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12th-May-2014 02:00 am - [Video]
Why are you idiots surprised that the glyphs change? Most of you have been here long enough to see it happen on other bots or slag, yourself.

[See Blackarachnia. See Blackarachnia toying with a little spider like data pad that seems to be acting more like a cat seeing affection than an actual spider. What can she say? She has a way with things like this.  Her claws idly scratch the data pad thing before actually turning it into a data pad to read some test results from one of her more recent experiments.

Strangely enough, she's angling her self in a way that her own glyph isn't seen. There are things that Blackarachnia's just not willing to share right now and that's one of them.]

So do me a favor, listen to the bots that are willing to tell you idiots what's going on and stop freaking out over the network. It's annoying and distracting to those of us that actually have work to do.


Out of the bots volunteering information, I'd talk to Bulkhead first. The blue moron is just too dense to be reliable.

[She spares the feed one more glance before rolling her red optics and just switching it off. See? She was trying to be somewhat helpful.]

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21st-Apr-2014 07:38 pm - [Video]
Well, slag you too.

[Blackarachnia's glaring down at a data pad in her claws. Not far away are several glass containers holding several samples of a colorless crystal. Crystals that at one point, DEFINITELY had color and no matter what test she runs, they definitely are useless now.

With a slight grumble, she sets it down and stretches, arching her back before falling back in her chair and kicking it away from her work station. For a few moments she scoots out of sight of the video and there's the sound of canisters being moved around. When she appears again, she has a pair of goggles on and a glowing, bubbling liquid in a metal canister held in a pair of tongs.

She approaches one of the containers with the crystals and sets down the one with bubbling liquid. A clear crystal gets dropped in and for a few moments, there's just fizzing before...the liquid explodes and covers everything in glowing blue slime.

Blackarachnia's eyes narrow at the now exploded canister and takes off her goggles. Someone is NOT a happy spider.

The video feed clicks off moments later.]

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20th-Mar-2014 09:54 pm - [Accidental Video]


The sound of something breaking over takes everything before the video feed clicks on. Wherever the device is, it's showing a downward angle aimed at a berth far below the camera. All across the flat metallic surface is something glittering. Whatever it is continues to shine before something else in thrown into the mess.

A small mirror crashes down against the already broken shards of previous mirrors and shatters. A few others rain down from some unseen spot before it suddenly stops and for a moment everything is just silent. Then Blackarachnia comes into view hugging herself and just staring down at the mirror shards. When she  accidentally sees herself in one of the shards, she recoils and kicks it away and over the edge of her berth before shuddering.

Blackarachnia just couldn't stand looking at herself. She was terrifying.. hideous. Why the slag did she want this upgrade so bad!? Everyone else had to be as terrified as she was now that she looked like this, didn't they?

Suddenly she turns away from the mess of broken mirrors and seems to pull out a small jar from... somewhere. Inside of it is something glowing yellow. She just gazes at the crystal for a moment before walking off screen. The video times out seconds later.]

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3rd-Mar-2014 01:03 am - [Accidental Video]
I wanted to know what happened when bots got like this, but this was not how I wanted to find out.

[The voice is definitely Blackarachnia's but, the bot with the voice might not look all that familiar. Gone are the gold and black and in are the blue, red and gold colors she was now sporting. But, there was no denying that she still had the spider theme. If anything, she looks.... a lot more intimidating than before.

A certain she-spider may have gotten one hell of an upgrade while she was out. The former Predacon surveys her surroundings and comes to sit on the edge of her old berth. She's exactly where the Acolyte left her.

And that was exactly where she wanted to be for the moment. Claws tap against metal as she just works on shaking off the last of her disorientation before finally noticing that her link was open.]

...So.  How long was I out.

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22nd-Feb-2014 06:28 pm - [Accidental Post]
Hand me that data pad over there.

[Blackarachnia appears on screen moments later, her optics focused on a data pad in her hands as an acolyte picks up one from a very small table in comparison to him. In fact, everything in the lab looks... Blackarachnia sized. Meaning, human sized more or less. There are various tables and shelves with jars and even what looks like a covered cage off to the side.

As she takes the offered data pad, she pauses to stifle a yawn before shaking her head  a little. It's obvious she's getting tired as she rubs her optics with her claw.]

