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7th-Jul-2014 11:31 pm - [Video]
[The video feed comes on to show Bulkhead, looking serious and all business. There wasn't time for much else. The feed shakes as he's obviously moving, and some might even notice a large, and long, green handle slung over his shoulder.]

Alright, for those lookin' for shelter from the radiation. The Hub has been reinforced. Also, several several rooms in each temple have been reinforced. That way nobody needs to leave the temples if they don't have to.

[He'll attatch coordinates for the room locations in each temple.]

Stay safe, everyone.
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27th-Jun-2014 11:08 pm - [Audio] Parts locked.
[Arcee never checked in. It's the third time with her. He knows what it means. The same as it's meant the other eleven times it's happened. He's spent the better part of the last over a year and a half, missing ninety percent of his team, family, from back home.

Why should now be any different?

In the past he would've gone looking for them, in the hope of finding them. But too many times those searches had turned to sparkache, at the failure to find them. The last one that did him in to giving up the searching was when Miko disappeared.

It's almost routine by now. Can't change it. You just have to deal with it and move on. He had things to do, including sending out long overdue messages.]

[Locked to construction crew, including Wing]
Hey guys, got some news I've been meanin' to spread. We've got another member of the crew. Wing asked if he could join, and I didn't see a reason not accept his offer. So welcome Wing to the crew.

Also, we need to get goin' on the roads. We don't have that much left to do.

[That done, he posted publicly.]

Been pretty quiet lately. Everybody still here?
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2nd-Jun-2014 08:38 pm - [Video]
[Bulk's not looking happy as the feed comes on. It's justnot in him to happy after all this.]

Might as well get it over with the rest of the fraggin' bad news. Cause evidently the Lambda decided to be extra mean.

Kay, Mirage, Sideswipe are all gone too.

[Locked to Arcee, Knock Out and Ratchet]

Check in, so I know you ain't disappeared too.


Gonna go find somethin' to blow up. [Feed ends.]
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10th-May-2014 12:36 pm - [Video]
[It's not really Bulk's thing to do something like this. But after at least one reported freak out over the Glyphs changing, it feels like something needed to be done.]

Alright, usually not my thing. But some explainin' is in order over the Glyphs we all have.

First off, even having a glyph is a good thing. If you didn't have one, you'd currently be turnin' into a crazy, mindless monster. Having gone through seeing this personally with a close friend from home? I would rather never see it again. The glyphs also give you some protection from the badlands, where Unicron's in control there, and glyphless seem to go.

Their changing? It normal. It happens every couple of months. Better to get used to it, cause it happens. What's the changes mean? Means the FirstForged liked something they saw you doin'. The outlines? Means some how you drew the attention of a Forged besides the one you're aligned to. Each different color means which Forged

Alpha Trion's magenta
Liege Maximo is green
Megatronus Prime is black
Nexus Prime is blue
Prima is white
Solus Prime is violet
And Vector Prime is gold

I personally am aligned with Solus and Nexus. [He shifts to show his own glyph, which is more ornate than a normal glyph, but it's still a violet glyph with a strong blue outline around it. It's also a third larger, and has a violet glow around it. He shifts back to talk to the camera.]

And yeah, sometimes the glyphs change entirely, and you'll find yourself with another Forged. Sometimes they just grow brighter, or even get bigger in size.

But like I said, it's normal, it's somethin' that happens here. Got any other questions, I've been here over a year and a half, so I might have answers.

[With that he cuts the feed.]
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Really startin' to hate green energon. [He grumbles as the feed comes on. Seriously, been nothing but trouble every time he encounters any.

He looks a little embarrassed, though, as he speaks to the feed itself.]

