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1st-Jul-2014 12:06 am - [Video/action | The Junkpile]
[The video starts with Knock Out in the middle of the junkpile, his blue firelizard perched on his shoulder, flapping its wings with anxiety and looking at the sky.]

I knew that peace wouldn’t last. Anybody else has seen the shiny display? The Lambda is up to something again and…eh...?

[There’s a loud thud and Knock Out turns to face two mutated boars growling and charging at him. They’re not the fasted creature but they’re really nasty looking and seriously? Zombie boars now? Knock Out is so done with this place he swears to primus…

With an irritated sigh he raises his left hand. It changes into a path blaster, not a weapon medics come equipped with very often (or ever), and the boars are blasted away withing seconds. ]

Thank you ‘Cade for the upgrade. [Knock Out murmurs to himself and then focus his attention on the feed again.]  I really hate this place sometimes. Who wants roasted pork for dinner?
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23rd-May-2014 12:47 am - [Video]
[The first thing Knock Out does after arriving to the medbay is to grab his communicator. It's obvious that he needs some medical help. He looks like he's gone to hell and back, with a nasty wound in his side and most of his finish scratched. He also looks about to go into stasis at any moment and only rage (and probably paranoia) is keeping him awake.]

I seriously wonder what sort of psychological test the Police Force takes before joining because if that's how an agent of the law acts I think we are all screwed.

[Knock Out gives Sentinel a nasty look and then continues.] This pychopath here tried to kill me and...[don't mind that shuffling and abrupt jerking of the video as sentinel grabs the device out of knock out's hands!]

--cannot believe- yeah, no, Knock Out just took a nasty fall because he was speeding in the Junk Pile like a moron. Apparently trying to help mechs you see leaking on the ground counts as attempted murder now?

[He shoots the look back at knock out. screw you, buddy.] Call me a psychopath all you want, I wasn't even anywhere near you when you crashed. Nor does it change the fact I saved your life.

You're welcome, by the way.
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17th-Mar-2014 10:57 pm - [locked from Sora]
[Those who know Knock Out well (or at least some of his past) might realize how strange is to see him asking for help or even showing what looks like worry about someone that's not him. He's surprised himself and really not in the mood after his fight with Sentinel, he will most likely shank anybody who uses this opportunity to mock him.]

I need someone with human medical knowledge and small hands. Smaller than mine, I can't take a blood sample with this. [He wiggles his sharp like fingers in front of the camera.]

Sora is sick and I can't run all the tests I need myself.

[Locked to Blackarachnia.]

This is not your doing, right?


[Locked to Sentinel.]

You are an aft.

Are you free tonight?

[/Locked to Sentinel.]
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13th-Feb-2014 03:02 pm - Video~!
[Why hello yes that is an Alia wearing a face-eating pair of heart-shaped shutter shades and a very glittery pink feather boa. She grins into the video feed.]

Greetings, Haven!

[The feed pans out to take in Knock Out as well, red paintjob shinning red even more than usual for the occasion. He has some v-cards on his hand and a mischievous grin on his face. Alia waves.]

Valentine's Day is coming up, and for all the people who will be missing the festivities this year, Knock Out and I have scienced [shut up that is a verb now] a perfect solution for all your romance needs! We have perfected a one hundred and twenty percent accurate matchmaking algorithm, perfect for bringing some interest and excitement into your love life!

Now, if you're not up on your Earth cultural traditions, don't sweat! We have you covered!

[Knock Out nods and then chimes in.] Now, what’s that entire Valentine’s nonsense about, you might wonder? Valentine’s a human mating festivity that mixes different courting techniques. One of the most common ones is the exchange of little notes with romantics statements.

[Knock Out clears his throat and starts to read some of the cards. To help everybody to get into the spirit of valentine day, Alia and Knock Out left one v-card in front of everyone's room door. In fact, just to get into the real spirit of the holiday, all the v-cards conveniently sport the forged signatures of random people around Haven the best match according to that very scientific matchmaking algorithm. Feel free to find yours and thank them.]

