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3rd-Jun-2014 01:00 am - [video]
[The video opens with Blurr holding a datapand and looking serious and professional. Behind him there's 'Buddy', his assigned acolyte, who has been repainted with Vector's color so Blurr can tell him apart from the others acolytes.]

Greetings everyone.

To all of the new refugees;

My name is Blurr, Second-in-command of the Police Force. If you find yourself in need of aid please don't doubt to come to us, we will do everything in our power to ensure your safety.

To remaining citizen;:

Recently there has been more activity regarding the Lambda. I'm here to announce that the following members of the Police Force had gone missing: Albert Heinrich, Chromedome, Perceptor, Power Joe and Prowl.

Because of this, the Police Force will go thought a restructuring and shift rescheduling so we can be more efficient and cover all the territory of the Haven in safer way. I'll keep you updated.

On a much happier note, Miss Cinderella had joined our group as the new secretary of the Headquarters. Let's all give her a warm welcome.

That's all for today, thank you for your attention.
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27th-Mar-2014 10:13 pm - [video/action]
[The video shows Megatronus acolytes looking as frustrated as an acolyte is capable of looking. It might be because Blurr’s on top of the roof of the old Police Force headquarters. Or it might be because Blurr’s turbofox, Frank, is yipping and growling at them, running around their knees at fast speed to trip them, and generally making it difficult for them to get to the building and reach Blurr.]

I reclaim this building is the name of the Police Force again as it was our rightful place so many months ago. [Blurr wishes he had a flag with the police Force emblem to stick to the roof. Alas, he does not, which is a shame. Blurr and Frank are far from alone there and he turns to face his acolyte (who's on the sidelines looking really uncomfortable) and  Deckard.] Remind me to get a flag. OhanddesignthePoliceForceemblem.

It would go faster if you got your lazy aft down here and helped, Blurr.
[Bulkhead came into the screen, looking up at Blurr in annoyance.] And are we gonna build that road, or not? Stop stallin' on your end of it.

Oh, come on, we can do both! [Deckard comes into view suddenly, up on the roof by Blurr.] It'll be fun! And I've already got the PERFECT logo. Check it out!

[He transforms, chassis balanced precariously off the edge of the roof so his engine hood is tilted down enough that Bulkhead can see the emblem spread across the center.]

What about this? Only fill in the black with the Autobot face, and replace 'BP' with 'PF'? For Police Force! [He transforms back but OOPS falls clean over the edge. Not to worry, though! He catches himself and pulls himself back up. No biggie!]

That could work…[Blurr snickers at Deckard, amused and then turns to Bulk one last time.]  I know you can’t do it without my invaluable help but the lave pit is not going anywhere, We’ll both help you out as soon as we finish, don’t worry my friend.

[They got important law stuff to do first, like angering everyone in the Megatronus’s quadrant.]
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15th-Feb-2014 12:20 am - [FAILED!Lock to Bulkhead.]
[Have a very confused, very nervous and awkward looking Blurr.]

Bulkhead, I got this from you and uhm...I am flattered but I don't think...we should our baggage and Wheeljack...not to mention I already have a boyfriend even if he's not here, soIdontreallythinkthisisagoodidea.

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---frag it.

Okay, if any of you are guilty of this [The video switches on to show most of Blurr on one of the walkways in around Vector Prime's temple, clearly collapsed and offline.] I'm gonna find ya and then punch you!

[Cliffjumper's not even looking at the feed or particularly concerned in making it stable as he shakes Blurr's shoulder again.]


He doesn't look injured but it's hard to tell so, uh... if any medic could swing by at some point that's probably a good idea. I can get him to his room.

[Well, he thinks. He still feels tired and achy from whatever this... flu-like thing is, but it shouldn't be that big of a problem.]

