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[The video shows Ginrai, walking through the Junkpile, occasionally looking like he's searching for something.  He pauses now and then to shift around some pieces of debris, before continuing to walk along.]

C'mon...  c'mon...  It's got to be here somewhere.  I need it...

[It had to be here.  It was a part of his Transector.  It was a part of him.  He had felt it calling to him once before.  And he could almost feel it calling to him now.

He stopped in front of a large pile of debris and in irritation, gave it a good kick.  Unfortunately for him, it caused the upper layers of the trash mound to fall down on him, burying him for a moment. 

Several long moments pass before he's finally able to extricate himself, but, shaking the scraps off, he suddenly looks pleased when he sees what has been revealed.

A heavily armed trailer was sticking up out of the junk, like a tin of Pringles.  Carefully, he pulled it out and set in on its wheels on the ground.]

Ha ha!  I knew it had to be here!

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[The video takes a moment to focus in, but when it does, it reveals a robot who looks extremely similar to Optimus Prime, though he seems entirely confused by the whole affair.]

Um… hello? This is all, ah, pretty confusing, no? And I thought I was in over my head before…

I don’t suppose Hawk is here, is he? Gold robot? With blue? Sometimes looks like a human? No? Greeeat.

Still can't believe I'm on another planet...
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