Enjoy all that love in the air! 'Cause if you can't get laid on Valentine's Day, the other three hundred and sixty four days aren't looking too good either.
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22nd-Jan-2014 02:48 am - [Video | Knock Out's clinic]
[It's been a while since Knock Out posted on the network. The medic has been busy testing out Solus’s gift. Now he’s smirking as the air still feels perfect and cool against his hand. The hand that he’s currently holding close to a really hot light source that should, at the very least, mess up his finish.]

This thing sure will be useful. [His attention gets back to the camera. Knock Out turns off the light source and puts away the flat metal device capped with a Solian purple gem that he was holding with his other hand.]

Looks like there’s some sort of epidemic going on and it affects both organic and robotic organisms. If I were you I would stay inside my room until things are cleared out. Unless you want to join the large number or residents in Solus’s medbay of course.

And talking about that…I can’t state often enough how much of an ill idea is to keep all your medical equipment and your medics in the same place. You might as well paint a giant ‘X’ on the door and write 'blow it’.

I got two new job openings in my clinic now that Barricade decided to play Indiana Jones and Flonne left a few weeks ago. More assistants are always welcome.

[He smiles some more and then turns off the video.]
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[The video starts all of sudden. The image is lopsided because Knock Out dropped his communicator on the ground.]

No, not this again...I..It can't be....

[The red mech clutches his head with a pained expression on his face. He's gritting his teeth together ad if he's trying to stop his jaw to do something absurd as, let's say, splint in two due to his sudden anger and hunger.]

He doubles over as if attempting to shake off the new memories in his mind getting mixed with the old ones. There's a angry pained scream coming from Knock Out before feed goes back to black after he accidentally steps on the communicator.]
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22nd-Nov-2013 10:29 pm - [Video | Solus's temple | The clinic]
[Knock Out’s back from the death and sitting in an office chair. His firelizard, looking much calmer than the last time, is dozing off on his lap. The medic pets his wings distractedly. There’s no point on hiding his Breakylizard anymore, everyone could see him in the last post he made.]

I thought I got rid of this place but apaprently I can't have nice things. I can also see that the pillar is still out there. It’s been weeks, how's that the thing's still standing? [Weeks to him, anyway. Some really crazy ones with all that final battle, Megatron dying and him switching teams.]

Barricade we need to talk about your anger issues and how you owe me a big one.

[Yeah, yeah, he tried to eat you but he still considers blowing up his spark and cutting off his head a disproportionate retribution. That’s a video he won’t like to see again.]

Aside from that…let’s not talk about the past.

Locked to Bulkhead )
Locked to Skids )

Locked to Fracas and Ravage )
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[The audio comes on to the low rumble of wheels rolling across the ground, though eventually it stops as the one doing the rolling comes to a halt. There is no transformation noise before the owner of those wheels speaks, now clearly Barricade.]

Have you a reason to halt me?

[Someone else speaks, clearly Knock Out.]

I do, indeed. I've heard that you are the one who helped me with that clinic that has my name. I was thinking we could get to know each other again, have a tête-à-tête or perhaps.... dinner.

[Following that is the sound of crashing metal and snarling indicative of a struggle. Partway through there is a loud roaring, accompanied with ripping, screaming, and finally silence. The audio then cuts out for several minutes.]


((Knock Out is in red, Barricade is in bold.))
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There's a moment in your life when you say to yourself ‘things can't possibly get better’…[By his tone of voice, it’s clear that he means that in a very ironical way. Someone's really irritable today.] …and then the universe proves you wrong.

I want to know where I am and what is that thing. [Knock Out points at his firelizard, perched on top of the highest shelf of the clinic, hissing at him. He can sense that something is really wrong with Knock Out and doesn't want to approach the mech.

The medic, on the other hand, knows way too well what is wrong with him but has no idea why he's in the middle of a clinic that has an office with his name on a door and why the little predacon-like-creature looks like his former partner.]

I want to know who thought it would be a good idea to mess with my chassis and give me that horrid tattoo, from all things.

[Does all this complain sound familiar? For those who were already here when KO arrived the first time might see some similarities.]
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19th-Aug-2013 08:44 pm - [Video/Audio]
[The video starts as a black screen, as something seems to be stepping on the communicator. Voices can be heard; two sound like a mix of confusion and amusement, and the third one is clearly not all that happy.]

