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12th-May-2014 07:17 pm - voice => video;
While exploring these last few weeks, I noticed something peculiar underneath the surface of the lake in Alpha Trion's quadrant. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it? Either way, I'm about to check it out.

[ what he isn't going to mention is the fact that there's a Decepticon symbol on the thing. the sound in the background is just Starscream flying before he cuts the feed.

and in a few minutes instead of just a voice recording... the video feed kicks on. looks kind of like a lab! actually it is a lab and quite a sizable one at that. ]

So it, ah. Let me in. [ can't say he's expecting that. and as he draws further inside, it's clear that this place isn't abandoned! ] Someone has been using this recently, that's for sure.

[ as he pans the Link around, anyone that's missing something due to the other Starscream stealing it can probably notice that this is where the guy has stored it. actually, looks like the majority of the items in here have been stolen. Starscream pauses at a particular piece of equipment with a frown. he knows this one! ]

This is Jetfire's... So much for misplacing it. My, my... Someone has some sticky fingers.

[ and there! it's probably recognizable to some... but that's definitely electrum in a container. Starscream meanders closer, looking at data!  ]

Now what's this...

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6th-Apr-2014 03:00 pm - voice; dated to 4/7
I am painfully reminded why trips like last night are not worth it the following day... Why anyone thinks that is a way to really solve problems is beyond me.

[ voice sounds rough. likely going out with Kagerou had not been the best of ideas... who would have thought, right? no plans on leaving his room today. nope. ]

My processor feels like it is splitting apart... Apologies if I snap at anyone who knocks on that door.

Private to Kagerou )

Private to Blurr )
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16th-Feb-2014 07:36 pm - voice; locked to Jetfire
I realize that there are mischief makers at work, but I wanted to run this by you nonetheless. The card that was sent to me bore your name.

Now I would like to think that it is just another prank, but there might still be the off chance that this might have been sent to the wrong Starscream?

[ because if so, wow awkward. ]

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4th-Feb-2014 06:47 pm - voice;
This isn't quite how I thought I would be returning to Cybertron. Then again, I didn't think that I would find myself being pulled from one universe to the next like another I know of either.

[ and he'd like to be able to figure out how it is possible, but he can save that for another time. ]

Now I'm sure that those who are listening to this are likely tired of answering the same questions over and over again. I apologize that I have to ask said questions. Any mech who would offer more answers than what I have just received would have my gratitude and I would strive to return the favor.

If any of my comrades are here, please check in.  [ he just wants to know you're all right, okay? ]

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