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This is...a general...alert.

[The video shows McCrane, who is trying to look very composed despite his voice sounding haggard and his green optics glowing very dim.]

The prisoner...


He escaped...from his cell a few...minutes ago.

[Those who know the police headquarters well miiight recognise that McCrane appears to be resting on one of the bunks in the prison, leaning heavily against the wall.]

I am sorry.

Locked to fellow Police members )

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6th-Nov-2013 11:32 pm - [Open Broadcast][Nexus quadrant]
[What he and Deckard found out on patrol, he does not want to describe. It was definitely a murder...but tracking down this suspect was going to be difficult with the haven behaving as strangely as it was.]

This is McCrane of the Haven Police. Deckard and I have found the body of Ravage, and believe that there may be a dangerous individual at large.

[Deckard is visible behind McCrane, a bit back and frowning at the ground. Finally, he shakes his head and comes forward, stopping just back and off McCrane's shoulder.]

Any information would be appreciated. The suspect seems to be interested in one's systemic fluids rather than inflicting physical damage.

[McCrane debates showing the scene of the crime in order to get more information...but decides against it. The Haven has enough to deal with at this moment.]

Deckard will also be temporarily taking over the duties of Prowl until a solution to the current predicament is found. The Haven police are working hard to gather as many facts as we can, especially with the loss of the Firstforged.

If anyone has information about the Firstforged and their whereabouts, that would also be appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

[It's clear these two used to work together. There's hardly any pause in the dialog.]

Please, be vigilant. We may be unsafe here until they return.

[With that, the camera cuts...though the line remains open to receive any incoming calls.]
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[The video is taken from inside the Police Headquarters, as it usually is from McCrane. It is zoomed in closer to him than normal, and those with high perception may notice a strange screeching noise in the background. However, McCrane begins as if nothing is wrong.]

This is a status report and also an inquiry.

The murder suspect Tarn and his associate, Kaon, were apprehended approximately a week ago. They are in our custody, restrained, with Tarn's vocal synthesizer...

[Hm. What is the right word to use for 'mostly ripped out and we decided to leave it that way but I feel vaguely bad about it but not as bad as I'd feel if he hadn't killed people who mean the world to me?']

...Offline. If any wish to reach him, they may do so through text. I would like to put it to the Judicial Committee and the Defense Committee to determine an appropriate punishment for the pair, though if anyone has any suggestions I will note them here.

Many of our downed officers have since resurrected, but there are a few individuals unaccounted for. Please, if you get word of them let me know.

[His constant state of worry has been higher lately, but at least this was not as bad as it could have been. Other inconveniences, however...]

[The background screeching intensifies, and McCrane's winces in pain just before the video cuts out.]

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11th-Aug-2013 05:15 pm - [Open][A Call to assembly]
[McCrane and Blurr are at Police Headquarters, the bustle of the main room behind them.]

I understand that some police activity has been under suspicion of late. Although I would like to assure the populace that the matter is being looked into, this message is not about that.

This is about keeping the Haven safe.

We believe a dangerous individual is at large. He has now struck twice, and we have evidence pointing toward an intended third target. There may be others on his list as well.

Currently, we are advising all individuals to stay on alert for the robot known as Tarn, and any of his possible accomplices, from his same world or not.. [A picture from Tarn's most recent transmission would be provided.] If you spot him, please let us know im-me-di-a-te-ly and by no means try to confront him alone.

If you can help us find would be for the benefit of all.

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Locked to the Brave Police from McCrane )

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24th-Apr-2013 10:10 pm - [Public Broadcast][Video]
[McCrane is stiff, and does not stare at the camera as he usually does when talking. His optics are glassy, but he's still going. Somehow.]

After a thorough investigation, we have determined that a number of individuals have gone missing over the past few days.

To count, this includes Ultra Magnus, Gunmax, and possibly First Aid.

[He had not been able to find the medic while looking for evidence in the upcoming trial.]

If you know of any other cases or have seen these individuals, please do not hesitate to contact the Police.


[Now he stops, his lips pressing together and then opening again...but nothing comes out for a long moment.]


My information suggests that they may not be coming back.