Uh, if I said anything mean or rude to ya during all that mess, I'm sorry. That definitely wasn't me talkin'.
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27th-Mar-2014 10:13 pm - [video/action]
[The video shows Megatronus acolytes looking as frustrated as an acolyte is capable of looking. It might be because Blurr’s on top of the roof of the old Police Force headquarters. Or it might be because Blurr’s turbofox, Frank, is yipping and growling at them, running around their knees at fast speed to trip them, and generally making it difficult for them to get to the building and reach Blurr.]

I reclaim this building is the name of the Police Force again as it was our rightful place so many months ago. [Blurr wishes he had a flag with the police Force emblem to stick to the roof. Alas, he does not, which is a shame. Blurr and Frank are far from alone there and he turns to face his acolyte (who's on the sidelines looking really uncomfortable) and  Deckard.] Remind me to get a flag. OhanddesignthePoliceForceemblem.

It would go faster if you got your lazy aft down here and helped, Blurr.
[Bulkhead came into the screen, looking up at Blurr in annoyance.] And are we gonna build that road, or not? Stop stallin' on your end of it.

Oh, come on, we can do both! [Deckard comes into view suddenly, up on the roof by Blurr.] It'll be fun! And I've already got the PERFECT logo. Check it out!

[He transforms, chassis balanced precariously off the edge of the roof so his engine hood is tilted down enough that Bulkhead can see the emblem spread across the center.]

What about this? Only fill in the black with the Autobot face, and replace 'BP' with 'PF'? For Police Force! [He transforms back but OOPS falls clean over the edge. Not to worry, though! He catches himself and pulls himself back up. No biggie!]

That could work…[Blurr snickers at Deckard, amused and then turns to Bulk one last time.]  I know you can’t do it without my invaluable help but the lave pit is not going anywhere, We’ll both help you out as soon as we finish, don’t worry my friend.

[They got important law stuff to do first, like angering everyone in the Megatronus’s quadrant.]
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29th-Jan-2014 09:26 pm - [Action/Audio]
[It's only been five days since he passed out, but for Bulkhead it's felt like much much longer. Months, probably close to a year if not more, had passed back home. So much happened. Too much happened. Especially the loss of Optimus. It turned a defeat of Unicron into a bittersweet victory.

It was a cruel irony after reviving Cybertron, and life being restored to the Well. But at least the rest of the team had each other. Would help each other through this, like with everything else that had happened.

He gives a groan as his systems power up again, after being down for a days. His eyes lighting up as he sits up, rubbing at his helm for a moment. Before he looks around, hand dropping as he blinks for a moment. Wondering where he is, before it clicks in his mind again. He glances at his shoulder, feeling that comforting weight of the familiar glyph again.

Oh, right.]

Home sweet home.

[He mutters, as he swings his legs over the side of the berth he was on. Other than a little banged up considering he was real recently in a ship crash he's otherwise in good shape physically.

Right, time to locate people, and find out who's still here. He pushes up and stretches, before heading out of the room.

Later, he send out a short audio message.]

Uh, hey. Guess I'm back. Uh...I miss anything? long was I out?

[Feel free to encounter him in the temple, the room, or contact over the comms.]
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24th-Jan-2014 02:57 pm - [Voice//Video/Action] Parts locked
[Bulk had been feeling tired for a while, harder to get up, even despite the boons from Solus and Nexus. He'd even been sleeping more, only to have difficulty getting up from it. At first he'd figured he'd caught that virus going around. But he didn't have any of the other symptoms. He was just tired, and getting more tired. He knew what it was, had seen it happen people before here. But being the stubborn bot that he is, he's fought off the sleep, resisting it as long as he can. He's got stuff to do, plans. He can't be passing out now. Not without making sure things would run well while he's gone.

The audio clicks on, and it's Bulkhead. Though he's sounding oddly...tired. Like somebody that's not slept in some time.]

What ever it is that's goin' around, I hope it passes soon. If you're not feelin' well, head Solus' medbay, the docs'll be able to help ya. [Hopefully.] Or maybe find a way to end this.

