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5th-Mar-2013 02:09 am - [Video] Cassette M.D.
[Oh look, it's a cat. A white robot cat, sitting quite primly, not a highgrade cube in sight.

...They are all probably hidden behind the camera.]

My name is Glit. For those of you not aware, I am a medic - a field surgeon, to be precise. To answer the top three questions: yes, I am in fact an especially capable medic; yes, my paws are as, if not more dexterous than the average Cybertronian's servos; and no, you may not pet me.

[At least not while he's on the job.]

Whatever doubts you fraggers may have about my frame design, that does not change that I am a medic, and that is what I am here to do for however long I'm stuck here. I'd offer letters of recommendation, but most of them are either not here or eaten so you'll have to settle for a verbal service record.

So. While there is apparently an unusual wealth of medics on this planet - where all of you were during the war I don't even know - I am formally adding myself to the list of 'available for walk-ins'. ...Not that you couldn't have commed me before.

[Huff. He gestures out behind himself with a paw, pinging the system with his coordinates within Nexus' temple.

It seems someone has been pilfering. Be it from the junk yard, other rooms, other medbays, or all of the above, he's managed to commandeer turn a regular temple room - his room - into a very sparse but very clean examination room.

...Cassette-cats aren't good at asking permission. Oops.

There is barely any equipment - but he carries most of that on his frame. A single random, blue lava lamp glowing merrily in the corner is the only bit of decoration around.

His tail swooshes, pleased.]

As you can see, I am now able to take visitors. Anyone is welcome, though my experience with organics is limited. No, I don't give a flying frag about your faction. Just leave the bickering outside. Ping me for an appointment, come by for a walk-in; doesn't hesitate to emergency comm me, up to and including if you're lying in a ditch with your own severed arm up your exhaust. Whatever.

>[He pulls a datapad out of his hip storage, browsing it idly with a claw.]

...Especially you, Thundercracker. A massive pit-insect invasion is no excuse for missing your appointment.

[Toothy cat-grin.]
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17th-Jan-2013 02:41 am - [Video] Look what's dragged itself in
...Alright, I know I'm not that drunk.

[Yes. Yes he is.]

This isn't the space station, or Fortress Maximus, or Cybertron. At least not the one I know. Your big...drone fellow was clear enough on that one.

So I guess I should find out who else got dragged here with me.

[He sounds very put-upon. And only slightly slurred. If the quake hadn't woken him he'd probably still be in a pile somewhere.]

If anyone has seen a horribly bright cassette by the name of Sundor, a little pink entertainer named Roseanna, or any of those other singing little organics...

You didn't see me.

[He waves a paw nonchalantly, faintly unbalanced by the sudden shortage of limbs to stand on.]

Not enough energon wine in my entire subspace for that.

...Oh yes, and if you see Ultra Magnus, tell him I still think this is was a stupid idea. He'll need much better bribery material this time around.

Pre. War. Vintage.

[A huffy nod followed by a lashing tail, and the feed cuts out.]
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