a minute, okay? I want to finish writing this! [and he looks back down, typing quickly. we're talking turbo speed barely pausing as one of the scribblebots lands on his laptop]

But you've been typing on that all daaay! We can't even watch a movie with you doing that!

[his eyes move to another part of the screen] It's only been...[blink] It can't have been that long?

Oh, it so has!

[And...her grin turns a bit evil. Slowly, she leans down, snagging up one of the spare pillows she'd been sitting on. The scribblebot is perceptive enough to let out a word-bubble filled with only exclamation points, and leaps away from the laptop.]

[Raf is only barely used to those, blinking at the word-bubble before turning to see what it's surprised at, and then his eyes widen] You wouldn't!

I would!

[And she pounces with a girly shriek, swinging the pillow right at his head.

...Glasses? Laptop? WHO CARES!

to which Raf yelps, and promptly slams the laptop shut, ducking to protect it and - well, to AVOID THAT PILLOW

SARI! Not fair!

Totally fair! Everything is fair in pillow fights!

[And she doesn't hesitate to swing again, bapping him on the back of the head and ejecting a good dozen feathers from the ratty thing in the process.

At least let me put my laptop away-!

[he's not waiting for her to give him permission, quickly sighting a cushion to shove it under for protection and diving to do so.]


[She giggles, not worried about it in the slightest, instead upping her attack into frenzied swinging. Bap! Bap! Bap!

Raf only takes this abuse for so long, though; he manages to grab a pillow of his own, knocking over a couple in the process, and using it as a shield for a second or two before swiping at her legs.

unfortunately, the action ends up knocking some of the other cushions loose, and they fall - some on the Device, blocking it from view. there's the sounds of the pillow fight continuing before something knocks said Device off
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6th-Aug-2012 07:07 pm - 1. [Video]
[Raf comes on the video, looking somewhat worse for the wear - but only in that he's been busy, and he shows it. he's a little scruffy, a little dirty, but looks incredibly pleased with himself as he waves.]

Hey guys! For the last little bit, I've been working on a project, and I've just now got it to where I think I can show it off-

[-and he moves his Device to what looks like...a small garden of sorts. we're talking only a few feet square, but there's soil in there, there's what looks like UV lamps, and what could be a water pump?

more to the point. there's things /growing/ in it. green things. Ratchet's nearby, working some of the machinery, before pausing in confusion as Raf continues

I was getting kind of tired of living off canned beans and everything, so I figured if we could get this on a bigger scale, we could have more food for people like me, Miko, Korra...and everyone else!

...Raf, where did you find this particular component?

Huh? [Raf turns, taking a moment to spot what Ratchet's pointing at] The pump? It was in the box I brought the other day, remember?

[and this is Ratchet looking somewhere between disturbed and...perplexed]

Ah...I think we need to talk.

[after a moment of confusion from Raf...he then cuts the feed]
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