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2nd-Apr-2014 01:34 am - 001// Video
[Have one very impatient looking blue robot, peering at his surroundings with a slightly disgruntled frown. He'd listened to what the Acolytes had to say, but from the way he was scanning the area it was plain he was waiting for something.

At least until his nervous patience wore out and he was speaking up.]

Brother! Where is it you are being? This is being the worst of timing for hiding and seeking! I know you are having the better sense than running off when we are in this new place and not knowing where Mister Sentinel Prime Sir or any other bots are!


If this is being your idea of the funny thing you are being slower in the processor than I was thinking! I am giving you until the counting of ten to be getting out here before I am coming and finding you!

Ten... nine... eight...
o0blueandgold0o: (Backward glance)
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