((OOC: Blurr will respond to the post as well, as he'll wake up quickly from his dive!))
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26th-Dec-2013 11:35 pm - [voice/video]
Ah!Thisthingisfinallygettingasignal. [Blurr’s face shows up. It’s been weeks since he posted and he looks tired, scratched and in need of a good rest, but he’s smiling.

Because he's in the wastelands the communication is filled with static and sometimes it might fail completely.]

Greetings! I hope everyone's doing well. It's been some time and now I'm afraid I need your help. [He moves to show rusty old trailer next to him, on its side.]

I replaced the tires of the trailer and tried to the fix the broken axels but there was just so much I could do with something so old and rusted. I’ve been trying to flip it to the right position for hours but I do not process the necessary strength to do that. And in case you are wondering why I want to take this old thing to the Haven

[Blurr opens the back of the trailer and sure it’s filled with wheels. Long lasting and highly durable, so durable they survived to this day untouched by time.

Merry belated Christmas, people.]
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24th-Nov-2013 09:51 pm
I'm leaving the Haven for some time. I want to investigate around the planet and see if the FirstForged are still out there or if there's any way to get rid of that Pillar.

Farewell my friends, try to stay out of danger.

[Locked to Cliffjumper] )

[Locked to Barricade] )

[ooc: Blurr's going to be on hiatus for a bit, this is him saying good bye.]
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[The video starts suddenly and at an odd angle, as if someone just hit the device by accident. It shows Skyfire next to Blurr, who’s leaning against him, and they are at the bar. His table is filled with empty cubes of energon but both of them have one on their hands.

And I was talking with Blackach…no..Blacchira ..lbackarchnia…that nice spider lady the other day about how we should had a celebration because no one died or disappeared in two weeks and now this happens and it’s awful because I looked everywhere and I can’t find them and what if they are hurt and I am usually good at tracking down people I did that with the decepticons back home even if It doesn’t matter here anymore but what was I saying ah yes yes Wing’s nowhere to be found and neither’s Drift and he built me a garage, Wing not Drift, even though perhaps Drift helped too…. and that was really sweet and I miss him already.

[After finding Wing’s message Blurr needed a drink, or a dozen, and some company. Jetfire tagged along with him but he underestimated the capacity of Blurr’s engine when it came to burn the fuel he drank. Since he tried to keep up with the smaller bot, they were now a little bit less sober than usual.]

I'm gonna miss them too. So many people just disappear...

[It was making him even sadder than usual. Or perhaps it was the extra energon cubes. In any case, Skyfire felt the sudden need to give Blurr a crushing hug.]

You're not going to leave too, right? I like you.

((OOC: Blue is Blurr, red is Skyfire!))
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[Blurr is broadcasting from the Police Force's cells. He's inside of one with what it seems to be a sleeping Starscream next to him.]

I require a medic to do a check up on one of the convicts. He passed out all suddenly while we were talking. [Read 'talking' as they bitchy arguing again.]

He's not faking, I checked. [And Blurr did so carefully because Starscream has been a bastard to him and he doesn't trust him further than he can throw him.]

I think his vitals are constant but I want the opinion of a real medic. I believe he's going through the same that happened to Wheeljack, Fracas and others here before they woke up with new memories from their home worlds.
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[The video starts with Blurr in his room. He has a tower of empty energon cubes in the table next to where he is sitting (he was thirsty, okay) and a really happy turbofox in his lap that is trying to lick his jaw all the time. Blurr looks tired but there’s a small smile in his face and he let Frank do what he wants.]

Hello everyone. Sorry if I worried anybody and sorry about… eh…thewholedyingthing. [Cliffjumper was mad at him so he figured other people might be too. And thus Blurr decided to apologize. yes, apologize about dying.]

I must have a lot of paperwork to do, what did I miss?
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11th-Aug-2013 05:15 pm - [Open][A Call to assembly]
[McCrane and Blurr are at Police Headquarters, the bustle of the main room behind them.]

I understand that some police activity has been under suspicion of late. Although I would like to assure the populace that the matter is being looked into, this message is not about that.