...Maybe it's time for a break. I can catalog the rest of this later.

[She sets down a data pad which immediately turns into a robotic spider and wanders off to sort itself on to a shelf for a later look. The she-spider lets out another yawn before leaning against her work space. She just wants to sleep.  For the moment she's resisting, even though she definitely feels the pull and can guess what's happening. Unfortunately, this is a battle the widow isn't going to win and after a few moments she switches over to beast mode moments before noticing her link is on.]

Heh... don't destroy the place while I take a nap.

[She crawls into her acolyte's hand and settles in to wait for sleep to take her.]

[ooc: Some answers will come from BA, though very, very few... and the rest. Say hello to her Acolyte. Even.. if it doesn't say much. ]

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14th-Feb-2014 07:17 pm - [Voice: Locked to Knock Out]
[Blackarachnia's pretty aware of what day it is and every other bot getting some sort of random Valentines. So, when she got her own, she wasn't as shocked as others seemed to be.

However, it was surprising to see who it was from and what the
card actually said. ]

So, Wheels.


Thanks for the card.

It was... sweet.

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22nd-Jan-2014 07:05 pm - [Video]
[When Blackarachnia appears, she's in her beast mode and huddled under blankets. It looks like a certain spider is sick along with everyone else. Whether she is or not? Who knows. 

Her eight optics narrow at the screen as she pulls the blanket back enough so her voice doesn't sound muffled and when she speaks, she sounds awful.]

This slagging sucks.

[She shifts around in her blankets and grumbles a bit.]

I think I'd rather deal with the monsters that stupid thing likes to throw at us instead of this. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the medbay. Maybe they will have an idea how to deal with this crap.

[She reaches a leg out to shut the thing off, but not before sneezing several times and  just looking miserable.]

PRIVATE: to Darksteel and Skylynx )

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16th-Dec-2013 09:15 pm - [Accidental Video]
[It's been awhile since she's appearned on one of these things and trust her, Blackarachnia liked it that way. Letting other bots know she's still lurking around when they don't need to know hardly seems like something she should be doing, but unfortunately her link seems to think otherwise. 

For the moment, a certain-she spider is in her beast mode searching through the junkpile. The camera angle shifts a little to reveal the cart she seems to be dragging along filled with odds and ends and... something else. It looks like a certain widow may have caught some of the local wildlife. Whatever it is, it's burned under junk with just a leg poking out. It's probably dead.

...Then it twitches.

Maybe whatever it is, isn't as dead as one would believe. But, who cares? Blackarachnia doesn't seem concerned in the slightest. In fact, she's going to continue digging through the junkpile for a few moments later before something catches her eye and her attention is turned towards the feed. All eight of her eyes narrow at it before she moves closer.]

.... So is everyone done getting their circuits crossed by some stupid menace enough for things to return to normal or should I just never leave my room again.

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28th-Oct-2013 03:33 am - [Video]
[For a moment there's darkness and the sound of multiple spider legs skittering across a metallic surface. Eventually the form of a large black widow spider comes into view and she's just.. looking around. The room she's in might be familiar to some. It's Blackarachnia's room. There are shelves lined with various jars and parts from the small bot turning her large room into a spider sized lab.

Schematics line the walls and for the moment, the spider is just staring at them. It's obvious she doesn't know the link is even on as she skitters closer to one of the papers on the wall. She reaches out a leg to touch it before pulling back and switching out of her beast mode. The shes-spider crouches there, looking confused.

For anyone who knows Blackarachnia, they might notice a few things off about the widow. This version seems to be lacking her usual confidence. Instead, she seems... nervous. Like she's expecting the owner of the room to appear out of the shadows. Every little noise seems to make her jump.

As everyone watches, she moves over to one of the lower shelves to read a few of the labels. As she does, her faction symbol comes into view. Gone is the insect symbol of the Predacons... and now there's something that looks like a stylized canine head. The Maximal symbol.  Blackarachnia reaches out to pick up a jar and fumbles a little, nearly dropping it and breaking the delicate item before putting it back where she found it.

Finally something seems to catch her attention and she turns to fully face the feed and freezes, her eyes going wide as she tenses up. After a few moments, she speaks, her voice soft and unsure.]

H-hello... Does... anyone know where Silverbolt is.