It's your fault, honestly. You should watch where you walk if people are testing long range weapons. [The image clears, and Knock Out can be seen putting a knee down on the ground and reaching out to hold what it seems to be... a head. Sentinel’s head, to be exact.] That said, I don’t think this is medically possible.

[There's a quiet, musing hum of thought before a very recognizable, heavily-accented voice comes from off-screen, very clearly belonging to Blitzwing:]

I take it zhese kind of zhings aren't commonplace where you're from? Curious. Cybertronians from our universe haff a tendency to survive far more severe dismemberment than zhis.

[There's a whirring sound, and Blitzwing finally comes on camera, Random grinning down at Sentinel's head.]

Eizha way, it doesn't seem like you haff much of a leg to stand on! Ahahah!

What do you mean "medically possible"?! I don't give a FRAG, how about you two morons get me back to my body and we can... forget this entire thing. I won't even file a complaint to the Police Force about your horrendous misuse of live weaponry.

Or... however it works around here.

[Yeah, that's Sentinel's disembodied head. Luckily (or, perhaps not so) bots from his universe can survive a decapitation, and seeing as the damage his body took from the weapons Knock Out and Blitzwing were 'testing' wasn't enough to take out his spark, they both now have a very angry and humiliated bot - or, well. Part of one - to deal with.]
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16th-Aug-2013 12:39 am - [Accidental video | Shockwave's lab.]
[There’s a surprised scream as Knock Out jolts awake and activates his communicator by accident. Shockwave’s next to him, with the cortical cable that he pulled out of Knock Out’s head in hand.

The medic stares at him, and it takes a lot of willpower to not just growl questions at his superior. For the last week he was home, dealing with Predacons, Cylas and zombie terrorcons. He’s a bit on the edge and very confused.]

We need to talk about your bedside manners. Where am I?

[The Decepticon Scientist retracts his hand, taking the time to coil up the device and set it on a tool table next to him. The room around him was mostly dark, but there were several lights focused on Knockout. Looks like he was on some sort of table..]

[Wait - table. A medical table, with a screen displaying the medic's vital stats right next to him. All normal.]

You are in my laboratory. You were brought here shortly after becoming unconscious.

[In Knock Out’s opinion, ‘he’ and ‘Shockwave’s laboratory table’ are two things that should never get mixed. He quickly gets out of the table and puts some distance between him and the bigger Con.]

Oh, that’s great really. Very sweet of you to do…[Knock Out stares warily at the lights and then back at Shockwave with a forced smile.]…Whatever you were trying to do, I think I will leave you alone now. I wouldn’t dare to disturb you while creating more Predacons and the like; I've had enough Eldritch Abominations for a life time. Now if you excuse me…

[He moves to leave and the video cuts to black.]
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[See, the original plan had been have a few cubes at the bar then head back to Smokescreen's place for some..quality time together.

Unfortunately, that last bit seemed destined not to happen this time around as much as they both probably wanted it to.

Knock Out had just sort of..passed out while they were walking, catching Smokescreen offguard but he did manage to catch the other before he hit the ground. Panic swept through him as he shook the other gently, jarring a comm device in the process as he tried to get the other to react.]

Cherrybomb, hey, come on! Not sure what this part of the game is but I'm not sure I like it.

[Because it was a game..right?

Yeah no. Smokescreen knew it wasn't but it never hurt to try right?

Resting Knock Out on the ground, the rookie did a scan of the other's systems, finding nothing immediately wrong.

Though his scans were no medic scans.]

Knock Out, I need you to respond, move, do something! Please?

[Why yes, that is an increasing note of panic in his voice.]
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9th-Jun-2013 02:12 am - [Video - Solus Temple] New Opening!

[Get out your popcorn, mechs, ladies and gentlemen because you are getting a show to watch. And who’s hosting that? Why yes, your two less favorite medics. Barricade is black, while Knock Out is the red text.]

[Knock Out sports a huge grin and looks pretty darn proud of himself, meanwhile Barricade is leaning against a berth with his arms crossed, a smirk on his face.]

It came to our attention that keeping all your medical resources as well as all your doctors in the same place at the same time is the worse idea anyone ever had since Starscream decided that stiletto heels were trendy.

[Knock Out could recite a long list of bad decisions that Starscream made, but that's neither here nor there.]
We would like you all to be the first to know that the new clinic is currently open.