[With that, the feed cuts off. He groans afterward, lifting a hand to rub at his face. He could feel it getting worse, and something pulling at him. But he knew he had other messages he had to shoot off too.

For these he switches to video, the feed a little shaky as he walks. He looks tired, sounds tired. Almost like he sounded when he first showed up here, for those that were here.]

Locked to Fracas, Skids, and Thundercracker. )

Locked to Wheeljack, Ratchet, Smokescreen, Knock Out. )
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22nd-Dec-2013 06:35 pm - [Text]
[After he'd gotten the text from Miko he'd headed for Nexus's temple that evening. She hadn't told him what she'd been working on, so he was curious. He arrived of course, but didn't see her in the room. Where could she have gone? It wasn't like her to hide from him, specially if she knew he was coming. After checking the room to make sure she wasn't hiding. He checked the network, and his spark dropped when he couldn't find her name in the directory.

So he had set off to find her. She just texted him not that long ago, how far could she have gotten? The Haven was a big place. But he came up empty still, and searching as far as he dared to the badlands gave no results either. With a heavy spark, he returned to Haven, though not to Solus's right away.] gone.

[It's just a text from him, no video, no voice. Just a text, and a final one.]

If anybody needs me, I'll be using what's left of the pillar as target practice.

[Cause he just feels like beating on something, and their room had taken enough abuse already.]
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[The feed clicks on just in time for a rather loud metallic clang, and a yelp. Hope nobody was sleeping at this time.]


[And then the familiar deep voice of Bulkhead. He groans a moment, before there's the sound of metal scraping against metal. Seems where ever he picked to hide out, wasn't a very good fit for when he changed back. Whoops.]

Stupid fraggin' pillar. Good riddance to it. [He grumbles a moment, before he realizes the feed is on.] Uh, hey. I'm back, finally. [Man is it so nice to be able to TALK again!]

Even if I was here before, as that stupid wolf thing. Guess the pillar left parting gifts. Heh. At least we don't gotta worry about it anymore. Sorry to anybody I worried, I couldn't even talk then. Everybody okay?

[And after a bit, once he gets himself situated there's a locked message to the rest that went to the core.]

Locked to core group. )

[And not long after that, another locked message.]

Locked to Solus Prime. )
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7th-Dec-2013 04:14 pm - [Video/Action?]
[The video that clicks on is an odd one. The signal would indicate the feed is coming from Bulkhead. Yet what greets those looking at the video certainly looks nothing like the big green Wrecker. Namely, it looks like some sort of robotic wolf, complete with nasty looking fangs. For those that were down in the core, or were attacked by them before, it looks really similar to those.

He peers at the feed for a moment, before speaking, or trying to. Whatever he's trying to say comes out only as barking. After a moment he stops, and just looks annoyed. First he could barely walk, now he can't even talk.

Frag that pillar to the Pit.

He gives a resigned whine, and just basically flops down, before the feed cuts off. So much for trying that.

For anybody around Haven, there's a 10' tall at the shoulder, robotic wolf who's slowly making his way across the place. Looking annoyed, yet determined. He looks to be headed for the Temple of Solus Prime too. He stumbles every once in a while when he loses track of his feet. Maybe he'll just go and curl up under his berth and not leave until this wears off. If it does at all.]
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15th-Nov-2013 01:01 am - [Video]
[Oh hey, it's Bulkhead. Back to normal, even with normal eyes and voice]

Okay, that was weird.

[Thank you mister obvious. Not to mention a huge understatement. Seriously, what the pit. He liked Knock Out and called him boss, and thought he'd been a con instead of a bot.

.....and some how he'd known about space bridges. He groans softly as he rubs at his helmet for a moment before speaking again.]

At-at least maybe one good thing came out of it.

[Still he had people he needed to check on.]

Private to Wheeljack )

[After sending that message off, he stops as a thought hit him. His expression turning a little worried.]

