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[Have Elita on your screen frowning quite severely, her mouth in a flat line. The only light beyond the glow of her blue optics is apparently some unpleasant-looking yellow, and it doesn't reach very far.

The view around the edges of the screen seem to pulse without a rhythm, and there's some sort of... device, behind her. What can be seen of the room doesn't seem to exactly be there at all. She doesn't speak, rather text pops up on the screen instead.]

If anyone has ideas of how to deal with this, I'd love to hear them. If you're going to attempt to join me, you're going to need protection against the radiation... [She shakes her helm slowly, looking away from the screen for a moment.]

Which I can probably provide through Solus little gift, but I suggest not trying to come here alone, because while I'm sure we could deal with the things I passed to get in here, their capabilities are unknown but I'm pretty sure they're far more dangerous than the creatures that milled at the outskirts.

... Just use text if you plan on replying, too. I have no idea how good hearing the creature I passed has, but if I'm going to take it I'd want back-up.

[Suggestions, anyone?]
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Since the Firstforged are leaving, unknown for how long, I was thinking we might want to patrol more consistently towards the borders of Haven, especially in the direction of the Badlands.

[She needs some distraction and she's been considering bringing this up since she talked to Solus either way.]

Where, and how far, do the police force patrol? Though, anyone who can and feel like it should probably assist, but coordination would probably make it more effective. So far I've kept it mostly around the edge of Solus Prime's outer border.

[Elita walks as she speaks, looking more at the now rather impressively large crystal "trees" around her than the screen, but not just for admiring them - rather looking for something.]

Also, would anyone be capable of making some form of alarms we could put around the edges? Simple motion-detection ones might be useful enough, but I was thinking of something that might be able to detect the type of energy the Badlands contain.

[Nothing she can do, but hopefully someone else would be - or could try to.]
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[There's still smoke rising from not just the rocket launcher that can be seen at the edge of the screen where Elita's holding it, but also from something behind her. And besides her deep frown, the rest of her is looking somewhat... beaten up. The feed's also tilted somewhat oddly.]

We have a problem, unless this is a singular attack. [The view pans from Elita to... a critter. There's no other way to describe the partly-curled up and decidedly huge creature with way too many legs, one or two closer to the front ripped off or strangely twisted. It also has some larger, multiple segmented limbs that would probably be more maneuverable than comfortable around what would probably have been its head if it wasn't entirely blown away, smoke curling in the heat from a nearby open fissure.]

It's unglyphed, and unless someone can say they've seen anything like this out in the wilderness or near the Badlands, I'd hazard a guess that we might have something like when the Lambda spewed unglyphed monsters down on us early on... [The view goes back to Elita, who now has her other arm resting over her chestplates, revealing several deep scratches scattered over her arms and probably more out of view, the antennae on her right arm bent at a drastic angle and one back-mounted panel hanging decidedly and uncomfortably askew.]

If someone has more information, either in regards to that [And, unthinkingly, she lifts the arm she'd been covering her chestplate with to point at the monster, revealing that the left half of it has been mangled by row upon exact row of something pointed and sharp. It's left that half of her chestplate with circular punctures mostly revealing nothing but gouged metal, but in some places there's the obvious silver flash of a cable or sparks from torn circuitry. There's a rev from her engine and her hand falls back into place.] or something that could be similar to the... calling, or whatever we should call it that happened a while ago, then now might be the time to start to collect it all together. Especially as I'm inside Solus Prime's quadrant, even if it's somewhat close to the outer edge.

[She pauses, then, and despite the situation, briefly a sharp, amused smile slides over her faceplates.]

Shaoshao? I'd give you an extra pointer, but hopefully that was obvious enough as to what you'd want to attack.

[Then Elita casts a frown at the be-headed creature right as the feed cuts. At least it didn't get to tear up enough to bare her spark chamber.]

((ooc: Aka; Elita gets to be the first victim, though at least she wasn't the one to lose her head!))
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9th-Oct-2012 12:29 am - [audio] - private to Ultra Magnus
I've got some of the information you wanted. Do you want it here, or do we meet up?

