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[Video - first part open, then several locks] Forward-dated to tomorrow/event end

[Wow, that is one seriously FRAGGED THE FUCK OFF-looking Seeker right there.  So fragged off, in fact, that it takes him a moment before he can even form coherent words.  When he finally does, they're short, sweet, and to the point.]

I will say this only once.

It. Never. Happened!

[He raises an arm, rifle leveled at his Link device.  Yes, he really is that mad.  But . . . he stops himself and just steps over to the thing, growling as he ends the transmission with a rough, almost violent gesture.  It'll be several more minutes . . . but then he sends a few private messages.]

[Locked to Ventus]

...thanks.  For . . . that . . .

[For not just putting up with him but trying to help]

[Locked to Ravage]

Are you all right?

[Locked to Megatron]

I'm willing to meet with you, if you still want me to, sir.  And . . . if I can ask you to let me speak before shooting me.

[Not that . . . he'd try to stop you if you still decided to.  >,>]

[Locked to The Spine]

You . . . took me seriously.  Have you honestly run across such nonsense before?

[Sorry . . . he just...REALLY had to ask.  Because seriously WTF DUDE?]

[and finally - Locked to Starscream]

You can let me out now.

[He appreciates it.  Really, he does.  But...]

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You are not going to insist? [Color him pleasantly surprised.]

I'm not doing anything now that I can't do later. Feel free to come over.
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[That works for Knock Out. he's pretty sure he doesn't want anybody to know what happened to Sentinel and him aside from Sentinel and him.]

I'll wait there.

(ooc. I'm fine with anything. If you want actio span tag the reply if not, set up the log and link me to it please \o/)
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(ooc. W.-wow XD nah it's fine. I'll reply asap thanks)
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Thank you! And done :3