Uh...anybody seen Miko?
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12th-Oct-2013 06:29 pm - [Video/Solus Prime's Temple]
[Oh hey Haven, hope you're all having a good day. There's one trio of road workers that definitely are.

When the video clicks on, it shows Bulkhead's face. From the background it looks like he's standing near the entrance to Solus Primes temple. He looks happy, cause right now he's got reason to be.]

Hey, just wanted to give ya an update on the road. Though some might have seen it already. But for anybody travelin' between Nexus and Solus' temples, you'll be happy to know ya now got a road to travel on. [The camera pans around to indeed show the strip of smooth road, curing off into the distance.] It's got a name to it too, Bulkhead Boulevard. [There's hesitation and a grimace at the road name. Skids, how did he ever let you convince him to name it after him? By the look of it, he might be thinking of trying to still get it changed.

But his face brightens again as he keeps going]

And more good news. [The camera pans down to show his feet, and him standing...on the same concrete as the rest of the road. He lifts a foot to stomp on it a couple times, before he brings the camera back up his face.] It's dry, and if it can hold my big backside, ya know I ain't lying.

[He chuckles to himself, before speaking up again.]

Me, Skids and Fracas are gonna take a few days for R&R before we start our next sections. Namely, we're gonna make roads that connect the Hub to both Nexus' and Solus' temples. [And now the camera will show the familiar road flags heading off into the distance, off towards the Hub's direction for those that know the location.]

Anyway, [And back to his face one more time. Are you tired of seeing it yet?] As usual, please don't mess with the flags, leave them where they are. If you find issues with the road, let us know and we'll fix it. And enjoy...Bulkhead Boulevard, there's a lot more to come.

[With one last nod, he turns the connection off.]
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1st-Sep-2013 03:40 pm - [Video/Action? Dunno]
[Bulkhead should be happy really. They caught the guys who are now locked up. Haven was safe, for the moment. Heck, he'd even worked with an Optimus for the first time since he arrived in this place. Yet it's difficult to celebrate when one Wrecker was dead, and two others, including Wheeljack, were currently in med bay with serious injuries. Not to mention the other casualties, Blurr included.

Since he got back, he's been spending most of his time by Wheeljack's bedside. But today he'd powered up feeling more energetic, and any aches and injuries left over from the fight were gone like they were never there. Old ones too. Scrap, he's not felt this good, probably since he was forged. All together, it made it hard for him to sit still. So he's back in his room for the time being. Maybe the medics were working on Wheeljack(or maybe they just got tired of his restlessness and decided to kick him out for a while, who knows).

So when the video clicks on, his and Wheeljack's room is in the background, what can be seen of it. He looks like he's messing with something just out of camera range. He addresses the camera, even if it's a little distracted.]

With this scrap over with, maybe we can get stuff done now. [There's a small grunt of annoyance. Seriously, it's like somebody doesn't want these roads built or something. He finally turns to the camera looking a little curious, and holds up his hand which holds a handful of...small plastic balls, of varying colors.]

Anybody know somebody named Ravage? Found a box full o' these with his name on it on the way back to Solus'.
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13th-Apr-2013 02:00 am - [Video]
So, gotta question for ya.

Since we're supposed ta be helpin' build this place while we're here. Plus with all that others want or need built. I know people been buildin' stuff, and volunteerin' when people ask for it.

But, there been any thought inta makin' a dedicated construction crew? Bein' organized and keepin' track of who's workin' on what, could probably help a ton. Not ta mention knowin' who here can build. Plus, uh...what supplies we got ta build with, and plans fer what we're buildin'.

[He looks thoughtful for a moment, ducking his head to rub at the back of his helm. As if trying to remember if there was anything else.]

Oh yeah. Uh...somebody else brought up the idea, but could be worth it too. We got lists fer the docs, and police and that committee thing. What about other lists, of other people that are needed. Not just builders, but techs, and engineers too. Plus other ones we can think of.

Uh...yeah, that's all
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