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25th-Jul-2014 03:42 pm - [Video][Open]
I leave for a short time, and I come back to this?

[Megatron may have taken what he considers a 'short' sojourn out to the badlands to scout for Megatronus Prime--one of the few things he manages to agree with his Firstforged about. Granted, 'short' was almost two months, and 'sojourn' was more like 'grueling death march,' but he cant say he regrets it.]

[So now...coming back to what looks like a battleground?]

Is there anyone who cares to fill me in on what I missed?
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I may have one solution to this epidemic.

[He's been watching, and he's seen this progress about as logically as a greased cat set on a marble slide. On the other hand, that's probably as logically as it could progress, given the circumstances.]

Although I have located pink crystals, I do not seem to have suffered any ill effects. I can only attribute this to the fact that I have not ventured out of my abode.

For those that can...I recommend a similar seclusion.

[He is starting for the temple, however...because he needs to eat and he hasn't refueled since this whole debacle began.]

Because of this, I will be putting my meeting on hold. Expect it to be rescheduled for after we've returned to normal, assuming that we do. We can talk about what sort of weaponry the Haven's various inhabitants are skilled in...


I think we'll need to.

[It wouldn't prevent disasters like this, but it would prevent other problems.]
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[The video starts with Megatron. For this pronouncement, he has chosen a centralized location: The junk-pile, overlooking the Hub community center. He’s had something in mind since Elita made her inquiry a short while ago, and now seems as good a time as ever.]

The Firstforged have left.

They have made it clear that their own priority is to prepare this planet for Primus, which leaves the defense and planning of the Haven to us. If there will ever be a chance of getting home, it is in our hands.

It is time for us to begin building our own lives here.

I invite any who wish to discuss our future to join me at the Hub in one hour to--

Another speech, Lord Megatron? I’d say I’m surprised, but well … I’m not.

[The image of none other than Starscream pops up on the screen as Megatron’s own transmission is hijacked. Starscream’s image appears off to the side like the annoying commentary Megatron never wanted.]

So what lies will you be spreading to the public today?

[It takes Megatron a moment to recover, realizing that his transmission suddenly has an unwelcome guest.]

Starscream. If you want to come hear these supposed ‘lies’ then you know where to find me. It’s time we had someone capable of making speeches, after all.

[Starscream erupts into laughter.]

I will give you that one. You always did know how to talk big and draw a crowd. I remember being at the rallies. Little did we know just how deep your twisted viewpoints went back then.

My twisted viewpoints? [Megatron scoffs, unimpressed.] Of the two of us, it should be obvious who has the best interests of the Haven at heart...and who is merely making a grab for power. Tell, me, what have you done to make this world--or any other--better?

I’m not the one who preaches about a new world order when all you really want is to recondition everyone to be tools for you own amusement. No matter what you claim, you never had anyone’s best interests in mind. I know that for a fact.

[Megatron’s growl is dark, turning in the video to face the image of Starscream next to him.]

Then come prove it.

[Starscream matches Megatron's gaze with a smirk]


[He disconnects.]

[[OOC: Anyone is free to reply! Starscream and Megatron will both be responding to tags, which can be network or action. Those who show up to see what is happening will find a Starscream--coated completely in gold--fighting Megatron.]]
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I require assistance.


[An image flashes of 4--the stitchpunk ragdoll. The scowl on his face is definitely not characteristic of the small being, however.]

I am at Prima's temple and need transportation.

Also, if the Pillar is not yet demolished...I'd say its time we began.

[A tiny fist pauses in its furious typing to clench before the video cuts out.]
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6th-Dec-2013 08:26 pm - [Video]
title or description

[This appears to be Megatron.

But Megatron doesn't say anything, he looks rather confused. He tilts his head at the communicator a few times, blinking his eyes in an entirely uncharacteristic way. Why, it's almost like he's attempting to catalogue something. But that can't be it, Megatron can't catalogue.

Suddenly, Megatron's face breaks out into a smile, and he covers his mouth with a hand to stifle a silent giggle. Oh, whatever's happening is a lot of fun! Hi everyone! He waves excitedly and bounces on his heels. Look! She's tall now!
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17th-Nov-2013 08:46 am - [Open][Video][Junkpile's edge]
[Megatron is clearly angry. Very angry. The fact that his usually-absent fusion cannon has been re-strapped to his arm is a good indication of this.]

