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23rd-May-2014 12:47 am - [Video]
[The first thing Knock Out does after arriving to the medbay is to grab his communicator. It's obvious that he needs some medical help. He looks like he's gone to hell and back, with a nasty wound in his side and most of his finish scratched. He also looks about to go into stasis at any moment and only rage (and probably paranoia) is keeping him awake.]

I seriously wonder what sort of psychological test the Police Force takes before joining because if that's how an agent of the law acts I think we are all screwed.

[Knock Out gives Sentinel a nasty look and then continues.] This pychopath here tried to kill me and...[don't mind that shuffling and abrupt jerking of the video as sentinel grabs the device out of knock out's hands!]

--cannot believe- yeah, no, Knock Out just took a nasty fall because he was speeding in the Junk Pile like a moron. Apparently trying to help mechs you see leaking on the ground counts as attempted murder now?

[He shoots the look back at knock out. screw you, buddy.] Call me a psychopath all you want, I wasn't even anywhere near you when you crashed. Nor does it change the fact I saved your life.

You're welcome, by the way.
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11th-May-2014 05:52 am - text
So, if anything, these last few days on the Link have proven one thing; the stupid acolytes are not doing their job. Sure, they give a basic rundown of the Lambda but many people are still shocked when their glyph changes. They're shocked to learn that the First Forged are totally creepy and somehow watch our every move then give us weird boons or whatever based on how amusing they think our shenanigans are.

I'm thinking something like Bulkhead's post. A simple FAQ detailing everything people who are new won't think to ask when they first arrive.

Throw all your stupid questions at me, I'll put them in with an answer. Break the news to them that they're stuck here gently! Hell, we should probably start making sure each altar has a good supply of high grade for when they show up.

Nothing like taking bad news with a fragload of alcohol, right?

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14th-Feb-2014 08:46 am - audio - locked to ratchet
[this is embarrassing. painful, too. but mostly embarrassing.]

Can you- uh. Meet me somewhere. I... need help with something. Again.

[you'll have to forgive him for being so vague and snippy. having your hands forcibly torn off does that to a mech.

happy valentine's day.]

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15th-Jan-2014 11:45 pm - accidental video
[good morning, haven. did you want sentinel screaming obsceneties at this ungodly hour of the morning?

too bad, because he woke up with all his paint stripped off, and he is not happy in the least.]


[as you can see, he's perfectly capable of orginizing his thoughts about the matter in a coherent way.

looks like the paralyzer blackarachnia used on him hasn't entirely worn off, either. he tries to get off his berth and fell right on his face, down off the screen. graceful as ever, the swearing continues off screen for a few minutes. he also might've fired off the gun he has in his arm a few times.

...and hit himself in the face with the recoil. again. this really isn't his day.]
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7th-Dec-2013 10:18 am - [video]
[well, someone looks and sounds incredibly happy. almost disturbingly so]

I assume everyone has settled back in after our trip?

If anyone still has any problems, tell me or one of the other Police Force members and we'll try our best to remedy it.


[yeah he doesn't really give a shit if you have a problem that's not the point of this message]

Are there any ballstics experts around willing to meet up with me? I have something I need to ask a few questions about.

That'll be all.

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[It's not a particularly riveting scene - Sentinel is sitting cross-legged on his berth and reading a book that's balanced on his lap. The device is not positioned in a way that makes it clear to see what the contents are - however it's obvious that whatever it is, Sentinel is not particularly enjoying the read; he's frowning more intensely than usual.]

[Not 10 seconds into the video, he flips one of the pages and stares at it for a few seconds before snapping the book closed and throwing it with quite a lot of force at the wall - with the loud noise it makes it pretty clear something was broken.]

[He vents heavily and rubs his face with a servo before noticing the device is recording. There's then a lovely few seconds of him letting off a stream of swear words while quickly shutting it off.]
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19th-Aug-2013 08:44 pm - [Video/Audio]
[The video starts as a black screen, as something seems to be stepping on the communicator. Voices can be heard; two sound like a mix of confusion and amusement, and the third one is clearly not all that happy.]

It's your fault, honestly. You should watch where you walk if people are testing long range weapons. [The image clears, and Knock Out can be seen putting a knee down on the ground and reaching out to hold what it seems to be... a head. Sentinel’s head, to be exact.] That said, I don’t think this is medically possible.

[There's a quiet, musing hum of thought before a very recognizable, heavily-accented voice comes from off-screen, very clearly belonging to Blitzwing:]

I take it zhese kind of zhings aren't commonplace where you're from? Curious. Cybertronians from our universe haff a tendency to survive far more severe dismemberment than zhis.

[There's a whirring sound, and Blitzwing finally comes on camera, Random grinning down at Sentinel's head.]

Eizha way, it doesn't seem like you haff much of a leg to stand on! Ahahah!

What do you mean "medically possible"?! I don't give a FRAG, how about you two morons get me back to my body and we can... forget this entire thing. I won't even file a complaint to the Police Force about your horrendous misuse of live weaponry.

Or... however it works around here.

[Yeah, that's Sentinel's disembodied head. Luckily (or, perhaps not so) bots from his universe can survive a decapitation, and seeing as the damage his body took from the weapons Knock Out and Blitzwing were 'testing' wasn't enough to take out his spark, they both now have a very angry and humiliated bot - or, well. Part of one - to deal with.]
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22nd-Jun-2013 03:28 am - [VIDEO | Vector Prime's temple]

[What a surprise: Sentinel’s angry. The acolytes are pottering around in the background of the video, having been shouted at and told to frag off. Clearly, any information they had to offer had fallen on, ah, deaf audios.]

Ugh, is there anyone around here who isn’t a useless maintenance drone? These things are swarming all over the place and I haven’t been able to get a straight answer out of any of them!

I’m a Prime; we’re supposed to get better treatment than this!

[He scowls into the camera.]

Anyway, any Autobots in the immediate vicinity report directly to me. I want to know what’s going on and, uh, where I am.

[This is about as polite as you’re going to get from him.]

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