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[ Here's a face that's been gone from the network for over a month. Wing looks a touch weary, his pinions lax, even though physically he seems in good health]

Hello Haven. I'm back now. I apologize for my absence, it was not intentional.

Sorry to ask this but, would anyone care to update me on recent events? Particularly from the Law Committee? I would appreciate it greatly.

[ He knows about Vandal, and a few of the others that have gone missing, which likely accounts for his glum mood.]

Also, committee members, I think we should put serious consideration into mapping not just the Haven but the surrounds. And clearly mark hazardous areas.

To everyone else... Please, if you're considering going exploring alone, regardless of skill level, do reconsider. Everyday we discover new hazards that persist on this world.

[ Wing might have taken down six reanimated mech frames on his own, maybe. But with the energy drain? There was no chance. ]

And well, I have a bunch of books, mostly human ones, that I don't need anymore. [ More specifically he needs to make room in for someone else's stuff. ] Would anyone like them? I don't want them thrown away.

[Private to Barricade]

You're the one that told me about--what did you call them?--zombies?

Yeah. I have experience in that area now that I do not wish to repeat. [ o_o;; ]

[Private to Perceptor and Captain Marvelous]

Thank you, both of you, for coming to my aid.

I'm sorry to have put you in danger in the process of my rescue. If there's anything I can do to return the boon, please do tell me. I am in your debt.
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[Perceptor knows a thing or two about debts. He shakes his head, though.]

No. You owe me nothing. Without you, Drift would never have become the mech who saved me from deactivation. Your debt was paid long before we ever met.
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[Ah, there it is. Perceptor waits, wondering what Wing's ultimate reaction will be. He... isn't expecting it to be so pleased, though.]

I am?

[Drift has spoken of him? That... fills him with warmth, and he finds himself almost smiling.]

Of course. Thank you. For Drift.

[And take care of Drift, too. He deserves it.]
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[It... hurts. Wing is everything that Perceptor will never be. Cheerful, giving, open, so earnest that it makes Perceptor's processor ache. Though he'd promised Drift, promised himself, that this would not be a competition - a zero sum equation - with Drift as the ultimate prize...]

[It's hard not to compare himself to Wing. Harder still to not come up wanting.]

I'm glad that you were there for him. He... spoke of you to me. Before.

You mean a great deal to him.
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[Perceptor nods. He understands, probably better than most, the surprise of being remembered to someone. Of meaning enough to someone - Drift - to be remembered in such a way. If it didn't make him ache so much, he would have smiled.]

He did.

[Not everything, Perceptor is certain. Drift probably didn't speak of but a fraction of Wing and what Wing had meant to him... but Perceptor had been a scientist once. His whole function was observation, and some things are just too obvious to miss, even for him.]

[Perceptor shakes his head sharply, though.]

You didn't fail him; you were killed. Hardly a failing on your part. No one warrior can hope to stand against all foes.

[Perceptor swallows down the words that want to rise in answer to Wing's last comment, though. No, Drift hadn't been alone. Not like Perceptor is now. BBut they are small, petty words, spiteful and untrue. He has Drift's friendship. It's enough.]

[It has to be.]
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If the opposition had anyone who was particularly observant, then it would not be surprising that you fell. They came for Drift; your mark upon him is rather... distinct. [Perceptor shrugs faintly.] You were probably targeted specifically.

[He shrugs again, adding a nod in response to the thanks.]

[He.... knows. Drift had shown him as much when he'd arrived. Still, that changes nothing, really.]

We were close. Before.

[But Wing was much closer, much earlier. And Drift is happy.]
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[Perceptor nods, just a single, slow tip of his chin.] Drift had bound himself; there would be no reason for him to leave, even if they had managed to convince him, unless that tie was... severed.

[The war may be over, but Perceptor still has no love for the Dece- former Decepticons. Of course, he isn't all that superbly fond of a great many Autobots, either. He might still be harboring a little resentment over the whole shot-by-Turmoil-and-nearly-deactivated-and-abandoned-by-his-friends-to-die thing.]

[Perceptor jerks as if he's feeling that shot to his chest all over again. That hadn't been the question he'd expected Wing to ask. Perhaps he should have been expecting it, but... he hadn't.]

[He doesn't answer for long moments as his processor wars with itself, clamoring for him to admit the truth, while also clamoring for him to simply deny everything, to spare Drift the agony of choosing. Despite everything he's said, everything he thought he'd believed, it still, intrinsically, comes down to an either/or decision in his head. How couldn't it? And Perceptor, even if he wouldn't lose that contest anyway, would never, ever force Drift to make that choice. He'd walk into the badlands first.]