[The tire tracks toward the badlands had been enough of a clue.]

I am sorry.

Locked to Blurr and Prowl )

Locked to the Brave Police (and Kagerou) )

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For the time being, it is recommended that all police officers avoid confrontations in Megatronus Prime's quadrant. The police station there is currently inoperable.

[Because Megatronus Prime was dismantling it. McCrane feels like possibly the worst police commander in the history of police commanders for bringing this about so quickly, even if he stands by what he said.]

Given our current state, I am worried that the Haven is vulnerable to disaster or attack. If you feel you are capable of rescue or combat, please let me know so we can coordinate if necessary.

Additionally, if there is anyone who can give suggestions for how to speak to Megatronus Prime--I would appreciate the assistance.

Private to Ultra Magnus )

Private to Blurr )
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[There is a lot McCrane has to get through in this, but it is less daunting with assistance. He stands by Ultra Magnus, barely fitting in the same frame due to their size difference.]

As you may have heard, both Ultra Magnus and I have taken over as head of Police since Blurr's resignation. We will be conducting all affairs pertaining to the safety of the populace residing within Haven, so if you encounter a threatening situation or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us or our new secretary, Cody Burns.

All members of the Police Force should check in at this time, as well as any prospective applicants.

[You'll get a nifty badge for doing so. Also, it'll help them figure out who they can send on assignments~]

We won't be able to do our jobs to the best of our abilities without set laws, however, so we are requesting the Law Committee to designate a Head of Operations to organize new laws and report them to us.

[Without official laws, the police are technically nothing more than a well-equipped band of enforcers.]

Pharma will need to undergo his trial, as well, since we do not have the manpower to keep him confined to Liege's temple for much longer.

[McCrane has been over there roughly once per day, and really...there was nothing to prevent him from walking out beyond the threat of Tarn.]

Finally, a number of our data-pads have gone missing lately. We are in the process of an investigation, but if anyone has any information or a similar crime to report, it would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Locked to Cody )

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This is McCrane.

[He's sure they know who is contacting them, but old habits die hard.]

I have spoken with Prima, and he's reminded me that we must have members with every Glyph on the Law Committee if they are going to let us make our own decisions.

[His lips purse together. Autonomy is important to him, especially given what has been happening of late.]

Since Pharma is still awaiting sentencing, it might be best to do this soon.

For more reasons than one.

[Private to Blurr] )

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[McCrane is on a late patrol, in the junk-yard at night. With the horrors of the Glyphless catastrophe over and all of the paperwork filed, he has been searching for two things: One, the materials to build a soccer-goal, and two...]

Has anyone seen Gunmax?

[He's worried. He's always worried, of course, but now he looks more worried than usual. He turns, and for a moment the camera catches a small ball of light hovering over a silver-wrapped box with a gold bow. Curious, McCrane approaches, and the light moves out of the video, as does the box.]

I am also wondering about Barricade, as he has been gone for several weeks now. I don't know if keeping track of the populace is part of our Law Enforcement duties, should be done. [McCrane reaches down, and suddenly the silver box pops back into view while he holds it. It's still remarkably well-lit for this time of night, but that may be because there's that small ball of light, shining on it again.]

And now it looks like I'll have to add Whirl onto the list, too. [He fingers the nametag, turning it toward the camera. Today was strange enough, but it looked as if it was going to get stranger.]

Is anyone else encountering unusual lights?

[It reminded him of Drill Boy's mythical fairy.]
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3rd-Dec-2012 01:25 pm - [Video][Unlocked][BIG NEWS]
[The backdrop is definitely the organized interior of the Police Headquarters. McCrane, however, is standing in the open doorway, and the sound of a high-speed racecar can just be heard zooming away.]

This is McCrane, of the Brave Police. I am alive again, for those I have not had the chance to get in touch with yet.

[There were a few, and he felt badly. Especially since he was still coming to terms with having died.]

Blurr and I have encountered a Priority One situation. Overlord has...

[How can he explain this?]

...has been released by Megatronus Prime. Please exercise caution if you are outdoors. We will be attempting to rectify the situation.

