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Your victory against the Zone, though hard-won, is brief. The resulting peace is broken by several things happening at once.

As though driven by spite at the Haven's refusal to bow down, the resurgence of the Lambda is sudden, vicious, and violent. The distant figures of the First Forged, tiny in comparison, make an appearance as they flit across the wounded sky, as they did before the Zone's eruption. But whatever they might be attempting, it is already too late.

The sky crackles with lightning and thunder, cast in the same sickly green glow of the Lambda. The crack in reality widens, surging, and the First Forged have to flee as lightning arcs wildly their way. The flash is so bright, it is impossible to see if any have been hit. The sky tears, audibly cracking across half the horizon. To anyone who happens to be glancing at the ground for some reason, rather than the giant rift in the sky: the shadows at the boundaries of the Haven grow darker despite the electric light in the sky, curls of inky darkness stretching out like living things across the ground. The void beyond the yawning, electric edges of the Lambda is becoming more visible: a dark nebula, cast further in shadow by a vast form.

And something

Is coming through

It seems small at first. A conical spear-tip piecing the between the void a million light-years away. But the tip continues to grow, wider; impossibly wide and tall, reaching down from the sky.

It is joined by a second, just as vast. Curved oppositely from each other, they are poised to grasp the world between them.

And between them both, still trapped behind the dubious safety of the lambda, is a vast maw, gaping and poised over the world.

The Chaos Bringer has come.


But not all is darkness and terror.

The light of Prima's tower flares in opposition; spires emerge as the entire thing shifts, sharp antennae transforming out of the sides. Lightning - normal lightning - cracks between them, building charge. The light at the top pulses, flaring up toward the stars.

The planet itself quakes in response, that charge running down from the tower into the crust below.

And one of those distant stars is getting very, very bright.


And at long last, the First Forged - battle-scarred and wary, and some smoking but alive - gather to contact the entire Haven over the Network. Staring morosely at the tear in the sky, Vector Prime is already speaking when the visual connects.

"-a worthy diversion. I am surprised it lasted as long as it did-"

Prima cuts him off with a gesture, stepping forward from the group to address the Haven directly.

"The time for diversions is past. Our one true foe has made his final bid for this world. He is the very reason for your arrival here - and for the glyphs that protect you from his influence.

Unicron the Devourer has come.

The words are solemn, but Megatronus quickly shoulders his brother aside, temper flaring and engines running hot with battle fervor.

"It is time to make a final stand. You will fight with us, or you can start praying to your gods for your final absolution. Because if we do not survive now, neither will you."

Solus holds up her hands as she steps to the forefront, cutting off an argument between the two before it can begin.

"We still need time, brothers. Fight him - delay his full emergence - we need time to activate the Core!"

With a baleful glance cast toward his brother, Prima nods, raising his blade to the sky.

"Very well - Marked! Rally your arms! Gather to your patrons! The time for battle is upon you all!"


[[The time for the final battle is at hand! Stand with your patron First Forged in their chosen fight and aid them with your gifts in a upcoming battle post - or stand alone, and face the coming darkness without aid!

Or just drink yourself into a stupor - the world is about to end, after all.]]
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Dear Soa....

[She was brought to this world after facing a god of destruction and so this feeling of doom is all too familiar to her. But that doesn't mean she is going to stand down.]

What do you need us to do?
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You will be joining with Prima's marked and rendezvousing below the Lambda.

[Given that Rose is a recent convert to his own glyph, Vector Prime is is pleased to see her quick and willing response.]

Prepare while you can. We will be taking the fight to Unicron himself.
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Understood. I will be there shortly since it will not take me long to prepare.

[She has her Dragoon Spirit and the Dragon Buster sword. Hopefully that will be enough.]
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Of course, you need not follow my brother if you do not wish. It might be more fun for you if you come to the badlands with me...

[Since you have a history together, he's not precisely willing to let Glyph changes dictate all movements.]

The choice will be yours, shortly.
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I appreciate the offer, but considering how strongly I heard the Call the last time I went to the Badlands, it may not be a good idea if I go there again.

[She was able to resist it when she used her dragoon armor, but with things the way they are now, she's not sure if that will work again.]
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Your assistance will be valued in these attacks, no matter where you choose to apply it. But that is likely a wise choice.

[Vector nods, trying not to sound too smug about it.]
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Re: [Video]

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There may be another way that you can help...not related to the badlands.

Somewhere that your darkness would be particularly useful...

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[Rose is not too happy about him mentioning her connection to darkness so publicly.]

My darkness is useful for the battlefield, so I will be staying with Vector Prime.
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Re: [Video]

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Suit yourself.

My offer will remain open while you are still alive.

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I will keep that in mind.