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11th-Apr-2014 07:09 pm - 03 \\ Video
[Guess who's looking better?

If you guessed one Titanium robot, you guessed right. But he's been feeling rather antsy, and hunting the Junkpile as often as he could but still coming up dry. Time to put a call out.]

So... anyone in this place know where there's a guitar? Acoustic'd be preferable, but in this situation I can't really be picky can I? If it's broken, or if you only found parts of one that's okay too... it's more than I've got, and it's not like I can't fix it myself if I needed to.

Any point in the right direction's appreciated.
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26th-Feb-2014 11:35 pm - 01 \\ Audio
Something is telling me I'm not in Kansas anymore. And this doesn't look anything like Oz.

So anyone want to fill me in? I mean these Acolytes, they're alright but really, it's kinda weird talking to someone that towers over you like they do. [A faint wry laugh at that. It's not funny but he's going to try.] Though really, pretty impressive there's robots quite as tall as that, not an every day sight. At least where I come from, guess it's not so odd around here, huh?

Speaking of filling, if anyone can let me know where I can get some water? I'd be much obliged.
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