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19th-Nov-2013 07:08 pm - [Video]
I... apologise if I was... ah, short with anyone while the pillar's influence was in effect.

[Jetfire shifts his shoulders, briefly glancing away. Thinking of that is just kind of uncomfortable, the way things changed - and didn't - from simply staying.]

I've more important matters to bring up for consideration, however, as during the first examination of the pillar I managed to find out it goes down. It comes from the Lambda, and goes down. And not just under the surface, but into the core.

[Folding his arms over his chestplates, Jetfire frowns. he's not sure how to take the additional information, but there ought to be energy within Cybertron, so he can accept that.]

I believe the best method of taking care of the pillar or conducting more research towards that same course of action would be to go to where it... er, attaches to Cybertron itself, as destroying or otherwise trying to remove it at the surface will leave part of it still on, and in, Cybertron.

So if anyone has any knowledge regarding a way down into the core of Cybertron, if you could speak up...

[Pause. Things have been... awkward the last few days, but.]

Ah, Starscream..? Could I ask you to come with?
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[Things were completely wrong, and this wasn't where he ought to be, but he wasn't sure if Starscream's precense was more of a surprise than all the proof of things being off were.]

I want to know anything different from whatever you term as normal that might have happened in the last sixty hours or so.

[That wasn't a request by the way, and Jetfire's voice is recognisable, but much sharper than he'd usually sound - mostly to hide his frustrated confusion over what he found when he looked over himself to see what was different in conjunction to the different place he woke up in and found the Link.

He's looked through it, and what in the name of Cybertron was that?]
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[The video feed, laced with static here and there but otherwise viable, shows Jetfire from bottom half and down, his arm angled to focus on what seems to be a little drone plane insistently burning at full throttle a few feet beneath thrusters.

Though, for some reason, unless he's keeping precise time with it (which, in fact, he's not, keeping himself hovering) it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Far, far below both Jetfire and drone, the curve of Cybertron can be seen.]

I was in need of some... er, distraction and can safely say that attempting to leave Cybertron's near orbit at present, without some sort of modification, won't result in any greater harm than frustration.

[Jetfire starts to drift, so hopefully no one watching easily gets vertigo as he makes a circle above the insistently flying drone.]

I did, of course, attempt some preliminary tests before I was given the modifications, but as there was no way to know if pushing too far would result in a negative backlash of some sort, I didn't think it prudent to try to use too much power in attempting to get past the... er, field that currently seems to surround Cybertron.

[He might sound a bit more clipped than he usually does, and, out of view of the down-tilted feed, Jetfire's frowning because by now he's sort of... on edge due to Things. Hence, distraction.

Underneath his feet, the drone plane's engine nozzles sputter, cough and then die as it runs out of fuel, and the feed tilts, aiming back up to show Jetfire's upper half and wearing his outer helmet as he dives down to catch it, the static in the feed as he nears Haven smoothing out.]

Also, ah... Sari, Kagerou? I have something for each of you.

[You would think he's not flying straight down at speed to catch his drone plane, by his unruffled tone.]
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Hm... [Jetfire looks... somewhat like he feels out of his depth when the feed pops on, an expression somewhere between thoughtful and awkward.]

If you were going to give a gift to mark an occasion, would you match it to the other individual involved, or the event itself? [He shakes his helm, pausing and intending to rephrase but can't quite come up with something... This just isn't his particular area really.]

[A while after this question was asked, a second message, locked this time, gets tagged on.]
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[Have a view of Jetfire sitting on the ground... on what's probably not Cybertron, because the sky above and beyond the large jet is the stark black of a planetary body without an atmosphere... or a neglient such.

Which means when he starts speaking, it's actually his comm patched to the Link. The thing is...]

[WELL THAT SURE WASN'T TRANSLATED, GUYS. Apparently someone forgot they're out of easy reach for the link to work perfectly, and the transmission is actually cut...

Until a while later, when it pops back again, and this time Jetfire, looking slightly exasperated, is apparently close enough to Haven, because...]

