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Location: The Sarcophagus
Radiation: SEVERE

At the heart of the sarcophagus, there lies a device. Glowing with livid yellow light, the only light present in the entire power plant, the room fairly pulses both with radiation and Lambda energy. The glow comes from seven pods arrayed around a column. Humanoid shapes are present in each of the pods, curled in a sort of stasis...but they fade in and out with each pulse of the Lambda energy. They seem to whisper, voices indistinct in your mind, always falling out to static and silence before any real words can be made out. The column flickers in and out of reality. The entire room is not entirely there.

Not yet.

But the pulses are getting incrementally faster, and the Lambda energy around the column is growing more distinct. This could be the start of a second tear in reality.

Destroy the source. Before it is too late.

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