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On the outlands of Haven, the Badlands are surging to life.

Megatronus stands with his brother Alpha Trion, the two as different as night and day. The picture of calm, the thinner Trion stands behind the bulwark that is his more physically inclined sibling, massive tome in hand. Optics and biolights aglow with concentration, he stands vulnerable and distracted as clawed shadows rage on either side of them both. Some come within arms-reach before they - and swaths of their fellows - are cut down by Megatronus' blade, pieces trailing burning cinders and ash.

The Prime Guardian of Entropy moves like a wraith, the shadows no match for his flame and fury - if it were not for the sheer numbers they have, replacing the fallen, the outcome of the battle would have already been assured.

Alpha Trion seems unfazed, the glowing gaze flicking briefly toward the camera with only a nod.

"I am a bit busy concentrating at the moment, but I think I've managed to establish a link to the network. Megatronus, if you'd please issue the call..."

Alpha Trion said, seemingly without moving; voice gone eerie and electronic as he used his various talents to call out, even while overseeing the field of battle. Faint, holographic icons can be seen flitting in front of his optics, across a map of the local area. Icons position themselves like pieces on a chess board, and the closest mark is obviously of Megatronus as he tears through the ranks of pawns.

"Marked of Megatronus, of Alpha Trion, and Liege Maximo - join us now on the field of battle! Our boundaries are besieged!"

Megatronus roared out, turning away from the fight long enough to address the camera.

"Come! Let us see what you are made of at long last! You will hold the line, or all shall Fall!"

Behind him, Alpha Trion gestured to the map, giving locations along the North and Western sides of Haven that needed the most attention, and sending coordinate pings through the network along with them.

"Report to any of these coordinates if you can join in the fight," he says to the camera, before turning back to Megatronus.

"Onyx has the Southern field well covered. The surge on the west flank is closing in on the Haven. We must move."

He then frowned, helm cocking slowly. The map hologram flickered rapidly as though searching for- and failing to find- something.

"...And where is Liege? He is not guarding his quadrant."

Megatronus snarled, a swing of his blade wreathing the area in flame.

"Liege! What's taking you so long?!"

The camera abruptly cuts out as as the two Primes teleport off.

Either Prime may be encountered on the field of battle.  Fight, hold the line, and buy time for the other groups!  The final battle is at hand!

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