It seems I... ah, forgot the Link doesn't have infinite reach. As I had intended to ask... A question for anyone who is human or has been to Earth and have reasonable understanding of human culture... What does it mean if you give someone a heart?

((ooc: Translated from what's in the image there; "A question... for anyone that's a human or has been to Earth. What is the particular meaning of gifting someone a heart?" So basically the same.))
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Locked to Starscream )

[While it's mostly a view of Jetfire, it's obvious he's standing near the garden in Alpha Trion's quadrant, looking slightly... pinched.]

While intending to perform a scan of the Lambda which would've hopefully given us more information to work with potentially getting back where we belong, the modifications I'd been fitted with had a bit of a... er, conflict, with some of my own systems.

I ended up elsewhere in the galaxy, and given the planet I landed on, I took some time to perform a few basic inquiries.

[The view tilts, sweeps down and shows an eclectic bunch of containers (made of one empty cube and two boxes made of rock obviously carved with lasers), one of which contained... well, nothing more exciting than dirt. The other two, however, were filled to the brim with nearly violently pink, oblong fruits - those of you from Earth and familiar with American football might recognise the shape. Scale was of course hard to tell, but they were probably the size of an adult human's head.]

With the limited knowledge I have of what's necessary nutrients for at least humans, and what's poisonous, as far as I can determine, they're edible. [He can't guarantee taste, though, not that Jetfire thought of that at all.] Someone with more knowledge than I may want to investigate further to make absolutely sure, however.

[The view shifts back to Jetfire as he moves his arm with the sceen away from the ground and the containers.]

I need to stress that you need to be very careful when handling the fruit; breaking the skin in any way will cause the up to four seeds within to start to germinate very quickly, so we need to figure out how to keep the seeds inert until they're needed, because the fruits will produce more seed than necessary to feed our current organic population...

The plant created by the seed will grow to bearing fruit and die within four days, so as you can understand, a steady, quick supply of fruit will not be an issue and does require some care in how many seeds are planted.

[He glances down at the ground, then back up, a frown growing from his flat, pinched expression.]

I'll answer questions as you might have them, but I would prefer to not have to be involved further with this.

[No, he's not going to elaborate too deeply into why. Suffice to say he doesn't like plants now. At all.]
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29th-Dec-2012 08:32 pm - [audio] - locked to Wing
Wing, could I... er, ask you to meet me at my current location?

[Have some coordinates, which happens to be up in the air rather far above the junk pile.]

I need to request something of you.

[Jetfire doesn't sound grim, but certainly serious enough, which his body language whenever Wing arrives should convey obviously enough as well, arms folded over his chest and expression tight, but not exactly a frown.]
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[The video comes on to Jetfire frowning thoughtfully at one of his hands, held up and... apparently crawling with pinpoints of moving lights. He shakes it, and there's a veritable cloud of winking lights exploding in all directions.

Some of them fly past the screen close enough to reveal they're tiny, dragonfly-like metal bugs. That glow.]

There was an accident, and the thirty of these that I had contained in my lab and were developing were let out. It seems their replication matrix is working, because they're certainly not thirty any longer.

I apologise if they are a... er, nuisance.

I am rather sure I can hazard a guess from a few cycles of observing that the replication matrix is working correctly though, since while they've become more as a response to the greater space available outside of the lab, I believe they're not replicating completely out of hand.

[He shakes his helm slowly, dislodging a crowd tiny bugs that has landed on his helm and nasal ridge.]

Hopefully they'll... spread outside of Haven soon.
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[Because of this. Jetfire is patient enough to have dragged it out this long, both because he would rather either Starscream did the right thing, or he managed to get out himself, but as he hasn't...


Have Jetfire looking impressively blank as he leans against the workbench in his lab, arms folded over his chest.]

... If someone [since the mech who should be doing it isn't doing it] could help me unlock the door to my lab, I'd be... grateful.

