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9th-Apr-2014 05:54 pm - video;

[ here you have all these people apologizing, but not Sora. he's showing off to the Link, looking as energetic as ever. ]


[ but then he stops, arms folding over his chest and it's almost like he's not even talking to anyone but himself. ]

Guess it really wasn't that bad. Sure, being sick sucked and all, but I think I was pretty well taken care of. He was a lot more worried than he let on though. You know, some of you robot guys are giant, yeah? Giant dorks, I think is better.

[ oops. guess he had been talking to the Link after all. ]

Think Knock Out's gonna have to drag me back after being stuck there for an entire month, though. Not going back until I have to!

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19th-Feb-2014 07:14 pm - 002 ☁ video
Oh come on!

[ that is the distinct sound of metal smacking against metal at the moment. apparently someone in the clinic thought that it would be a good idea to shut them all in - Sora included. the teen doesn't really appreciate this. and his great idea? hit the door with his Keyblade. yupp. ]

Let! [ smack ] Me! [ smack ] Out! [ smack smack! ]

[ with a frustrated sigh, it sounds like he's giving up. ...well smacking the door with his Keyblade isn't really doing any good. only leaving scratch marks, really. he even slides down the side, arms crossed and looking frowny. ]

I think it's okay to unlock the door... Or at least let me out! Don't tell me that everyone has a panic attack that bad.
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[The feed starts up with a shout in panic paired with a laugh as the two boys tear across the small field that's been set up for the chickens. Practically at their heels is one very irate rooster.]

I told you not to bother him!

[and for someone running away from the irrate squawking? Sora doesn't look like he's in a state of panic. well... not much anyway.]

You didn't say he'd chase us!

I kinda thought it'd be implied-

[Another shrill squawk from the rooster has Ventus glance back.]

Aw come on Lea, give us a break!

[there's an awkward laugh from Sora, fumbling with an egg before catching it as it nearly falls.]

Can't keep this up forever, right? [NOT EVEN LOOKING BACK AT THE ROOSTER, NOPE.]

I don't think so, but somehow I doubt he'd give up so easily either!

[And he thought he was done with rooster racing- well, can't lose any of those eggs now!]

[hearing that? Sora groans.]

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25th-Dec-2013 03:04 pm - 001 ☁ Voice
Since everyone else kinda looks like they're asking if their friends are here, guess I should too.

[ that's the important part here. everything else? just a day in the life... sort of. ]

Or maybe someone's seen 'em? Riku is kinda tall with green eyes and shorter silver hair. Kairi wears pink, has kinda hair, and purple-ish eyes. [ pause ] Well Axel has red hair too, really. But he's super tall and skinny.

[ or he's just short, but. Sora hums, then just decides to go for it. ]

I dunno really how to describe the others, but I'm looking for Mickey, Donald, and Goofy too.

But yeah. That's all I can think of...

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