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So, if anything, these last few days on the Link have proven one thing; the stupid acolytes are not doing their job. Sure, they give a basic rundown of the Lambda but many people are still shocked when their glyph changes. They're shocked to learn that the First Forged are totally creepy and somehow watch our every move then give us weird boons or whatever based on how amusing they think our shenanigans are.

I'm thinking something like Bulkhead's post. A simple FAQ detailing everything people who are new won't think to ask when they first arrive.

Throw all your stupid questions at me, I'll put them in with an answer. Break the news to them that they're stuck here gently! Hell, we should probably start making sure each altar has a good supply of high grade for when they show up.

Nothing like taking bad news with a fragload of alcohol, right?

text - locked to blurr

We need to talk.

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