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[The boy stands near the entrance of the temple, his eyes closed as he extends a hand in front of him.

Bright light flashes before him, splitting into two as they begin to stretch out and take shape- humanoid shape. Their features become more distinct, color tinging their glowing forms, a young woman and spiky haired young man.

When Ventus opens his eyes, he brightens, unable to keep a smile from his face. His expression immediately becomes a little sad as he sees them both smile back, each holding a hand out to him. He can take those hands in his, squeezing them even though it's not the same. It's far from the same.

Lowering his head, he holds onto those hands, even as he lets their forms lapse and vanish.
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[The feed starts up with a shout in panic paired with a laugh as the two boys tear across the small field that's been set up for the chickens. Practically at their heels is one very irate rooster.]

I told you not to bother him!

[and for someone running away from the irrate squawking? Sora doesn't look like he's in a state of panic. well... not much anyway.]

You didn't say he'd chase us!

I kinda thought it'd be implied-

[Another shrill squawk from the rooster has Ventus glance back.]

Aw come on Lea, give us a break!

[there's an awkward laugh from Sora, fumbling with an egg before catching it as it nearly falls.]

Can't keep this up forever, right? [NOT EVEN LOOKING BACK AT THE ROOSTER, NOPE.]

I don't think so, but somehow I doubt he'd give up so easily either!

[And he thought he was done with rooster racing- well, can't lose any of those eggs now!]

[hearing that? Sora groans.]

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Has anyone seen Thundercracker? I've been seeing others that went down to the Core check in little by little, but I haven't heard from him yet. Actually, anyone that went down with us, if you could just say something here, that'd be great.

It doesn't hurt to get a headcount, right?
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[The boy's paused from his practice with his keyblade, the keychain still swaying from the last slash he'd made before lowering it to his side. He blinks, glancing aside at his arm, and he reaches over carefully with his left to nudge his sleeve up a bit. His glyph still primarily white save for its magenta outline, but while usually it only appears to be glowing for how bright it is, Ventus is pretty sure it's actually doing so now.]

...well it never did that before...

[He fingers it curiously as he murmurs.]
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[The boy sits at the edge of whatever nest of a bed he's managed to throw together for himself in the overly large room that had been designated as his own ever since his arrival so many months back. It's actually almost been a year for him now, not that he's thought to wonder about it.

At the moment, it seems his attention is on other things. His sling's off, and he's very slowly lifting his left arm, just as carefully easing it straight. Face brightening with a smile, he slowly flexes it a few times, though not without a tiny wince.

-right, one step at a time.
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Hey, has anyone ever seen anything like this before?

[He's grinning as he holds up a piece of what looks to be crystal of sorts. It glows white in his hand.]

I found it when I was following those flying lights. And check this out-

[Holding his hand flat, he loosens his fingers from around the shard, and without any further movement from him, the crystal simply begins to float up and away from his palm.]

Pretty neat, huh?
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Hey guys!

[The boy beams, hefting up a basket full of eggs.]

Just wanting to let you know that there's a whole bunch'a these, so if anyone wants some, they'll be right here.

Uh. Well I guess this applies more to whoever can actually eat eggs.

[Sheepish grin.]

If these run out, I can get more. So...yeah.

[He's a little hesitant to mention that there's probably an excess of chickens too because POOR CHICKENS ;o;]
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[The boy stands by the edge of the lake, looking at the sky above and the brilliant rip of the Lambda as mirrored in its still waters.] the ones that get sent back to their worlds remember everything that happened to them here..?

[His voice is quiet, but his words are still audible over the Link.]

If...I were to get sent away, would I forget everyone I met?
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Uuuh.... Did everything around here just go crazy or something? What's going on?
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[In the background, one can hear the sound of Lea the rooster crowing. Ventus is just glad he's not trying to attack his feet. Besides, he's a little preoccupied with other things.]

Heh! Easy now!

[The boy laughs as fuzzy little chicks swarm about his feet. Nearby are the three hens he'd received from Christmas. Very carefully, Ventus tries to step around the peeping yellow and brown masses, and it's then that he looks towards his Link, noticing that it's on.

Blinking, he offers a sheepish smile.
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[The boy can be seen scattering crumbs to the new residents at the farm, namely three chickens and a rooster. They've all got colored bows on them for some reason- pink, blue, green and yellow.

Laughing as he watches the chickens near, he squats down, scooping another handful of food in his hand to hold out to them. Nearby, the rooster patrols, picking at the bits on the ground occasionally as he keeps an eye on Ventus.

There ya go, Flora, Fauna. Ack! Heheh, hey, watch the fingers, Merriweather!

[He stands again, glancing over at the rooster.]

Aw, don't be like that, Lea. There's plenty for you too, you know.
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25th-Dec-2012 10:44 pm - ☄ [Video] :: Location - Junk Pile
[He'd been out on his glider, rounding about the Haven's central when he noticed the unusual lights in the sky. He's looked up at the rip in space enough times to know it's probably not a normal thing, so naturally he'd prepared for the worst.

What he hadn't expected...was tiny little flakes of white.

The Link picks up just as he hops off of his glider once within the quadrant of the Junk Pile where the snow has already begun to powder the area. The boy stops and stares for a while, and then looks around, smiling brightly.


[Laughing, he slowly turns about as he looks up at the sky again, lifting his hands to catch flakes on his palm.]
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(Shortly after the occurrences in this post)

[It's difficult to tell where the boy is for naught but sky behind him. He's not too high up, and perhaps one might even catch a glimpse of him as he speeds through the air on his glider if they were to look up within the Haven.

The usual smiles that seem at home on his face are quite absent, his expression almost desperate as he finally speaks over the Link.

I- I don't know who to ask, but someone...!

It's Megatron- Magnum. He's...

[Ventus shakes his head.]

He's becoming affected- No glyph-

[It can't be happening, but it is. It's not the first, and he doubts it will be the last either. No, don't think about that. Magnum had asked him to do this. If you don't, then...


He needs to be stopped. He's already started to attack others, and he can't control himself. The madness... it's already getting to him. please!

[If there was any other way...]
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[Because no one taught him that you can lock these things.]

Prima? Or any of the Firstforged, I guess- um, if you're not busy, that is! I just have something to ask. It's about...things that have happened recently.
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[The profile that shows up on the screen doesn't look like the face of the boy who usually transmits from this ID, but that would be because of the helmet and the armor he wears. There's nothing but sky as his backdrop. It doesn't look like he's currently in motion, however.]

...So that's the Badlands out there...

[It's murmured, more an observation to himself than meant to be caught on the Link. He might not even know it's on as he holds the LD in hand, though it's difficult to tell where his attention is directed for the dark visor of his helmet.

He shivers, shaking his head.
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