This is about keeping the Haven safe.

We believe a dangerous individual is at large. He has now struck twice, and we have evidence pointing toward an intended third target. There may be others on his list as well.

Currently, we are advising all individuals to stay on alert for the robot known as Tarn, and any of his possible accomplices, from his same world or not.. [A picture from Tarn's most recent transmission would be provided.] If you spot him, please let us know im-me-di-a-te-ly and by no means try to confront him alone.

If you can help us find would be for the benefit of all.

Locked to Wreckers )

Locked to Police Force )

Locked to the Brave Police from McCrane )

Locked to Nexus Prime from Blurr )
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23rd-Jun-2013 03:34 am - [video] Transmitting from the Hub
[Blurr knew that his post is mostly aimed to Cybertronians. However, he hopes the organics will listen to as well. Considering, the last problematic events and the recent anniversary he felt like speaking up.]

Some of us had been here for a whole year. Many things have happened, good and the bad. Some of them really bad. [Blurr huffs, briefly, the shadow of a smile in his lips for a second before it’s gone.]

For all is worth, I plea to those who have trouble forgetting the past to take a moment of their time to remember that no matter what universe you come from, what factions you sympathize with, we all came from the same place and we will be all reunited again in death. Perhaps it’s time to be brothers again here before our time comes.

There was that organic… I learned about him when I was on Earth. He said "A house divided against itself cannot stand".

The last time we lost our freedoms, the last time we lost our home, and it was because we destroyed it ourselves. I’m not asking you all to get along; I only hope that we don't repeat the same mistakes we did in the past.

Thank you for your attention.

[Locked to the Decepticons | Excluding Tarn, Frenzy, bayverse Megatron and IDW Megatron.]

I know that some of you might be nervous after the recent announcements and actions of your leaders. I already talked to some about this but I’d like to extend my offer to all of you.

A mech’s freedom is his own business and it’s the Police Force duty to prevent and redress all possible wrongs. If you are coerced into doing something you don’t agree with or you believe that you might be in danger please let us know.

We will do our best to protect you. You have my word.
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16th-Jun-2013 12:16 am - [VIDEO POST]
[Locked to Solus Prime.]

Hello, madam. Might I have a word with you? I would like to make a request. I would like to know if you could build something as a present for a friend of mine and if the answer is yes then what you would want in exchange? If the answer is no, I understand.



[The feed starts with Blurr in a huge room, filled with tables and seats made for both cybertronian and organic sized inhabitants.

Blurr has been creating all the decorations out of stuff he found and cleaned from the junk pile, and by now he has: newspaper poms, human-sized tables made out of repainted doors, chandeliers and lights made out of colored crystal bottles and soda cans, buckets of flowers made out of cutlery, human-sized seats made out of wheels, iron balloons because normal ones couldn't be found anywhere, and a few other things.

He’s holding what it seems like a bunch of metallic butterflies when he starts talking to the camera. He keeps working as he talks, placing the decorative butterflies all over one of the walls.]

Hello everyone. Kay’s b-day was not so long ago but she never got to celebrate it. Kagerou and I have been talking and we decided to organize a birthday day party for her. PLEASE don’t tell her about this; it’s supposed to be a surprise.

The party will be held in The Habitation Wing’s common room in two days, and if you are one of Kay’s friends feel free to come over.

Does anybody know how to make a cake? We found recipe books in the library and we managed to find most of the ingredients to make a chocolate cake but the actual cooking is a bit more com-pli-ca-ted and we don’t want to accidentally ruin it since we don’t have all that many organic food to …uh.

[Blurr stops when his head spike connects with something and makes a screeching sound. He looks up, noticing that the ceiling is way too close to his head. Then he looks down.

It takes him a moment to realize that his wheels aren’t touching the ground anymore and that he’s been walking up in the air while decorating. Blurr lets out a startling yelp, flails around and then there’s a loud crack as he falls down and his head connects with a table in the process, flipping it over.

