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Elita One ([personal profile] invisiblepinkboat) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment2014-07-14 01:02 am

[Video + text] - inside the Sarcophagus

[Have Elita on your screen frowning quite severely, her mouth in a flat line. The only light beyond the glow of her blue optics is apparently some unpleasant-looking yellow, and it doesn't reach very far.

The view around the edges of the screen seem to pulse without a rhythm, and there's some sort of... device, behind her. What can be seen of the room doesn't seem to exactly be there at all. She doesn't speak, rather text pops up on the screen instead.]

If anyone has ideas of how to deal with this, I'd love to hear them. If you're going to attempt to join me, you're going to need protection against the radiation... [She shakes her helm slowly, looking away from the screen for a moment.]

Which I can probably provide through Solus little gift, but I suggest not trying to come here alone, because while I'm sure we could deal with the things I passed to get in here, their capabilities are unknown but I'm pretty sure they're far more dangerous than the creatures that milled at the outskirts.

... Just use text if you plan on replying, too. I have no idea how good hearing the creature I passed has, but if I'm going to take it I'd want back-up.

[Suggestions, anyone?]

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