Don’t worry, we’re still in Solus’s temple – just in a different spot. Now with our facility you’ve got one-stop shoppin’ f’r all your upgrade needs. And if someone happened to pop your arm off and beat you with it, we’d be happy to re-attach it and get those nasty dents out. Even touch up your paint.

Now, time for a virtual visit.

[Knock Out pats the head of the droid holding the camera gently and it starts moving around the clinic for people to see how it looks. Flonne smiels and waves at the camera when it walks past the reception desk.

There's a ridiculous amount of pristine walls and white floors, and the space is big. Way bigger than it was intended to be at first, sorry Solus, Knock Out got a bit trigger happy when it came to knock down a few walls.]
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3rd-Apr-2013 08:20 pm - [Video]
Ladies and gentlemen, the race track design is almost ready. [Knock Out looks rather cheerful for once. On rare occasions he enjoys creating things more than destroying them. This is one of those times.  

The video changes to show a 3D design of a race track. It’s big, complicated and it has all the things any cybertronian who enjoys speed would love in a race track. There’s even a little animation of two cars racing, one is blue and white and the other is cherry red.]

Maybe the loop d loop's are a bit too much. [Knock Out mutters after seeing the white car crash and burst into flames.] 

Oh well, no great project goes without casualties…Who’s the lucky Firstforged who’s going to get a premium view of hyper excited mechs that might most likely end with a broken limb or two? Only if they don’t know how to race properly, of course. Drift never really told me what quadrant we’ll build this in and I need to adjust the design to the terrain.

Now, changing the subject…

Saber, my Little Lady, your boy’s ready for a ride. [Knock Out grins, pausing for a moment.] I mean, your bike is fixed.

Gunmax, how are those upgrades going? Perhaps your boyfriend would like one too. I’ll be more than happy to assist him.

Most of the brave Police members are lacking in the weapons department, you should get that fixed.

[ooc: Imagine a mix of this, this, this and this race tracks and you’ll get a vague idea of what Knock Out designed.]

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24th-Mar-2013 08:08 pm - 7th Web [Backdated to Tuesday]
[The feed starts with a clattering sound.  The camera portion of the device shows Blackarachnia and Knock Out lounging on a ratty couch in the middle  of the Junk Pile. They had found a wine set, each one has a bottle in her hands, and they’re pretty much drunk and having a ‘who’s boss sucks the most’ competition’.]

…used that to raise the dead and create an army of zombies. He said he could control them after sticking a piece of the dark energon I mentioned onto his spark. Let me tell you, as a medic, I don’t recommend it, even if that makes you able to hear Unicrons’s thoughts. [Knock Out takes  another sip.] Actuallllyyy, especially if it makes you hear thoughts.

 [Blackarachnia takes a sip from her own bottle and rolls her eyes a little. It sounds like Knock out had his own troubles with a Megatron. Here, let her talk about her own saurian overlord.]

Ugh. Speaking of energon, ours crashed us on a planet full of raw energon. We got subjected to radiation because he had to steal some gold trinkets from the Maximals and crash us somewhere in the past.

[She makes a motion with the hand with the bottle.]

And get this. The planet? Earth. And guess what? We ended up messing up some alien's experiment and nearly got incinerated because of it.

[Knock out scrunches his nose, then smirk. Mine desecrated one of the Prime’s tombs so he could retrieve an arm from...I can't remember, Trion, perhaps. He wanted it implanted on him, without being put on stasis for the surgery  mind you, so he could use the Forge of Solus Prime .

 Oh yeah? Mine located the Ark on Earth and tried to change history by scraping  Optimus Prime while he was in stasis. [She frowns a little and peered down  the neck of her bottle before taking another drink.] Caused time to become unstable because of it and nearly wiped the Maximals and myself out.

Mine punched Unicron and survived.

[Blackarachnia raises an eyebrow at the absurdity of that statement and just retaliates with one of her own.]

Mine's beast mode is a flying purple T-rex.

[There's a moment pause from both of them before Knock Out speaks again.]

We're even.

[The feed cuts out with both of them taking a shot from their respective bottles.]

[ooc: Knock Out, Blackarachnia. Backdated to before Liege Maximo's post!]

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