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The view from the sky is - for lack of any other word - chaotic, with fully half the wide field of view dominated by either the vast orange spires or the maw-filled void of the Lambda. Small, flying shadow-drones cloud the area, traveling in swarms and converging on the attackers. To the First Forged, they are nothing more than an annoyance and - more importantly, a distraction to the swift Primes, who are apparently attempting to converge on the attacking world.

Both Prima and Vector flit through the air with ease, though even their sibling-leader cannot best Vector in his home domain of the sky. Where Vector dodges, distracts, and teleports his enemies - away, or even into each other - Prima carves, cleaving his way through groups of fiends, doggedly charging his way across the sky-bound battlefield.

"To me, my fighters! We must take the battle to our foe - even if it means joining the fight in the air!"

Prima roars, sword singing as he grimly makes his way toward Unicron's outer-reaches.

"Use your gifts and join in our final, greatest fight for the destiny this world - and ourselves!"

Prima leads the charge, and with a gesture, Vector teleports his brother ahead to meet the next wave. Before stepping through the portal to follow, Vector addresses the network:

"...And those of you without the gift of flight - meet at the following coordinates down below. This is a problem easily remedied."

The location pings down directly below the Lambda and the sky-battle, and Vector Prime vanishes to rejoin the fight.

[[All those who join this fight are granted temporary boons of flight from Vector, via a acolyte stationed on the ground below, handing out tiny glyphed cyber-keys; those who already have said ability will find their control has increased tenfold. Vector's glyphed handle it best, achieving true flight; for anyone else, it is simply a lot like being able to run or drive in the third-dimension. Not even a speed boost, just running through space. Vroom-vroom?]]
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[Ey there buddy! Blurr knows that flying on his own is not Cliff's favorite past time so he's there by his side in a moment.]

The universe has a particular way to make fun of us, it seems.
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Basically, yeah. [Cliffjumper grimaces and shakes his helm.]

You got any good long-distance weapons on ya, or?

[He could probably share!]
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We survived int eh past, we will do the same now.

I got my gun? [Which is not much, he won't say no to more weapons.] Got anything you don't need?
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Yeah, hopefully.

[Cliffjumper's staring up at the emerging maw of Unicron with a scowl.]

This ain't like anything else we've fought, Blurr. Sure, he ain't completely through yet, but... not sure that matters much.

And I suppose the gun's okay. Otherwise I've got my cannon, I suppose.

[Then he finally glances aside to Blurr.]

Not sure you'll be able to handle it considerin' the trouble ya had with the gun though.
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I think I already lived more than I should, Clif. [he's worried but not scared.] And we aren't alone in this, the FirstForged are with us.

[He tries to give his friend a reassuring smile but he's not sure if he's successful.] I also got the time stopping ability, we will manage. Somehow.

A cannon, uh? I always wanted to try one of those. just make sure you are behind me when I fire it.
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All the more fraggin' reason to live even more, ya know. [He huffs, shaking his helm.] And they are, but... I guess there must be some blasted way of doin' this without the Matrix, and if so they'd know, but still.

[He grins a little then.]

Behind ya and to the side, at the least. So, wanna try it?
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I agree with that. [He raises a fist. Bump it, bro.] The matrix wasn't that important in my universe. Well, it was, but we managed. We will do the same here.

Yes. Just give me a quick reminder of how to use it.
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[He smiles lopsidedly and raises his own fist, giving Blurr's a bump.]

Might not have been, but in mind it was. Both to make new sparks and in the defeat of Unicron. Really fraggin' hopin' we won't need it, though.

[Shaking his helm, Cliffjumper pulls out his cannon and holds it out to Blurr.]

Barrel end at the enemy, dig your weight in, even if you're in the air. Otherwise you'll go flyin'.
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[Hell yeah.]

We still have Prima's light. It cloud be enough.

[He eyes it carefully before taking the cannon, making sure he has a firm grip on it.]

That might be a problem even if I do as you say. I'm not exactly heavy duty. I will make sure to remember to fly forward when I fire.
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Yeah, but what the frag does it do? Sure, there was that lightshow earlier, but did it do anything other than spit sparks like a broken wire? If it's just there to light things up and look pretty, that ain't much use to us.

[He turns to give a narrow look in the direction of the huge spire, scowling suspiciously before he snorts.]

And I am? Sure, probably a bit heavier than you, bit I ain't exactly average. I just compensate so I can use it anyway.
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Just because we don't know what it does it doesn't mean it's not useful. Have faith, my friend.

[Blur is sure that the light it's not only there for show. There must be more to it.]

Mh, fair point. And how do you feel on air?
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I guess... [He glances up above them again.] It's just. I've seen what that thong can do when fully... uh, me manifested? and transformed. It ain't pretty, Blurr.

[Then Cliffjumper pauses and grimaces.]

... Never thought 'bout that. Uh. Lemme try.

[And then watch Cliffjumper fire the cannon and fly framelenghts back before he manages to stop.]

... This, uh.
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I trust your word my friend. We need to try our best to make sure that doesn't happen here.

[Blurr puts a hand on his shouter and gives it a squeeze. he's scared too, mostly for what could happen to others, but he's going to try his best to no show it.]

...told ya. It's harder when our wheels aren't on the ground.
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Yeah, definitely. [There's a lot of feeling in those two words, and Cliffjumper leans slightly into the squeeze on his shoulder.]

... yeah, it is. Frag it all! Maybe ya shouldn't take it, then. I'll try to figure this out, and it'll probably be faster for me if I can do it since I'm more used to it.

[He still sounds almost offended that firing the cannon didn't work like it usually did for him.]
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[In a different place and movement Blur would have given him a hug but there was no time for that. Maybe once all if over, if both survive.]

Maybe you are right. But on the other side.... [Blur turns and fires the canon, making sure he's not hitting anybody. Again, the power of the recoil causes him to fly backwards but since he turned beforehand, he's propelled up the air.] ..extra speed?
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[Staring, Cliffjumper bursts out laughing after that quiet moment of stunned staring, shaking his helm as he drifts up after Blurr - still slow, but with far more control than he had at the beginning.]

That's one way to use it, and not a bad one either! Especially if ya can hit somethin' with it... [He looks around and snorts.] Which shouldn't be too big of an issue, considerin'.
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[Blurr's face breaks into a huge grin as well.] We just need to be really creative and aim properly! Shall we go?
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[He grins at that as well.]

Huh, yeah, we do. And if they get close, well I guess I get to try out this mace Hot Rod gave me. [He pulls out the mace in question, too large for him, but then it'd be perfectly sized for someone of average height.]
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[Blurr makes an impressed face.] You do that, my friend. It looks amazing.

[Time to go and fight!]
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Not my preferred type of weapon, but it might come in handy.

[He chuckles briefly at Blurr's expression, then takes a deeper vent than normal and nods, pulling out a second gun as he hefts the mace against his shoulders.]

Time to go, I guess.
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[There's a brief nod before he gets ready. Time to take names and kick ass.]