[She wasn't about to just automatically dump it, even if the feed was locked and encrypted and she didn't technically have an exceeding amount of information to give... But still.]
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[The light as the feed comes on to show Elita's smiling - if badly lit - faceplates is a faint but intense blue, disappearing the light of her optics and highlighting the visible part of her pink frame in a blue glow. She also looks strangely reflective at the moment. Wet, almost.]

I've been exploring the buildings around the temples I think a wave of refugees that were here before us have made, since they don't exactly match up with the style, sophistication or methods used by the Firstforged.

[Yes, she could tell this; reconnesaince should be used for something while not in a combat or search and rescue/kill situation, right?]

And I think anyone of the mechanoid persuasion will like what I've found so far. [Her grin widens and she zooms out a bit, but the view doesn't get much more clearer; there's faint wisps of steam around her, but by now it's obvious some of the glow is actually... some sort of liquid gathering and sliding off her frame.

Also, the transmission now includes three sets of coordinates; one belonging to a building at the bottom of a crater in Nexus Prime's Quadrant, one for a set of buildings on one of the balcony terraces halfway down Liege Maximo's mountain, and the last for wherever Elita is, which happens to be somewhere off the tunnel that leads to Solus Prime's temple; a side-tunnel someone utilized in some way.]

The coordinates lead to washracks. [Her grin widens, pleased but also relaxed.] All three of them are somewhat different from eachother, so I think they've been made by mechs from... ah... different realities? [A small shrug, and there's a splash of liquid of some sort accompanying the movement.]

They all work, but there's nothing else but the basic set-up, so no mesh cloths, no wax, no polish or anything else. The only thing I haven't been able to find is if there's any cleaning facilities for the organics among us, but I'm... hardly suited to explore any human-sized spaces if there were.

[She pauses, frowning and then shrugs again, then slides down a bit.]

But I'd think, since humans seem to need water a lot, the best bet would be close to any of the frozen pools around Liege Maximo's temple, or surrounding the lakes in Alpha Trion's.

[Now excuse her as she goes back to soaking in this mineral-infused energon pool.]
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18th-Jul-2012 02:35 pm - [Video] Like a fish on dry land
[She hadn't really thought she'd need to consider this so soon after arriving, but she did, if nothing else, need lay the groundwork... and branch out of this got nothing concrete.

So here, have a brief image on the screen of what's clearly a reflection of Elita on a slab of metal somewhere in Solus' temple large enough to actually give a full-body view. This doesn't last more than a few seconds before the screen is turned back to face Elita again, however.]

Are there any others around of a similar height and mass as myself, who posseses an altmode?

[Two rows of short text gets added, which is basically just Elita's height and mass, because she does not possess more than limited size-changing capbility and can thus not take on an altmode that matches that.]

The recent situation made it clear I need to at least consider finding another altmode... and I'm not sure the Junk Pile would be helpful in that matter.

[But she might have to go looking there anyway, she's aware as her few most recent altmodes have all been boats for various reasons.]

((ooc: for the "ease" of comparison, I've set Elita as somewhere in the low-twenty feet range.))
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[Elita's clearly standing at the absolute edge of the junk pile, trailing bits of otherwordly gargage, knick-knacks and various sundry items slowly building up to the larger montaneous piles they'd woken up among.]

I notice I'm not the only one to ask if anyone's seen certain people, and considering we've all been given access to this network, the chance is probably low at this point. Especially since we're all apparently... from different realities.

[She's frowning, drumming the fingers of the hand her comm. comupter isn't on against that arm, not actually looking into the screen for the moment.]

However, I'm still going ask; I'm looking for Grimlock, Ultra Magnus, Springer... Snarl or Huffer as well. If you've met anyone with those designations, can you tell them Elita One is looking for them?

[That, after all, ought to take care of the "other realities" problem; they'd either be confused over why she was asking for them or know her. Shrugging, Elita starts walking again, turning around to walk along the edge of the scattered junk, a distant view of Prima's temple and the light emanating from there getting moreso as she walks west-wards.]

... Blurr, I hope you're still all right. [She looks back to the screen right before she had been about to terminate the feed.] McCrane, seems you were right about multiple realities.

[With a lop-sided grin, Elita turns the feed off.]

((ooc: If you're closeby/around the south-western end of the Junk Pile towards Prima's Quadrant, welcome to bump into her.))
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