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[Guess who just woke up from his 3-month coma? Furthermore, guess whose body managed to finagle itself out of prison where it was seen last?
If you guessed this sleeping beauty, you're at least not wrong. Sorry about that, Haven, this asshole is back.
Don't worry, there was plenty of screaming involved; both upon waking, and then directed at nearby furniture and the sky in general.]

[The Audio opens with Starscream sounding like he's just run a marathon.]

Someone tell me what blasted day it is!

[Locked to TFP Megatron] )

[Locked to TFP Shockwave] )

[Locked to TFP Knock Out] )

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[Blurr is broadcasting from the Police Force's cells. He's inside of one with what it seems to be a sleeping Starscream next to him.]

I require a medic to do a check up on one of the convicts. He passed out all suddenly while we were talking. [Read 'talking' as they bitchy arguing again.]

He's not faking, I checked. [And Blurr did so carefully because Starscream has been a bastard to him and he doesn't trust him further than he can throw him.]

I think his vitals are constant but I want the opinion of a real medic. I believe he's going through the same that happened to Wheeljack, Fracas and others here before they woke up with new memories from their home worlds.
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[Starscream's been quiet lately, because guess what? Prison is ZERO FUN. Adding insult to injury, neither is torture... and what's worse than torture is being left alone and ignored. (Realising you're probably a malfunctioning clone, struggling with narcolepsy, and understanding that you're also being poisoned does put a damper on things too.)

He knows he's fallen out of the loop and that a lot of things are going wrong right now, but here's another attempt at pretending things are just fine until they really are.]

[The video pops on to reveal this asshat, and he looks more haggard then normal but he also looks somewhat smug. ]

Which one of you here is Chromedome?

[A set of condolence cards fan out from between his claws. "Our regrets on the loss of your loved one" can be read on the first.]

He or she has apparently lost someone dear to them. What a shame. It would seem however, that it's time for you to stop moping and to learn to move on.

[He holds up a book with his other hand, the title of which reads: How to Take a Breakup Like a Champ ]

The lambda certainly thinks so at any rate. Don't worry, I took the liberty of skimming the recommendations and I have to say it's all a load of scrap. That said, who did you lose? I'm all ears. [Because oh god someone gossip with him PLEASE or at the very least talk with him, he's SO LONELY.]

Private Audio for Knock Out )
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[The video starts with a blurry, dark, shaky shape and the sound of Blurr droning on rapid fire about ... something. It's hard to make out over the frustrated, agonized crying of:]



[When the video finally settles down and autofocus is able to kick in... you're all treated to the beautiful view of Starscream with his eyes screwed shut beating the heels of his palms against his own skull. Also a prison cell.]

[OOC| Video will continue with Blurr's response and public video thread. Possible replies from either he or Pscream. Don't look, Liege Maximo. This is just embarrassing.]

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Exposition )

Private to Liege Maximo )

[Everybody else: ]
[The video opens to Starscream grinning in a dark, somewhat poorly lit place.]

Some of you might be wondering after my absence. [Of how long, he's uncomfortably unsure.] Well, rest assured, Haven, my time spent away has led to great accomplishments.

[The camera pans out as Starscream presents
this with a grandiose gesture. Straightening, he thumbs a button on a device in his hand and the glowing lights instantly shut off. The camera pans back to Starscream, following him as he moves away. ]

While under the radar, I've been busy creating this. Allow me to present to you: ~a fully functional groundbridge~.

[Smugness levels are off the charts]

Yes, that's right, in this cave, using little more than a box of scraps, I've been able to engineer an incredibly sophisticated piece of machinery. Now, I might be a genius, but it was certainly no small feat given what I had to work with. And yet, here we are.

Should any of you want to use my bridge, know this: admissions is hardly free. But~ I'm sure with enough begging, we can work something out~~. I --

[Off screen there's a flash of light, and the very distinct sound of a groundbridge activating.]

I'll call you back.
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