[That seems to be all she's brave enough to say before she suddenly switches back to beast mode and dashes off screen. The feed times out a few seconds later. ]

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22nd-Oct-2013 05:03 pm - [Video]
I've been here over a year.

[Blackarachnia's sitting somewhere out in the junkpile toying with a butterfly knife, flicking it open and closed over and over again as she contemplates the glowing coming from her glyph. Who knew that she'd be forced to stay on this primative slag heap for this long? Then again... she lost count of how long she had been on that mudball.

At least this place has been an improvement.]

...I guess this slag heap isn't that bad. It beats the last planet I was stranded on anyway.
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30th-Aug-2013 12:55 am - 12th Web [Accidental Video]
[When Blackarachnia had set out with one goal that evening. Find containers capable of handling her latest chemical experiments. By the looks of it, she's found a few going by what was in the makeshift sled next to her. Various canisters and glass vials and jars can be seen in a small little pile. There are even a few mental tins among the glass.

However, that's not what the she-spider if focused on.

That honor goes to the grey wolf plushie she's turning over in her claws. It doesn't look that remarkable and on a whim she gives the plushie a squeeze. Seconds later the toy speaks with a recorded 'I love you'.

Her optics widen as she nearly drops the toy in her claws and gives it a wary look. Surprisingly, she doesn't toss it away. She glances around before tucking it safely into the sled and going back to her search, still completely unaware that anyone can see this.]

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2nd-Jul-2013 01:08 am - 11th Web [Video]
You know, the funny thing about politics is this. It's not fun if there's only one candidate running for office. So, I'm going to give you another bot running for Overseer, me. 

Now, unlike my competitor, I don't do speeches. But, what I will say is this. I'm a neutral party and I am willing to listen to both Autobots, Decepticons, Organics and whatever else we have trapped in this scrap heap with us.  I can guarantee that I can and will take all sides into account before deciding anything.

We need to start working with each other, not against. So, wouldn't someone that's had experience  with peaceful dealing with both bots, cons, and organics be the best choice?

It's really for everyone else to decide. I'm just offering you a choice who to vote for.

And if you're worried about me handling the voting, don't be. There's more than just this beautiful spider on the bureaucracy committee.

I also welcome any other bot that might decide to run. The more competition the better.

[Locked to Miko ]
Okay kid, the shows yours to handle and organize. Have fun.

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29th-May-2013 06:15 pm - 10th Web [Voice]
Lets just get this over with.

Final tallies on the voting. Kids and Tarn both get to stay. If you have an issue with it, take it up with the Overseer whenever that happens. 

So deal with it. I did this as democratic as possible while having to deal with you lug heads and trust me, that isn't easy.

Now, if you need anything else voted on, leave a message and I'll get back to you.
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11th-May-2013 01:55 am - 9th Web [Video: Maximo Temple.]
[Blackarachnia's eyeing her glyph for a few moments, taking note of the larger size and the dark outline before suddenly realizing she should be doing something else.]

If anyone figures out what in the pit a black outline means, I want to know.

[She glances towards it once more before straightening up and frowning.]

Alright, listen up. I'm only going to make this announcement once more and anyone that doesn't vote can go frag themselves. If you want a say in whether Tarn or children stay on the committee, now's the time to speak up. Otherwise, don't come venting to me you didn't get a chance to have your say.

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21st-Apr-2013 12:21 am - 8th web [Video]
So, now that the committee groups have been announced and we're done murdering each other, I have a few thing that need to be brought to the attention to the rest of you.

[Blackarachnia doesn't do sympathy. Get used to it.]

First, I'm on the bureaucracy group and  that means I need to talk to the other person on the list. A human child named Miko. Which also brings me to the next order of business. It seems that some people have expressed concerns about a few members of  the committee  and it's up to me to arrange a vote or two to deal with the issues..

First,  whether or not  human children should be allowed on the committee. I just want a yes or a no. I don't care for your reasons. I just need a yes or a no from everyone.  If you don't vote, whatever. You're choice.

Second, there have been concerns about Tarn being on the committee. Again, simple vote. Yes or No. I don't care about your reason.If you're worried, just make your vote private.  Whatever. I'm just the person arranging the votes on things brought up to me. It's  your job to decide.

Otherwise, lets try not to slag each other for awhile.

[Locked To Liege Maximo] )

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