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1st-May-2014 07:38 pm - [Video]
[That sure was some explaining that just happened a few moments ago. As Arcee starts up a video in hopes to make contact with her team, she's not exactly sure how she should be feeling right now. Angry is her first reaction, but then when wasn't it. She already has work to do on her Cybertron, why was she recruited to this one?

Her second reaction, surprisingly enough, is fear. As she looks into the feed, she opens her mouth like she's ready to say something, only to stop herself at this sudden realization. What if her team isn't here? What then? It's one thing to lose one person at a time, but she wasn't sure she'd be able to handle losing a whole family at once. This internal questioning is clearly shown through her eyes, the way they slowly begin to sadden at this possibility. There's only so much a bot can take, you know?

It doesn't last long, however, she's quick to notice she's been doing absolutely nothing in front of a feed she started a minute or two ago. Because this is exactly what she wants to be showing a whole planet. At once.

Might as well say something.]


[Yes, good, master of first impressions.

But let's be fair, it adequately describes how she's feeling right now.]
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26th-May-2013 01:10 pm - [Video]
[Learning about Optimus's death since day one was always hard on Arcee, but it was something she told herself she had to move on from. After all, Optimus wouldn't want her to dwell on it. It was just...hard. In hopes to keep his spirit alive, it was always her idea to keep the team together. She and Ratchet even planned to build their own base for everyone, it was going to be perfect.

But it seemed like the longer she stayed here, the worst things got. Ratchet was gone, Bulkhead was doing whatever with Wheeljack, and the list can go on if I felt like it. It's been a long time coming, but it was finally time to accept the fact that things were not how they were going to be back on Earth.]

This isn't easy for me...

[She pauses, a brief moment of grief in her eyes before continuing. She loves her team dearly, they're her family after all, and she'd do anything for them. But the longer she pretends everything is fine, the longer she continues to sit around and be useless.

Which isn't what she wants.]

I need a job.

[Which really, doesn't seem like the big deal she's making it out to be. But after serving under Optimus for so long, anything else feels almost like a demotion.]
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10th-Mar-2013 11:29 am - [Voice]
[Arcee's experience is much like a lot of people's. Waking up on the berth, finding herself rather uncomfortable. Although, to be honest, the soreness in her back was nothing compared to the sensation of her lungs filling with air. That's probably what startled her the most and as soon as she caught onto what was going on, her freakout was internal and pushed to the side prematurely. She'll feel sorry for herself later, right now her concern is on her team. If she woke up this way, who's to say no one else did?]

I need statuses on my team. Immediately.

[That was it. Arcee kept it to voice for now, not wanting anyone to see what had happened to her. This was an embarrassment, that's what it was. You wouldn't believe how thankful she was that she decided to spend the night in her room in Prima's temple. At the same time, though, it meant she was a good distance away from everyone else, and getting back to them wouldn't be as easy now that she's without an alt mode...

First hearing about Ratchet missing, now this. Despite the calm tone that was in her voice, it'd be a lie to say that she has everything under control. Although the message was for her team, her worry for them made her rush and nothing's been locked. Oops.]
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14th-Feb-2013 08:42 pm - [Video/Action]
[The video starts and...well, that's it. There isn't anything very fancy about it. Although there is, in fact, an Arcee face looking into the feed. Yes, hello, she uses this too.]

Don't know about anyone else, but I could take a break from, well, everything. I'll be at that Hub, heard there's a bar. Think that's exactly what I need right now. If anyone else feels the same, feel free to join me. Wouldn't mind the company...

[She looks off to the side momentarily before finally ending the video. The invitation was mostly for her team, but considering how they've been acting lately, she wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to be left alone. She'll just take about anyone else she can get.

This might just be the 'stranded on an unfamiliar Cybertron' talking, but she's getting a little tired of 'alone'.

Funny considering she's played the loner before.]
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29th-Dec-2012 06:34 pm - [Video]
[Well this should be fun, or at the very least interesting. Despite getting plenty of information from the Acolyte, there's still a lot of unsolved mysteries that need to be answered.

Mostly who's all here and who does she have to deal with now. She won't even get into the emotional roller coaster that is trying to comprehend a suddenly alive Cybertron. No, not on camera at least. That can wait until later.

For now, let's make this short and sweet.]

So who wants to fill me in on what's been going on?

[Don't tell her you guys didn't get her a present.]
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18th-Oct-2012 10:55 pm - [AUDIO]
[Audio clicks on, with the sound of someone fumbling with something before Arcee's voice comes in.]

Ratchet? Fowler?

Anyone? What the scrap is this thing?

Whoever's managing the Ground Bridge, I think you missed.

[Pause, as if waiting for a response, and a frustrated sound from her.]

For the love of Primus... Okay. If any Autobot slash US military person can even hear this, get me a Bridge out of wherever here is. I'm missing a young Scout named Bumblebee, and more importantly, two humans named Jack and Miko.

We're in sort of a dangerous situation, so let's make this hasty, fellas.

[OOC: Annnnnnnnnd with an extremely belated introduction thanks to health and life, say hi to Arcee. FINALLY. Yes I did just jack my sample post because it works for her just coming in. :D;;]
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