[Briefly, the thin line of his lips tighten slightly and then he just sighs, static loud, before rubbing a hand over his faceplates.]

If you can do it without destroying the door, that would be preferable, but if not, I'll deal with it then.

[Have some coordinates to a building on a terrace on Liege's mountain.]
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27th-Nov-2012 12:05 am - [Video]
Greetings. [Jetfire probably looks a bit too serious for the topic this is going to be revealed to be about, but he's simply like that.]

After I promised someone who's not... er, as big as some of us a way to get around more easily, it was clear more of you would need the same. Since unless you've found something in the Junk Pile or can always trust to quickly have a nearby cybertronian offer or ask them, which might not always be possible in an emergency.

So, this is hopefully a workable solution... [Jetfire briefly partly turns away from the feed, and when he turns back he angles the arm he has the computer screen on that's recording to show a... well, it reminds of a disc. Maybe an upside-down frisbee, with an added, low railing and what's clearly seating.]

They hover, and you control direction by leaning where you want to go... it is recommended you sit down while riding one of these. Speed I've managed to add as a manual control toggle.

[It was, however, easier to make the control motion sensitive, even if that might make them slightly harder to control for the humans and/or other smaller organics that would need them.

He carefully puts the little disc back on the table beside him as he turns back to the feed.]

I only have seven of these for now, but I'm working on more, so ideally every temple that has at least an organic will get one first, then the Hub ought to have one, and then I can start giving them out to any who wants or needs one.

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[The feed comes on sort of lopsided... Which is because Jetfire is listing slightly.]

Starscream, it took way more than one cube like you hypothised, to get to... to this level of overcharged. As it... should, so I want to know what you did. Even if this doesn't... seem... quite the same...

[He waves a hand... which holds a cube, so he nearly spills. He'd really intended to go find Starscream, but he wasn't stupid, he recognized that he was a bit... too overcharged for that at the moment.]

Of course it also took less than the amount it would since I have... upgraded my fuel processsing systems, but coupled with this... and the fact that I made this [here he waves the cube around, clearly meaning the high grade itself] myself to make sure... I was controlling the... the vectors indicates I wasn't wrong. Though perhaps I should have... let it sit for longer, considering the differences, but I don't think the result is invalid. And.

[He pauses, frowning at the nearly full cube in his hand, then takes a drink, kind of... distracted before he actually looks into the feed, optics overly bright and the frown briefly softening into something less defined.

Someone is very, very overcharged.]

And I don't think... I've been this overcharged since when I left the Decepticons.

[Much like when Starscream spiked his energon at Wing's party, Jetfire, despite stuttering to stops at times and sort of losing his thread before picking it up, is carefully enunciating each word.

He's now staring, fuzzily-concentrated, the frown back again, at the half-full cube in his hand. Sitting up against a wall, which is probably just as well, if he's tilting even with that. It's clear he probably meant to lock this to Starscream, but... forgot. Or failed.

Either way, this is all Starscream's fault. Starscream's, and science.]
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[If Jetfire's annoyed when the feed is turned on, that's not visible; the frown on his faceplates is definitely thoughtful though.]

I seem to have made a slight... ah, miscalculation. [Meaning, he's lost. Jetfire's still obviously walking as he speaks, however. Shame on those who give up and all that.] I strongly recommend you don't go too far into the corridors of Liege Maximo's temple unless you're ready to get lost... or possess the resources to solve the fractal equation.

[Which he still is perfectly sure he does.]

This is going to take a slight bit longer to solve than I had projected, and... mmm, probably necessary to account for the possibility a multifractal dimension to the algorithm used, and not just simple fractal dimension...

[Briefly, Jetfire's optics dim, and then bounce back to their normal brightness and he looks up into the recording again. There's a small smile on his lips.]

... It was a while ago I didn't account for the complexity of a task and didn't calculate the proper amount of time needed to solve it.

[He briefly looks as if he's about to add something else and then merely shakes his helm.]
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