[It isn't fair. He'd been happy for that too-brief time. He'd been useful, and needed, and wanted, and losing that had hurt just as much as that dark eternity on Turmoil's ship, bleeding out and knowing that he'd been left behind. Unwanted.]

[That isn't fair, either, though. Drift had done what he'd needed to do, and seeing what Drift had become, had had the opportunity to become without the anchor of the Wreckers holding him back - without Perceptor - had been worth the pain of that loss. Even if a small part of Perceptor curled into a curdled ball of resentment and hate for having allowed himself to be that weak again... Curdled into a ball of resentment and hate of Drift for hurting him.]

[And then festered even more for even being able to hate Drift, of all mechs. Even just that tiny crumb of it.]

[He doesn't want to answer. He doesn't want to expose that weakness. Not to Wing, not to anyone. His hesitation, and the internal war that even he can't keep completely from his expression, is probably more than answer enough. Especially to one who understands probably more than any other single being could understand in the entire multiverse.]

[This time, the nod is a single, abrupt jerk of his chin as Perceptor averts his optics from the feed.]

...I would never... impose... or interfere.

[Because, really, if that had been his ultimate goal, he wouldn't have helped Drift to rescue Wing from that cavern.]
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[...allowed? Encouraged? It's fear that refuses to allow him to fully comprehend what Wing has said.]

I... don't understand. I just... I want him to be happy.
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[Want? Yes. Deserve? That's very much the wrong question to ask, and Perceptor's expression shutters closed.]

That isn't for me to decide.

[Though it's pretty clear that he has an answer: "no".]
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[Perceptor has no answer for that. Nothing that doesn't expose him too much. Nothing that wouldn't likely inspire a lecture; Drift likely learned to hone his worrying skills from someone, after all, and Wing taught him so much. Why not that, too?]

[He should turn down the request. Wing is asking uncomfortable things, offering dangerous dreams. It's easier to hide when they aren't face to face.]

[Hope pricks at him, though. A desperate hope, and his promise to Drift. To give it a chance. To give... them a chance.]

Shall I meet you at the Hub?
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[Perceptor nods again, still not quite allowing his optics to drift to the feed.]

Drift took me there when I arrived. I will meet you there shortly.

[And now he's committed, even though he'd rather find somewhere high to hide and observe from. He's given his word, so there's no backing out now.]

[Unless Wing stop him, Perceptor cuts the feed and heads, reluctantly, toward the Hub as if he were rolling toward his own deactivation.]
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[Perrceptor's alt is quick enough for a ground-based vehicle, but it is no jet. From the distance, though, he sees Wing arrive at the Hub, and can't quite help but to admire the sleek lines Wing presents in his alt form.]

[It's not too much longer before he arrives, but Wing should have plenty of time twin inveztigate the bar at the Hub before Perceptor slips through the door.]
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[There's music playing. That surprises Perceptor at first. There hadn't been any playing when Drift had brought him. It's soothing and quiet, very unlike the atmosphere of Swerve's raucous, rowdy establishment on the Lost Light.]

[Wing is impossible to miss, his bright white plating drawing the optic as soon as Perceptor adjusts to the interior.]

You are?

[Simple courtesy? Or something more? He can't tell, and isn't sure if it had seemed like Wing had been... steeling himself? When Perceptor had entered, or if that is just how Wing is.]

I'm glad that you have recovered from your excursion. To that cave, I mean.
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[It's a gesture that hearkens back to quieter, simpler days, when Perceptor had been more concerned with research grants and experimental procedure than he had trajectories and force equations. It's been so long, in fact, that he doesn't really remember a socially appropriate response, and so opts for mirroring Wing's actions back to the jet.]

I... hope that as well.

[He is surprised that he means those words, not merely for Drift's sake, but also for his own. There's something so open and honest about Wing that beckons one in, and Perceptor... wearies of being on the sidelines.]

Experimentation and observation.

[He murmurs that with a soft chuff, making it a joke - one that is between them, rather than at Wing. At least, he tries. Hopefully it will present as such. He is... perhaps a little... rusty at some of this.]

Even under controlled environments, experimentation and observation are not always, ah... safe.

[Case in point: Kimia and Gideon's Glue.]

Hedonia Sunrise?

[Perceptor tilts his head in surprise. It's been so long since he's had anything more outre or exciting than engex that he'd pretty much forgotten such things existed.

I-- all right.

Drift told me that you are working on developing living quarters here? At the Hub?

[Of course at the Hub. Perceptor sighs inwardly; could he be any more redundant?]
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