[They already were, as Blurr was racing off to keep an eye on Overlord and talk to Megatronus while he made this announcement.]

We have also apprehended the murder suspect Pharma. Law Committee, I am awaiting further instructions on what course of action to take.

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[The video begins with an image of the just-finished Police Headquarters. It's a reasonably steady picture, though the jostling indicates that the user is holding his communications badge like a camera to get the shot.]

This is McCrane.

I have completed construction on the Police Headquarters, with the secondary station in Megatronus Prime's quadrant nearly complete as well. A complete walk-through of the facilities is available for authorized individuals below:

[The camera flips up to show McCrane's face, a look of intense concentration cemented there as he attempts a few encryptions before the feed cuts out.]

Locked to the Police Force, the Police Committee, Prima, and Vector Prime. )

[McCrane makes the broadcast public once more, showing the wide expanse of individual cells (in both human and giant-robot size) that constitute the firing range.]

This part, finally, is accessible to the public. Given the nature of the previous attacks, I feel it is important for civilians to have a means of protecting themselves, and also feel that it is important for them to understand the right procedures for doing so.

[In the background, one can see Whirl giving a shooting 'demonstration,' which would be significantly more demonstrative if he weren't just pointing his fingers at the targets and shouting 'boom,' boom.']

If anyone wishes to join me for these lessons, I'll be here daily from noon until two.

Cybertronian time.

[He thinks that's right.]

On another note, is there anyone available who is proficient at video games?
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[McCrane has managed to collect a large number of basic building supplies, most of which he has amassed on and in the back of his alt mode. The video is from within his cab, driving, the occasional bounce showing some of the steel beams he has piled on top.]

With fuel no longer being a problem for myself or my companions, we have the time for other pursuits.

[Having the time to not slowly die was an enjoyable experience, he'd found.]

Although I will be assisting my team in building our headquarters, I wanted to offer my services to anyone else who may need a machine familiar with construction. I can provide architectural schematics, advice, and supplies.

I can also lift...just about anything.

[He is a crane. It's what he can do.]

Locked to Prime!Scream )

Locked to Ani!Scream )
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[McCrane, currently, sounds much more flustered than he has in past broadcasts. Granted, 'much more flustered' for him doesn't amount to more than a slight urgency in his voice, but considering both Gunmax and Drift have just collapsed he feels a need to be urgent.]

This is McCrane.

We have two men in need of repairs, and we are unable to ferry them to one of the temples.

[This is guilt. Gunmax, he knows, is down because of fuel, and both he and Deckerd are too low themselves to tow him anywhere. To illustrate the severity of the situation, he points his badge toward where the motorcycle detective is lying, optics flickering even as he insists to a very-worried Deckerd that he's perfectly okay. Beyond, Drift is lying in a puddle of his own rust, not obviously injured but not moving, optics offline.]

Ratchet? Knockout? Is there anyone available with mechanical expertise?

((OOC: This is a communal post. Replies may be from McCrane, Deckerd, Gunmax, or, if he snaps out of it, Drift. Also please feel free to actionspam arrivals!))
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I might have accidentally started the fireworks early.

[The edges of his plating are singed, and just behind him the very flaming carcass of an automobile is roaring in its death throes.]

Energon, it seems, is not a viable replacement for gasoline. [He is grateful he didn't try consuming it before this test, and even more grateful that he managed to start the vehicle from a distance.]

[Since. Ah. It exploded.]

I don't suppose anyone has any suggestions? Or a way to convert us to a different fuel source?

Or some wash-cloths and soap?
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This is McCrane.

[He is aware that there is some way in which to lock this to only his fellow Brave Police Officers, but he's not familiar enough with the settings yet to do this, so everyone can see it.]

One of the large inhabitants has informed me that we can take up residence with him.

Should we accept this offer?

I have yet to find any gasoline...

[As if now realizing that this might actually be useful if there are a number of viewers, he pauses, and changes tactics.]

Has anyone found anything that looks like this? [He holds up his one, single can of gasoline, hoping that the camera on his communicator can catch it.] It might become necessary.

[Considering they'll. Die. If they don't find a supply of it.]
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