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[Hello, Haven. Now appearing on your comms is a probably familiar form, though with a very unfamiliar paint job. Maybe Thundercracker or Starscream decided to try a new look?

Nope. Once this new Seeker speaks, it's clear that he's a stranger. A new arrival most likely. Whoever he is, though, he's clearly not very happy.]

Alright. I heard the story from the drone. Or Acolyte, or whatever the frag they're called. But can anybody out there tell me what the Pit is actually going on here? And why I've suddenly gained an extra, glowing brand that I don't recognize on my arm?

Because if this is all some kind of overly-elaborate joke or some Quintesson's latest idea on how to mess with us, someone is gonna get it...

the_other_green_seeker: (Threatening/GTFO)
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