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14th-Sep-2013 04:49 pm - [video][location encrypted]
The Lambda has provided an opportunity to expand the planet's fauna.

[One claw click later, and a brief span of CNA is shown onscreen. Nothing that could definitely identify the species, but it was definitely of Cybertonian origin. Now where did he get that?]

Interested third parties are welcome to observe it's analysis and development.

[After he goes through a careful background check, of course. His science kids are automatically allowed to his little endeavor in (possibly) cloning something Cybertronian.]

[Of course, would you want to invite yourself to be alone with Shockwave?]

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16th-Aug-2013 12:39 am - [Accidental video | Shockwave's lab.]
[There’s a surprised scream as Knock Out jolts awake and activates his communicator by accident. Shockwave’s next to him, with the cortical cable that he pulled out of Knock Out’s head in hand.

The medic stares at him, and it takes a lot of willpower to not just growl questions at his superior. For the last week he was home, dealing with Predacons, Cylas and zombie terrorcons. He’s a bit on the edge and very confused.]

We need to talk about your bedside manners. Where am I?

[The Decepticon Scientist retracts his hand, taking the time to coil up the device and set it on a tool table next to him. The room around him was mostly dark, but there were several lights focused on Knockout. Looks like he was on some sort of table..]

[Wait - table. A medical table, with a screen displaying the medic's vital stats right next to him. All normal.]

You are in my laboratory. You were brought here shortly after becoming unconscious.

[In Knock Out’s opinion, ‘he’ and ‘Shockwave’s laboratory table’ are two things that should never get mixed. He quickly gets out of the table and puts some distance between him and the bigger Con.]

Oh, that’s great really. Very sweet of you to do…[Knock Out stares warily at the lights and then back at Shockwave with a forced smile.]…Whatever you were trying to do, I think I will leave you alone now. I wouldn’t dare to disturb you while creating more Predacons and the like; I've had enough Eldritch Abominations for a life time. Now if you excuse me…

[He moves to leave and the video cuts to black.]
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Exposition )

Private to Liege Maximo )

[Everybody else: ]
[The video opens to Starscream grinning in a dark, somewhat poorly lit place.]

Some of you might be wondering after my absence. [Of how long, he's uncomfortably unsure.] Well, rest assured, Haven, my time spent away has led to great accomplishments.

[The camera pans out as Starscream presents
this with a grandiose gesture. Straightening, he thumbs a button on a device in his hand and the glowing lights instantly shut off. The camera pans back to Starscream, following him as he moves away. ]

While under the radar, I've been busy creating this. Allow me to present to you: ~a fully functional groundbridge~.

[Smugness levels are off the charts]

Yes, that's right, in this cave, using little more than a box of scraps, I've been able to engineer an incredibly sophisticated piece of machinery. Now, I might be a genius, but it was certainly no small feat given what I had to work with. And yet, here we are.

Should any of you want to use my bridge, know this: admissions is hardly free. But~ I'm sure with enough begging, we can work something out~~. I --

[Off screen there's a flash of light, and the very distinct sound of a groundbridge activating.]

I'll call you back.
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30th-Dec-2012 12:58 pm - [action; Megatronus' Temple]
[Near the northern tip of the Haven, a visitor began to noiselessly pass into the valley of Megatronus' quadrant. While it did have the machinery to stay aloft, it was less a jet and more a flying frame tightly built around a large cannon - a gunship of sorts, and one of alien make. Fixed to it's underside was a box. Just a dull box. Any superficial decoration had been removed.]

[Upon reaching the different abodes of the quadrant, it lowered to a hover, engines still silent. The package was deposited onto the ground, and the craft banked to the left before changing back. Looks like it- now a he, was waiting for someone.]


[ooc: feel free to poke this weirdo now or on his way out.]
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22nd-Nov-2012 09:52 am - [Audio/Action][Location Encrypted]
[After being given the introductory explanation, Shockwave had found himself a stable corner within the temple to stand in. The damage to his only optical sensor reduced his vision was to mostly darkness. There were a few vague, shimmering shapes to guide him, but the act of acclimating to these new surroundings were still a rather ungraceful affair altogether. Had the comm not been a mostly internal upgrade, making any sort of call would have been a lot more complicated.]

[The audio feed clicks on to the sound of sparks occasionally spurting from the damaged part. But soon enough, a new voice disinterestedly drones through:]

This Cybertron does not yet carry the burden of civil war.

[The thought is given one or two seconds of attentive silence before he moves to the more prudent topic:]

Is there a medic?

(ooc: anyone in Liege Maximo's temple can feel free to find him and use this ample opportunity to poke fun at his misfortune.)

(edit: WHOOPS I accidentally put video first.)
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