Unless I hear a very, very, very good reason otherwise, I'm heading to the Pillar. It seems we have some unfinished business to attend to.

[It's easy to tell he's serious because of how many words he's stressing.]

Let it be known that I am a mech of action.

[He holds up the cannon, making sure his intent is clear.]

I intend to show that there are some things that mere words cannot solve.
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26th-Oct-2013 10:21 pm - [Changes][On an open channel]
[This is disorienting. Very, very disorienting. He's woken up in strange caves before, but never come out of them to see familiar stars looking over such an unfamiliar landscape.]

This is Megatron of the Reformists.

[The only thing for him to do is send out a general alert, and hope that someone familiar and non-agressive is listening in.]

I'm uncertain where the Conventionists dropped me this time, but I'm in need of a pick up or a sign pointing in the right direction. I have three days to make it to Iacon for the first signing, and...well.

[Have video to accompany the audio, showing Megatron as he must have looked during the days when he was a miner: black and gold stripes, bulky armor, and a single pickaxe symbol on his shoulder. The video twists, however, showing off his treads. He's a tank right now, all remnants of the flight upgrade he received in Axiom gone.]

Lets just say it takes me a bit to get up to speed.

[There's a wry smile. His 'humor' is still present, even if something else has definitely changed.]
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3rd-Aug-2013 11:19 pm - [Video][Open to all][The Return]
[He and his party have been returning for the last few days, a ragged, shaken group who are nevertheless still alive. They are survivors, and Megatron seems to take a sort of pride in that...walking tall and steady despite an obvious limp. A few blades are slung from his back like trophies, and one or two still have alien-looking hands attached at the hilt.]

I must admit concession to whoever told me it was folly to approach the badlands.

[Here he is. Returned. He wishes he could say it was a relief.]

You were right...

...but so was I.

[He tosses a blade down, letting it imbed in the safe soil at his feet.] Their numbers are greater than ours. If they should attack at full strength, I doubt we would last long.

So why do they not attack us yet?

[He smirks, but it's a bitter smirk.] I have a theory.

We may even be able to use it to our advantage.

Those who offered their support are welcome to this information. Those who did not? Well. We're all in this together, aren't we?

[It doesn't mean he's going to tell. Not right away.]

I'll be at the Hub if anyone wants to hear our stories. If there are any medics thinking about'll be needed.

[The ones who had come along had done amazingly given the lack of facilities and traveling circumstances, and more weren't going to hurt.]
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[It has been a lunar cycle since he found himself mysteriously resurrected for the second? third? time, and Megatron has spent most of it feeling odd. He refused to take residence in any of the Firstforged's temples, and had returned to his cave in the mountain where the base of his trans-dimensional space bridge had been built...]

[...and then he hadn't known what to do. Every time he'd attempted to return to his universe he'd been shunted onto a different path. Should he try it again, to go home and resume his war? Or was it time for something new?]


[He starts, looking off towards the setting sun.]

Fear is something I have heard much about. Fear of the Badlands. Fear of loosing one's friends, lovers, allies, and close connections. Fear of each other. Fear of the Firstforged.

I propose it is time to do something about that fear.

[He wasn't giving up on his space-bridge. Not yet. For now, however, he was going to focus his power on a different task.]

I have decided to embark upon a quest. From what I have been told, the Firstforged have been far from forthcoming on information about this world, about their adversaries, and about our place within it.

I cannot tolerate being left ignorant. Anyone who has information about the badlands, the Firstforged, or their own, personal fears...

[He laughs.]

You are welcome to join me. I'll be leaving to fight my way as close to the badlands as I can get in three days.

I'll share what I learn with those who do the same.

[Megatron closes with coordinates to his cave--an invitation to come speak with him in private before he goes.]

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Locked to Tarn )

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[So he'd made it. He'd made it, he was alive, and he was still here. He could see the distant temples from the mountain he stood on, some ancient and run-down building in ruins behind him. Despite the dilapidation, there is a very new 'STARSCREAM FOR OVERSEER' poster tacked onto the wall within his view...the perfect place for a high-flying, far-ranging jet to test out non-permanent adhesives without anyone noticing.]


[He begins by reaching out, aiming, and completely blasting the wall and accompanying poster.]

Is there anyone who actually intends to vote for Starscream?
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