Blurr lifts himself from the floor a few seconds later, rubbing his forehead with a pained expression. There’s some Energon in the back of his hand when he moves it away but the wound stopped bleeding and it’s already healing.]


[A few seconds alter there's a new lock to Vector Prime.]

[Blurr still looks a bit dizzy, but he manages to make a final lock to his FirstForged.]

Ah…could we have a talk, sir?


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[ The video flickers on to a backdrop familiar to most of Haven, the outer doors of the bar at Haven’s Hub. Blurr appears to be putting the finishing touches on a help wanted sign that’s tacked to the wall beside the door. Similar signs can now be found outside the other Hub doors as well. Wing smiles into the camera in the foreground.]

Hello Haven. As many of you know, we’ve lost several people over the last few weeks. That’s left a number of gaps in the staff here at the Hub. So we need your help.

We could use at least one part time bartender to supplement the current staff. It’s just Dead End, Blurr and myself...and Blurr and I are both working two jobs currently. Training is offered, but you don’t have to serve drinks if you don’t want to. Another DJ and a bouncer or two might not be a bad idea either.

[ Here comes Blurr, done with the sign. He salutes briefly and smiles, glad that they finally decided to get more help. Perhaps Dead End will be happier now. He doubts it.]

Greetings everyone! Now that we are not in our respective worlds anymore some of you might find yourself with more free time on your hands than you ever used to have. It might get a bit tedious after a few months so if you feel like being more active again please come take a look, we will welcome all the help we can get. Between the bar the atrium and the galley there's quite the number of available job options that might fit your tastes.


[They exchange looks and then Wing looks a little bit sheepish for a moment...]

There’s one last thing. The bar also still needs a name. Soooo we want to encourage you to submit suggestions again, like last time. Any and all are welcome, as long as they are polite enough for general audiences.

[He nods at Blurr, making sure they’ve covered everything.]

And HERE you can see the jobs available. Thank you very much for your attention.

[And with that, the feed ends.]

((OOC: Wing is red, Blurr is blue. Both of us may be replying, if you want to address one of us specifically be sure to note that in your reply! If you want to express interest in a job you can say so here but please respond on the help wanted post so we have it on record!))
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29th-Apr-2013 01:15 am - [Video - Solus Medbay]
[Blurr is going to make this quick and to the point. He's all scratched over, there's a nasty cut on his chest and he's limping as he moves to the nearest berth. He will wait here until some of the doctors can check on him, Blurr doesn't want to bother them if they are busy with other patients.]

Quickstrike have been arrested on suspicion of torture and murder of our resident psychiatrist, Rung. Further investigations about possible instigators of said murder are being undertaken by the Police Force.

[Blurr's is very aware that Quickstrike's is one of Megatronus, mostly because the bot mentioned it to him during their arrest-soon-turned-fight.

See how much Blurr cares about that.

Spoilers: He does not.]
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20th-Apr-2013 10:49 pm - [Video]
[The feed begins with Blurr in front of Rung’s office, the door open behind him. McCrane, Chromedome, and Prowl are inside; the latter Autobot crouched down doing something that seems important. Blurr speaks up after glancing back at them.]

As you may have heard, Rung was attacked in his office. The Police Force is currently investigating and Rung’s body is being examined. We will return him to his FirstForged as soon as possible to see if he can be brought back.

[Blurr frowns slightly, but mostly keeps a straight face.] We advise everyone to be cautious and not to take unnecessary risks. The investigation is in its early stages but if anyone has information that could help the case please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

[Those who know Blurr a bit better may have noticed that he’s keeping things strictly professional. A bit too professional. He was close to Rung and Magnus, and he’s just as upset as Kagerou.]

[Locked to the Brave Police group and Kay.]

Kagerou is deeply affected by this, could any of you that better know him check on him?
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