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WHO: Rung, Perceptor, and medical staff
WHERE: Rung's office
WHEN: Day 1 of the Games
WHAT: Emergency Medical Response for Rung
WARNINGS: Badly damaged bot!
NOTE: reposting here, because I am a moron and posted this in the logs community first.


[Perceptor hopes that Ambulon and the other medics aren't dealing with anything major at the Games, and that his announcement doesn't disrupt the Games, themselves. He's more concerned about Rung than the Game's though, and so doesn't bother checking the status of the games before making his call on the network.]

EMERGENCY! Additional medical staff required immediately in Rung's office, and for Medical to be prepared to receive a critically injured mech. I'm stabilizing what I can on scene.
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17th-May-2013 01:46 am - [video]
[Perceptor's been trying to keep his head down, metaphorically speaking, since (re)arriving. He works best these days when he can sit back and observe for a while before making his move.]

[Unfortunately, he is still lacking a lab, and there's really only so much observation the scientist can make before even he gets bored. Those who know him best may note a certain air of restlessness about him as he cues up the link.]

[To everyone else, he looks the same as always - stoic with a faint echo of cross.]

What supplies are in the greatest need?
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6th-Apr-2013 04:49 pm - [VIDEO] Welcome Back?
[He's been here before. At least, that is what the Acolyte that greeted his arrival informed him, warning him that some of the "other refugees" might assume some level of familiarity with him. Past friendships forged, previous alliances made, beings encountered...]

[Perceptor remembers none of it.]

[His expression as he regards the Link is calm and inscrutable, though, despite how unsettling it is to find that his memories, if they were even his own memories, are... altered. Or missing. Or incomplete. Something.]

Do I have a laboratory here?

[Why beat around the bush, as Verity would have said. Well, she might have added a few... choice terms, perhaps, but, still. The sentiment remains.]
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25th-Feb-2013 07:17 pm - AUDIO
I would like to petition the aid of the community in locating my avian companion. She has been absent for several days now, and I am beginning to grow concerned. She is a cybernetic creature, with the appearance of one of the more common species of Earth owl, Strigidae Megascops to be precise. Depending on her mood she may or may not respond to the name 'Scope.' Assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

...Additionally, I see to have misplaced my targeting eye piece. If found, I would be thankful for it's return.
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26th-Dec-2012 02:03 pm - VIDEO
I wish to return my gift. It was not necessary, and I do not feel that I am the best caretaker for any variety of pet, cybernetic or no.

[ The camera pans out slightly, and it becomes apparent that there is a rather odd looking bird perched on the end of Perceptor's shoulder scope. It looks like a metal owl, large by human standards but still tiny compared to Perceptor, that swivels it's head to watch what he's doing with large, luminous eyes. He hasn't even bothered to remove the ribbon and bow wrapped around it. ]

I would, however, wish to keep it long enough to fun a few more diagnostics. Superficially it bears a general resemblance to the Strigidae of Earth, in particular the genus Megascops, although how such a construct exists so far from the planet...

[ He trails off in thought, the owl shifting on his scope, fluffing up metal plumage. ]

Regardless, I will be seeking a more permanent home for it.
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8th-Dec-2012 01:20 am - AUDIO
[ Perceptor's voice is terse, even by his usual standards, as he addresses the Link. Someone's connection clearly wasn't working until now. ]

If someone would be so obliging as to swiftly and succinctly explain just what in the frag is going on I would be exceedingly grateful.

[ Guess who just spent way too much time digging about in the Badlands looking for any sign of his bestie. ]

For those still in possession of all their mental faculties, Vandal's whereabouts remain unknown.
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4th-Oct-2012 10:43 pm - VIDEO | JUNK PILE
[ Guess who's back to shooting things in the junk pile?

This guy.

Hopefully he's being more careful, seeing as he's narrating this entry while staring down the scope of... Something. It looks like a fusion of his usual sniper rifle and a certain someone's plasma weaponry. ]

I'm rather fascinated with the abilities of those pages to create a working item from admittedly sparse notes. This particular weapon functions far better than I could have hoped, considering I did little more than jot down a few rough concept sketches. The accuracy is a little off at the moment, but with a few adjustments I feel it could be quite formidable in combat scenarios.

[ He pauses to line up a shot, humming thoughtfully as a bright blue blast obliterates something (that looks uncannily like a toaster) in the distance. ]

Hm, perhaps if I modified the scope...

Ah, Vandal, could you spare a moment or two? Seeing as the conceptual basis of this gun originates in your technology, I would appreciate your input on modifying it further.

To everyone else... Has anyone had any items or effects linger from the, mm, outbreak of oddities we experienced recently?
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25th-Aug-2012 07:55 pm - VIDEO
[ The video flicks on to Perceptor, the junk pile behind him, looking... harried, to say the least. ]

I require a medic immediately, ideally one who is familiar with human anatomy. There has been an accident in the vicinity of the junk pile--

[Hal is in the background of the feed, moving to the foreground as quickly as someone who is losing ridiculous amounts of blood can, and managing to look both in pain and exasperated. While he does seem mostly intact, the key word is mostly. He has two legs, his head, his torso, and his mechanical arm, but is decidedly lacking in the flesh-and-blood arm area. Instead, all he really has for a left arm is a bloody stump that starts at the shoulder joint.]

I feel that this may not have happened if you had bothered to survey the area before deciding to practice your shooting skills.

I did survey the area before beginning. I always do.

[ Perceptor sounds, besides slightly freaked out, a little offended. ]

And yet here I am, missing an arm, and here you are not.

[There is only one person allowed to be offended in this feed, buddy, and it ain't you.

Perceptor turns to Hal, frowning.]

I have already apologized profusely. One would have to ask why you were present inside a refrigeration unit in the first place, but I feel that time is currently of the essence. We will need to terminate the bleeding before you exsanguinate. You are currently hemorrhaging at a rather prodigious rate.

I was gathering supplies for a project of sorts. Food preservation.

[Hal waves it off with his robotic, and thankfully intact, hand. The tip of his index finger splits and the plates slide down to reveal a small blowtorch-like tool.]

It doesn't matter at the moment, and we lack the facilities at the moment, so I suppose cauterization will have to suffice.

I suppose it will. Do you require any assistan--

[It's at this point that Hal's Sentinel appears from behind a mound of junk, laser charging, and--

Takes a shot at Perceptor. ]

What are you doing?! I cannot take you anywhere can I?
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29th-Jul-2012 06:52 pm - AUDIO
[ The feed is audio-only, seeing as Perceptor is doing little more than trawl for data at the moment. He's curt and sounds rather distracted, but it's only because he's in the middle of attempting to take in as much of the Link as is possible. Thank Primus for multitasking. ]

Perceptor here. If any of the crew of the Lost Light are present, I would appreciate being made aware of it.

[ There's a pause as he makes a quiet sound of interest, apparently having stumbled upon something that catches his eye, then his attention turns back to the feed. ]

Those willing to extrapolate on the current situation would also be welcome.
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