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 [ Hello, Haven. How's it going? Is it chilly enough for you yet? No? Well, Prima's quadrant won't notice too much of a temperature shift, will they? Nah, not really. Around the edges of the mountain, where structures aren't built in, a nice, empty area lends itself to a small, still rather shy Queen.

So if you're in Prima's quadrant today, yes, that castle on the smaller side is new.

And yes, it's completely made of ice. Will it make the side of the mountain a little cooler? Perhaps. But for now, it's someone's permanent home, away from everyone else in hopes of keeping them...well. From freezing.

She's not adverse to chatting with anyone on the comm today, not like before. But for now? She's figuring out all the lovely details of her home that she didn't have the time for before. ]
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[ The first few moments are blurry and dark, barely any light peeking in. The moment Elsa opens her eyes a little wider, fear envelops her. Monsters. Metal monsters, whispering and buzzing, looking at her like she was some sort of alien. She almost screams, crawling off of the berth she'd been placed, the metal and concrete already beginning to hiss with cold and frost. There was a solid, plastic object in her hand, and she gripped it subconsciously. The cold crawled up the walls with her fear of the strange creatures. No one had a chance to tell her anything, not before she scrambled away from them, making a break for the door. The ice that followed her really deterred any pursuers at that point; each footstep she left grew a thin layer of crystals underneath it.

Once outside, out of the grasp of those nightmarish giants, she looked up.

What had she done?

Of course, that's instantly her fear; that she'd frozen over the kingdom, and there was no heat to be found at all. She steps back in awe, small flakes of ice brushing off on her skirt and onto the rocky ground. Pebbles grew little coats of crystals as she shrunk towards a wall, and her question was answered. No, the dark sky was not her doing, this was nothing like home. The pillow of frost grows around her, encasing the surrounding pebbles in ice. Getting a gold of herself, Elsa backs away, trying to stop herself from freezing anything else, but goodness, she was so scared. Where was she? ]

Anna?! Olaf...?

[ She looks around nervously--- ]

Anyone? [ She grips the object in her hand tighter. Elsa steps back, looking for anything, anyone to identify as familiar. ]

Okay, okay. We can do this---I can do this. Conceal. Don't feel, conceal.

[ Conceal, and only then, could she ask someone for help. This could be a while. Finally, a rational thought surfaces. What was this device, this plastic, shiny thing? A crackling and a click of a button ends up turning the feed on, then a sudden crack. It's almost static like, but there's a voice in the distance. She can hear things, voices, people, coming from the strange instrument. Turns out she's dropped it in fear of freezing it solid. What if it was a mirror, a magic one, like in the stories she's read? Monsters and magic, clearly a talking mirror wasn't too far out there to believe. ]


Hello, is someone there?

Please, I---if there is, just tell me where I am. What this place is. Has anyone seen my sister?

Please----[ The voice sounds rather upset, regretful, almost. Another few clicks and there's a video, but it's jagged and blocky. Is that ice? ]

No, oh no, is it working? Please, she's only about as tall as me, with reddish blonde hair, in braids. She's loud, and clumsy---please, I need to find her. Her name is Anna.

[ A nervous hand nudges the device, attempting to scrape off some of the ice. She's successful for a moment, just long enough to show her face, before the feed dies. Yep. She froze it. So there she will stand, nervous and alone, looking around defensively to avoid the company of any more giants. ]
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