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All it takes is a sufficient shot. Accidental or purposeful. Even a large enough bit of falling debris striking one of the pods is enough to set the end in motion.

Despite it's flickering between realities, the core and the C-Consciousness takes damage readily enough. It's a cascading failure from there, small sparks and flaming short-outs leading to the whole thing going critical.

The pods glow brightest before the end, the loss of one spreading like a fuse to the others, exploding like bursting light bulbs before they are engulfed in the explosion of the core detonation.

If you haven't already: Run.

What might have been an explosive meltdown, however, occurs in reverse.

The explosion never gets past the edges of the room. The shockwave blasts out with fire and flame, sending any remaining attackers flying and cracking the walls of the core with the force. And with a final flicker, the explosion rewinds back into where the core was - which is now just a pillar of black nothingness.

A void in space.

The debris. The walls. The power plant itself. All are pulled back into the gaping void like a black-hole. Glyphed natives seem strangely resistant - but not immune. It's like fighting a raging river current.

Chernobyl and all the closest creatures outside vanish into the tear. And instead of growing into black hole capable of destroying the planet, the void devours itself right out of existence, with only a final pop of changing air pressure.

A few straggling zombies and geists - and an oddly large population of the more mundane, less-mutated creatures - remain, left behind. But other than the crater valley, Chernobyl and the Zone are gone.

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